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Age Calculator from Date of Birth (DOB) | How old am I calculator?

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What is Age Calculator?

An age calculator is a tool or application used to calculate a person's age based on their birthdate and current date. It takes the birthdate as input and then calculates the difference between the birthdate and the current date to determine the person's age in years, months, and days. This can be useful in various contexts such as verifying a person's age for legal purposes, planning events, or simply keeping track of someone's age over time. Many age calculators are available online as websites or mobile apps, and they can provide a quick and accurate way to determine a person's age without manually performing the calculations.

How can I use a date of birth (DOB) to calculate my age?

To calculate your age using your date of birth (DOB), you need to subtract your birth year from the current year and then adjust for the months and days. Here's the general process:

  1. Determine your birth year: Look at your DOB and note the year you were born.

  2. Determine the current year: Look at the current date or year to find out the current year.

  3. Calculate the difference in years: Subtract your birth year from the current year to get the initial age.

  4. Adjust for months and days: Compare the birth month and day to the current month and day. If your birth month and day haven't occurred yet in the current year, subtract 1 from your initial age. This is because your birthday hasn't passed yet this year.

Here's an example calculation:

Let's say your DOB is August 15, 1990, and today's date is August 11, 2023.

  1. Birth year: 1990
  2. Current year: 2023
  3. Difference in years: 2023 - 1990 = 33

Now, since your birth month is August and the current month is also August, and your birthday (15th) hasn't occurred yet this year (it's the 11th), you subtract 1 year from the initial age:

  1. Adjusted age: 33 - 1 = 32 years old

So, based on this example, you would be 32 years old.

Keep in mind that this method gives you a precise age up to the day. If you're using a programming language, there might be built-in functions or libraries that can help you calculate age from a given DOB more easily.

How can I calculate the age of a person given their birth date and month?

To calculate the age of a person given their birth date and month, you can follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the current date and month.
  2. Obtain the person's birth date and birth month.
  3. Calculate the difference in years between the current year and the birth year.
  4. If the current month is before the birth month, subtract 1 from the calculated age.
  5. If the current month is the same as the birth month and the current day is before the birthday, subtract 1 from the calculated age.

What is the formula used in Age Calculator in years?

The formula for calculating age in years is quite straightforward. You subtract the birth year from the current year. Here's the formula:

Age = Current Year - Birth Year

For example, if someone was born in 1990 and the current year is 2023, their age would be:

Age = 2023 - 1990 = 33 years old

What are the different types of Age Calculators?

There are several types of age calculators that can help you calculate age in different ways based on various criteria. Here are a few examples:

  1. Simple Age Calculator: This calculates age based on the birth date and the current date, providing the age in years, months, and days.

  2. Age on Date Calculator: This lets you input a birth date and a specific date, and it calculates the age someone would be on that specific date.

  3. Age Difference Calculator: This calculates the age difference between two individuals, usually in terms of years, months, and days.

  4. Age in Days Calculator: This calculates age in terms of days, which can be useful for measuring age milestones or tracking events.

  5. Age in Hours/Minutes/Seconds Calculator: Similar to the age in days calculator, this calculates age in finer units of time, such as hours, minutes, and seconds.

  6. Age at Event Calculator: This calculates the age a person will be or was at a specific event or milestone, such as a certain year, month, day, or even time of day.

  7. Age in Dog Years Calculator: This calculates a person's age in "dog years," which is a way to express a person's age in terms of how old they would be if they were a dog. This is often used for fun and comparison.

  8. Age in Cat Years Calculator: Similar to the dog years calculator, this calculates a person's age in "cat years," making comparisons to a cat's lifespan.

  9. Age in Other Units: Some calculators might provide age conversions to other units, like months or weeks, based on specific criteria.

These calculators can be useful for various purposes, including tracking personal milestones, understanding the age difference between individuals, or just having some fun with age-related comparisons.

How accurate are age calculators?

I was Born (Year)  My Age (2023)
1960 63 Years
1961 62 Years
1962 61 Years
1963 60 Years
1964 59 Years
1965 58 Years
1966 57 Years
1967 56 Years
1968 55 Years
1969 54 Years
1970 53 Years
1971 52 Years
1972 51 Years
1973 50 Years
1974 49 Years
1975 48 Years
1976 47 Years
1977 46 Years
1978 45 Years
1979 44 Years
1980 43 Years
1981 42 Years
1982 41 Years
1983 40 Years
1984 39 Years
1985 38 Years
1986 37 Years
1987 36 Years
1988 35 Years
1989 34 Years
1990 33 Years
1991 32 Years
1992 31 Years
1993 30 Years
1994 29 Years
1995 28 Years
1996 27 Years
1997 26 Years
1998 25 Years
1999 24 Years
2000 23 Years
2001 22 Years
2002 21 Years
2003 20 Years
2004 19 Years
2005 18 Years
2006 17 Years
2007 16 Years
2008 15 Years
2009 14 Years
2010 13 Years
2011 12 Years
2012 11 Years
2013 10 Years
2014 9 Years
2015 8 Years
2016 7 Years
2017 6 Years
2018 5 Years
2019 4 Years
2020 3 Years
2021 2 Years
2022 1 Year
2023 0 Year

Age Calculator for Govt Jobs (UPSC, Agniveer, NDA, NEET, SSC, IBPS)

Age calculators for government jobs typically help candidates determine whether they meet the age eligibility criteria for a particular government job vacancy. Different government jobs and organizations might have different age limits based on factors such as the category of the candidate (general, OBC, SC/ST, etc.), educational qualifications, and specific recruitment rules. 

Government exam age eligibility is calculated differently based on the exam. For UPSC Civil Services, subtract the birth year from the current year, considering category and attempt limits. NDA requires ages 16.5 to 19.5 at course start. SSC age varies by test, subtract birth year from cutoff year. IBPS PO varies per cycle, needing age in range on specific dates. NEET age is 17 to 25 on a date for the general category. UPPSC varies per exam, calculate using birth and cutoff year. SSC CGL 2023 uses birth year minus cutoff date. CAPF uses birth year minus cutoff from official notice. Consult official age calculators for accuracy.

Age Calculator FAQs

⭐What's an Age Calculator?

An age calculator is a tool that figures out how old someone is using their birthdate and today's date. It helps find the years, months, and days between the two dates. This is useful for knowing your age for important things like legal stuff and planning events.

⭐How to Calculate Age Using Birthdate?

To figure out your age, you subtract the year you were born from the current year. If your birthday hasn't happened yet this year, you might need to subtract 1 more year.

⭐How to Find Age with Birth Date and Month?

Calculating age with birth date and month is like before, but if your birth month or day hasn't happened yet this year, you subtract 1 more year.

⭐What's the Simple Age Formula?

The formula is simple: your age is the current year minus the year you were born.

⭐What Are the Different Types of Age Calculators?

There are different calculators. One tells you exactly how old you are, others tell you how old you'll be on a special day. Some even give your age in hours or dog/cat years!

⭐Are Age Calculators Always Right?

They're usually right if you put in the right dates. Sometimes they mess up with things like leap years, time zones, and other small stuff. For most things, they're good enough. But for really important stuff, it's best to be extra sure.

⭐What is a Government Job Age Calculator?

A Government Job Age Calculator is a tool used to determine whether you meet the age eligibility criteria for specific government job vacancies. Age Calculators might consider age relaxations for reserved categories (OBC, SC, ST, PWD) as specified in the official notifications. I



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