Abhishek Malhan (Fukra Insaan): Net Worth, Bio, Girlfriend (GF) 2023 | YouTube Salary Income, Age, Height

Fukra Insaan aka Abhishek Malhan

Indian Youtuber, Since 2019 | Bigg Boss OTT 2

Abhishek Malhan, also known as Fukra Insaan, is a popular YouTuber from Delhi, India. His mother used to call him "Abbu". Abhishek Malhan was born on May 24, 1997, he is currently 26 years old. He makes entertaining and adventurous videos that have gained him a large following. Abhishek excelled in academics, scoring over 95% in both the 10th and 12th grades. After completing 12th grade, he pursued a B.Com. degree from Delhi College of Arts & Commerce (DCC). At just 19 years old, he started a successful FMCG product company that earned 6 crores in revenue. In 2019, he began his YouTube journey, and it has been his career ever since. He was evicted from Bigg Boss OTT 2 finale.

Abhishek, a charismatic YouTuber, creates content featuring challenges, music, pranks, and social experiments. His energetic and humorous personality connects well with a broad audience. He collaborates with other popular YouTubers and is the elder brother of Nischay Malhan (Triggered Insaan) and has a sister named Prerna Malhan, a social media influencer. Their father, Vinay Malhan, is a businessman, and their mother, Dimple Malhan, is a content creator on YouTube.

Abhishek's YouTube channel is his main income source, earning him Rs 5-7 lakhs per video, leading to a monthly income of Rs 20-22 lakhs and an annual income of Rs 2-3 Crores. He also makes money through sponsored Instagram posts, earning Rs 75,000 to 1.5 lakhs per post. Abhishek appeared on the TV show Bigg Boss OTT, earning a salary of Rs 15-20 lakhs (approx. 35K per day). His net worth is estimated to be around Rs 8.5 crore (approximately $1.1M), including YouTube earnings, assets, cars, and houses.

About Description
Real Name Abhishek Malhan
Nickname  Abbu (By His Mom)
Character Name Fukra Insaan
Profession YouTuber (Humrous, Challenge, and Comparison videos)
Caste Hindu Jats
Born May 24, 1997
Birthplace Pitampura, Delhi, India
Age 26 (as of 2023)
Residence (Delhi, India)
School Lancer's Convent School, Delhi (CBSE)
College Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, New Delhi (B.Com.)
Elder Brother: Nischay Malhan aka Triggered Insaan (YouTuber)
Sister Prerna Malhan (Social Media Influencer)
Father: Vinay Malhan (Businessman)
Mother Dimple Malhan (Content Creator, Youtube)
Girlfriend (GF) None (Currently Single)
Wife Unmarried
Primary Video Location Delhi, India
Instagram: 6.5M followers
YouTube: 8.3M Subscribers

Fukra Insaan TV Shows/Music Videos
TV Shows Bigg Boss OTT 2 (2023) [Top 2 Runner]
Dance Deewane Juniors (2022)
Official Music Videos Big Life - Fukra Insaan ft. Drrvn & Parth (2021)
Akhiyan - Fukra Insaan (2023)
Fly High - Fukra Insaan ft. Drg (2021)
Din Te Raat - Fukra Insaan x KKartik (June, 2023)
Tum Mere - Fukra Insaan ft. Crazy Deep (2021)
Abhishek Malhan Net Worth, Income
YouTube Income, Salary Rs 5-7 lakhs per video
Rs 20-22 lakhs per month
Rs 2-3 Crores per year
Instagram Income, Salary Rs 75,000-1.5 lakhs per post
Bigg Boss OTT Salary Rs 15-20 Lakhs
Net Worth (In Rupees) Rs 8.5 crore 
Net Worth (In Dollars) $1.1 Million

1997: Born on May 23 in Delhi, India.

2019: Creates his YouTube channel, Fukra Insaan, on July 15.

2020: Releases his first music video, "Big Life," in February.

2021: Releases his second music video, "Fly High," in June.

2023: Releases his fourth music video, "Din te Raat," in April.

2023: Participates in the reality show Bigg Boss OTT 2.

Abhishek Malhan Notable Achievements
Influencex "Talk of The Town Award" (2023)  Winner
Silver Creator Award from YouTube (2019)
Gold Creator Award from YouTube (2020)
Nominated for the Best Content Creator of the Year award at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards India (2022)
Nominated for the Favorite Creator award at the Filmfare OTT Awards (2023)
YouTube Channel Fukra Insaan
First Single Release Big Life (2021)
Collaborations Carry Minati, UK Rider, Ashish Chanchalani, Harsh Beniwal, Bhuvan Bam, and others
Future Plan Continue to create entertaining and engaging content for his fans, and possibly venture into other areas of entertainment, such as acting or music.

Abhishek Malhan (Fukra Insaan) Girlfriend GF or Wife

Abhishek Malhan (Fukra Insaan) is not married and doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment. After his appearance on Bigg Boss OTT 2, fans linked him with Jiya and Manisha using terms like "Abhiya" and "Abhisha". Jiya publicly hinted that they're more than friends, but Abhishek denied it. He further stated he sees Manisha as a sister.

During a YouTube interview, he mentioned that he had a girlfriend in the 2020s. However, the pandemic made it tough to maintain a long-distance relationship, and his girlfriend got married during that time. Since then, he hasn't been seen dating anyone. Some of his "Panda Gang" fans connect his relationships with Manish Rani, often referring to them as "Abhisha." Currently, Abhishek is single, focusing on his career, and not thinking about settling down yet.

Fukra Insaan Comman dialogues line

Fukra Insaan's most common dialogue line is "Arey bhai!" which means "Oh my God!" in Hindi. He often uses this line in a surprised or exasperated tone, and it has become one of his signature catchphrases. 

"Bhai, ye kya kar raha hai?" - "Brother, what are you doing?"

"Kya baat kar raha hai?" - "What are you saying?"

"Arey yaar!" - "Oh man!"

"Bhai, kitna cringe hai!" - "Brother, this is so cringe!"

"Main kya karu?" - "What can I do?"

Fukra Insaan is known for his use of Hindi slang and colloquialisms, and his dialogue lines often reflect this. He is also known for his deadpan delivery, which makes his lines even funnier. If you are a fan of Fukra Insaan, you will likely be familiar with his most common dialogue lines. They are a part of what makes his videos so entertaining.

Abhishek Malhan Net Worth 2023 | Fukra Insaan Youtube Salary Income, Car, House

Abhishek Malhan, also known as Fukara Insaan, has a net worth of approximately Rs 8.5 Crores ($1.1M) in 2023. He owns a Jaguar F Pace car worth Rs 77.41 lakh (Ex-Showroom, Delhi), a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz car priced at Rs 10.5 lakh (On Road Price, Delhi), and a 5 BHK villa in Gurugram (Emaar Marbella Villas) valued between Rs 6.60 Cr to Rs 8.0 Cr. His yearly earnings include Rs 2-3 Crores from YouTube, including brand promotions, Rs 40-50 Lakh from Instagram, and around Rs 1-2 Crores from collaborations, music videos, special brand promotions, and roles. His salary from Bigg Boss OTT is approximately Rs 15-20 Lakhs, and he also has other assets and investments.

Source Worth
Car: Jaguar F Pace ₹77.41 lakh (Ex-Showroom, Delhi)
Car: Maruti Suzuki Ciaz ₹10.5 lakh (On Road Price, Delhi)
Motorcycle/Bike Not Known
Family 5 BHK Villa Gurugram (Emaar Marbella Villas)
₹6.60 Cr - ₹ 8.0 Cr  [Source]
Youtube Earning Including Brand Promotion (Yearly)  ₹2-3 Crores
Instagram Earning (Yearly)  ₹40-50 Lakh
Collab Video, Music Videos, Special Brand Promo & Roles ₹1-2 Crores
Bigg Boss OTT Salary Rs 15-20 Lakhs
Other Assets & Investment Rs 20-25 Lakhs
Net Worth 2023  Rs 8.5 Crores ($1.1M)

AbihskeMalhan, also known as Fukara Insaan, is believed to have a personal net worth of around Rs 8.5 Crores ($1.1M) including all sources of earnings, assets, and deducting the cost of video production, taxes, team salary, and other expenses. Together with his family, they purchased a Jaguar F Pace car (Rs. 77 lahks) and a 5 BHK villa in Gurugram (Rs. 6.60 - 8.0 crore). The funding for these acquisitions came from contributions made by Nichaya Malhan, Abhishek Malhan, and other family income. However, it's not confirmed whether these assets were paid for in full or through monthly installments (EMI).

अभिषेक मलहन, जिन्हें फुकरा इंसान के नाम से भी जाना जाता है, की व्यक्तिगत नेट वर्थ लगभग ₹ 8.5 करोड़ ($1.1M) के आसपास माना जाता है, जिसमें सभी आय स्रोत, संपत्ति, वीडियो उत्पादन के खर्च, कर, टीम के वेतन और अन्य खर्चों को कटा जाता है। उनके परिवार के साथ मिलकर, उन्होंने गुरुग्राम में एक जगुआर एफ पेस कार (₹ 77 लाख) और एक 5 बीएचके विला (₹ 6.60 - 8.0 करोड़) खरीदी है। इन अर्जितियों के लिए निश्चय मलहन, अभिषेक मलहन और अन्य परिवार के सदस्यों के योगदान से वित्त प्राप्त हुआ। हालांकि, यह पुष्टि नहीं है कि ये संपत्तियां पूरी तरह से या मासिक किश्तों (ईएमआई) के माध्यम से खरीदी गई थीं।

Abhishek Malhan Height (Feet), Fukra Insaan Appearance Details

 Attribute Value
Height 6'3" (190.50 cm)
Weight 85-90 kg
Body Measurements Chest: 38 to 44 inches (96.5 to 112 cm), Waist: 32 to 36 inches (81 to 91.5 cm), Hips: 38 to 44 inches (96.5 to 112 cm)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size (US) 11-13
Dress Size (US) Large (L) to extra-large (XL)
Complexion Fair
Clothing Style Casual, street
Bag Preference Backpacks, messenger bags
Watch Preference Smartwatches
Smartphone iPhone 13 Pro
Tattoos None
Eye Complexion Hazel
Favorite Brands Nike, Adidas, Dominos, Puma, Supreme, Off-White
Favorite Sport Cricket
Favorite Food/Drink Chole Bhature, Pizza
Ideal Person Funny, kind, and intelligent
Eyewear/Fashion Brand Ray-Ban, Oakley
Perfume Used Dior Sauvage
Favorite Sportsman MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli
Favorite Youtuber MrBeast (American) and Dhruv Rathee (Indian) 
Favorite Actor Pankaj Tripathi
Favorite Actress Disha Patani, Sonam Bajwa
Favorite Singer AP Dhillon
Favorite Tourist Spot Goa

Abhishek Malhan has a height of 6'3" (190.50 cm) and weighs 85-90 kg. His body measurements are as follows: Chest: (96.5 to 112 cm), Waist: (81 to 91.5 cm), Hips: (96.5 to 112 cm). He has brown eyes and black hair. Abhishek aka Fukra Insaan wears a shoe size of 11-13 (US) and a dress size of 40 (US). He has a fair complexion and prefers casual, street-style clothing.

His preferred bags are backpacks and messenger bags, and he likes to wear smartwatches. Abhishek uses an iPhone 13 Pro and doesn't have any tattoos. His eye complexion is hazel. He enjoys brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Supreme, and Off-White. Cricket is his favorite sport, and he loves pizza, pasta, and ice cream. He appreciates individuals who are funny, kind, and intelligent. Abhishek prefers eyewear from Ray-Ban and Oakley. His go-to perfume is Dior Sauvage, and his favorite sportsman is MS Dhoni.

Abhishek Malhan Panda Ganga 

Panda Gang is the name of Abhishek Malhan's fan following. They are known for their loyalty and support for their favorite YouTuber. Panda Gang members are often seen commenting on Abhishek Malhan's videos and social media posts, and they also attend his meet-and-greet events. Abhishek is very grateful for the support of his Panda Gang. He has said that they are his "family" and that he wouldn't be where he is today without them. The Panda Gang is a valuable asset to Abhishek's career. They help him to connect with his fans and to build a strong following.

Interesting Facts about Abhishek Malhan

★ Abhishek narrowly avoided imprisonment as a result of specific events.

★ On occasion, he would don the attire of his older sibling, Nischay Malhan.

★ He affectionately referred to his father (Vinay Malhan) as Guruji, as his father played a significant role in his financial and investment choices.

★ Despite his lack of inclination for international travel, familial obligations, attributed to his mother (Dimplan Malhan), occasionally compel him to journey abroad.

★ His aspiration is to create songs and music that resonate with the Indian audience on an international scale.

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Abhishek Malhan (Fukra Insaan) Biography, Wiki

⭐What is Fukra Insaan's real name?

Abhishek Malhan is his real name.

⭐What is Abhishek Malhan's character name?

Abhishek Malhan is known as Fukra Insaan.

⭐What is Abhishek Malhan's profession?

Abhishek Malhan is a YouTuber known for creating humorous, challenge, and comparison videos.

⭐What is Abhishek Malhan's caste?

Abhishek Malhan's caste is Hindi.

⭐When was Abhishek Malhan born?

Abhishek Malhan was born on May 24, 1997.

⭐Where was Abhishek Malhan born?

A: Abhishek Malhan was born in Pitampura, Delhi, India.

⭐How old is Abhishek Malhan?

Abhishek Malhan is currently 26 years old. (As of 2023)

⭐Where does Abhishek Malhan reside?

A: Abhishek Malhan resides in Delhi, India.

⭐Which school did Abhishek Malhan attend?

Abhishek Malhan attended Lancer's Convent School in Delhi, India (CBSE).

⭐Q: Which college did Abhishek Malhan attend?

Abhishek Malhan attended Delhi College of Arts & Commerce in New Delhi, where he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Commerce (B.Com.).

⭐Q: Who is Abhishek Malhan's elder brother?

A: Abhishek Malhan's elder brother is Nischay Malhan, also known as Triggered Insaan, who is also a YouTuber.

⭐Q: Does Abhishek Malhan have a sister?

Yes, Abhishek Malhan has a sister named Prerna Malhan, who is a social media influencer.

⭐Q: Who are Abhishek Malhan's parents?

Abhishek Malhan's father is Vinay Malhan, a businessman, and his mother is Dimple Malhan, who is a content creator on YouTube.

⭐Q: Does Abhishek Malhan have a girlfriend?

No, Abhishek Malhan is currently single and does not have a girlfriend.

⭐Q: Is Abhishek Malhan married?

No, Abhishek Malhan is unmarried.

⭐Q: How many followers does Abhishek Malhan have on Instagram?

Abhishek Malhan has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

⭐Q: How many subscribers does Abhishek Malhan have on YouTube?

Abhishek Malhan has 6.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

⭐Q: Which TV shows and music videos has Abhishek Malhan been a part of?

Abhishek Malhan has appeared on TV shows like Bigg Boss OTT 2 (2023) and Dance Deewane Juniors (2022). He has also released official music videos such as "Big Life" ft. Drrvn & Parth (2021), "Akhiyan" (2023), "Fly High" ft. Drg (2021), "Din Te Raat" ft. KKartik (June 2023), and "Tum Mere" ft. Crazy Deep (2021).

⭐ Q: What is Abhishek Malhan's income from YouTube?

Abhishek Malhan earns approximately Rs 2-3 lakhs per video, resulting in a monthly income of Rs 12-18 lakhs and an annual income of Rs 1.5-2 Crores.

⭐Q: What is Abhishek Malhan's income from Instagram?

Abhishek Malhan earns approximately Rs 75,000 to 1.5 lakhs per post on Instagram.

⭐Q: How much did Abhishek Malhan earn from Bigg Boss OTT?

Abhishek Malhan reportedly earned a salary of Rs 15-20 lakhs from Bigg Boss OTT.

⭐Q: What is Abhishek Malhan's net worth?

Abhishek Malhan's estimated net worth in 2023 is around Rs 8.5 crore (approximately $1.1M).

⭐ Q: What is Abhishek Malhan's weight?

Abhishek Malhan weighs approximately 80-85 kg.

⭐Q: How tall is Abhishek Malhan? =

Abhishek Malhan is approximately 6'3" (190.5 cm) tall.



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