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Allahabad University Topper List 2023 BA, B.Sc, B.Com Entrance Exam Highest Mark

AU Topper 2023 ✨Here is the list of Allahabad University Class BA/B.Sc/B.Com different college Topper List. Overall passing performance reports of students. Check the Name, Roll Number, Location, and other details of the topper students.

Dear student your Allahabad Universitu B.Com Part - III, 2022-23 result has been released on 09/06/2023. Please click on the below link and know your result.

B.Com Part - III, 2022-23

 इलाहाबाद विश्वविद्यालय (एयू) पीजीएटी परिणाम 2022 जारी कर दिया गया है। आप नीचे से टॉपर सूची विवरण देख सकते हैं।

 एलएलबी, एलएलएम और एम.कॉम टॉपर लिस्ट 2022

Course Name  Topper Name 2022
 Rank 1: LLB उमा कुमारी दुबे (बिहार) - 214/300 अंक 
 Rank 2: LLB अमन प्रजापति - 208/300 अंक 
 Rank 3: LLB रूशाली मिश्रा- 206/300 अंक 
 Rank 1: LLM हृदेश अव्व्ल - 1214/300 अंक 
 Rank 2: LLM अपूर्व सिंह - 212/300 अंक 
 Rank 3: LLM श्रृति सिंह- 206/300 अंक 
 Rank 1: M.Com आदित्य प्रजापति- 190/300 अंक
 Rank 2: M.Com अंशिता सिंह और शुभि ओझा- 184/300 अंक
 Rank 3: M.Com अंकज कुमार गुप्त - 180/300 अंक

 B.Ed, M.Sc, MP.Ed और मास्टर्स इन डेवलपमेंट स्टडीज टॉपर लिस्ट 2022

PGAT Course   Topper Name 2022
B.Ed महिमा सिंह - 196/300 अंक 
M.Sc Ag (Zoology) श्रेया केसरवानी - 164/300 अंक 
M.Sc Ag (Bio-Tech) श्रेयांशी रत्नाकर- 208/300 अंक 
M.Sc Ag (Botony) विनय कुमार - 174/300 अंक
M.Sc (Informatics) शुभम श्रीवास्तव- 172/300 अंक
M.Sc (Rular Technology) अमित कुमार- 164/300 अंक
M.Sc (Environmental Scinece) आकांक्षा चौधरी- 174/300 अंक
M.Sc (Textile Design) शुर्भि वर्मा- 176/300 अंक
Master's In Development Studies  सत्य प्रकाश शुक्ल - 138.7/300 अंक
MPED विवेक पटेल- 191.1/300 अंक

नीचे से टॉपर सूची विवरण देखें।

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Allahabad University Topper 2022

Allahabad University UGAT/PGAT Entrance Exam Topper 2023 September Exam. The examination was conducted in the month of September, Allahabad University Topper 2023 for different courses announced soon. after the activation of result links. Check the details of the AU BA/B.Sc/B.Com, LLB, MA, and M.Sc entrance exam toppers below. 

Allahabad University UGAT Topper

BA Topper: [सोमनाथ गुप्ता] - (2020)

  • Location: [संतकबीर नगर]
  • Marks: [250]

B.Sc Maths: [अविनाश मेधासिया] - (2020)

  • Location: [आजमगढ़]
  • Marks: [252]

B.Com: [ सर्वेश कुमार ] - (2020)

  • Location: [NA]
  • Marks: [246]

BFA: [ दिव्यांग कुमार नंदा ] - (2020)

  • Location: [वाराणसी]
  • Marks: [170]

BPA: [प्रज्ञा कुमारी] - (2020)

  • Location: [बक्सर (बिहार)]
  • Marks: [144]

B.Sc (Bio): [सौम्या त्रिपाठी] - (2020)

  • Location: [अलगंज, प्रयागराज]
  • Marks: [241.30]

B.Sc (Home Science): [अंकिता गुप्ता] - (2020)

  • Location: [सैदपुर, वाराणसी]
  • Marks: [246]

Allahabad University BA/B.Sc Topper List 2019 - 2023

The previous year, Students from different locations have topped the Allahabad University Entrance Examination-2023. Check the complete list of the top merit holder below with their Name, Locations, and Marks. Previous year AU UGAT Exam 2019-20 highest marks in BA was 242 and the Highest Marks in B.Sc was 238. Check category-wise topper marks of 2019 from the below.

BA Topper 1 (2019): [ऐश्वर्या]

  • Marks: [242]
  • Category: [जनरल]

BA Topper 2 (2019): [तुषार]

  • Marks: [236]
  • Category: [जनरल]

BA Topper 3 (2019): [उमेश कुमार सिंह]

  • Marks: [234]
  • Category: [जनरल]

BA Topper [OBC] (2019): [साकेत सिंह]

  • Marks: [228]
  • Category: [OBC]

BA Topper [SC] (2019): [दीक्षा विशाल पासवान]

  • Marks: [206]
  • Category: [SC]

BA Topper [ST] (2019): [आकाश कुमार गोड]

  • Marks: [184]
  • Category: [ST]

B.Sc Topper 1 (2019): [ प्रिया सिंह]

  • Marks: [238]
  • Category: [जनरल]

B.Sc Topper 2 (2019): [आदर्श कुमार मौर्या]

  • Marks: [235]
  • Category: [जनरल]

B.Sc Topper 3 (2019): [आरुषी]

  • Marks: [226]
  • Category: [जनरल]

 B.Sc Topper [OBC] (2019): [आदर्श कुमार मौर्या]

  • Marks: [235]
  • Category: [OBC]

 B.Sc Topper [SC] (2019): [चैतन्य]

  • Marks: [214]
  • Category: [SC]

B.Sc Topper [ST] (2019): [रोशनी]

  • Marks: [168]
  • Category: [ST]

Allahabad University Topper B.Com/B.Sc Home Science Entrance Exam 2019-20

Allahabad University B.Sc Home Science Topper got the Highest Marks of 196. In B.Com Entrance Exam 02 students scored the same marks i.e 234. Check all the lists below.

B.Com Topper 1 (2019): [प्रखर सक्सेना]

  • Marks: [234]
  • Category: [जनरल]

B.Com Topper 2 (2019): [प्रतिभा सोनी]

  • Marks: [234]
  • Category: [जनरल]

B.Com Topper 3 (2019): [अनुष्का कुशवाहा]

  • Marks: [228]
  • Category: [जनरल]

B.Com Topper [OBC] (2019): [प्रतिभा सोनी]

  • Marks: [234]
  • Category: [OBC]

B.Com Topper [SC] (2019): [रितेश कुमार]

  • Marks: [202]
  • Category: [SC]

B.Com Topper [ST] (2019): [वंदन कुमार]

  • Marks: [188]
  • Category: [ST]

B.Sc (Home Sci) Topper 1 (2019): [ प्रेरण सिंह]

  • Marks: [196]
  • Category: [जनरल]

B.Sc (Home Sci) Topper 2 (2019): [अमृता यादव]

  • Marks: [194]
  • Category: [जनरल]

B.Sc (Home Sci) Topper 3 (2019): [ईशा रावत]

  • Marks: [194]
  • Category: [जनरल]

B.Sc (Home Sci) Topper [OBC] (2019): [अमृता यादव]

  • Marks: [194]
  • Category: [OBC]

B.Sc (Home Sci) Topper [SC] (2019): [पल्लवी चंद्रा]

  • Marks: [186]
  • Category: [SC]

B.Sc (Home Sci) Topper [ST] (2019): [NA]

  • Marks: [172]
  • Category: [ST]

How is Allahabad University Topper List 2023 prepared?

There are several steps involved in preparing the Allahabad University Topper list. These actions entail administering exams at various testing facilities. after an examination was successfully conducted during a pandemic, the exam sheet was checked. a top-rank holder's shortlist is determined by their highest mark orders. Topper sheets are checked again before being published online or offline. The rank list for the AU BA/B.Sc/B.Com UGAT may change if there is a discrepancy.

Benefits of Allahabad University Toppers 2023

Students who succeed in the BA/B.Sc/B.Com UGAT entrance exam receive numerous benefits. Students who score in the top percentile can choose their preferred colleges and locations. While other applicants won't be accepted into the top-ranked college that is associated with Allahabad University (AU). Topper has the option to receive additional direct and indirect benefits based on grades. Holders of the top merit lists don't have to wait long for counseling. They will be assigned the best college based on their preferences during the first or second-second counseling round.

Best way to check the Allahabad University Topper 2023

You only need to frequently refresh this page to see the details of the UP Class BA/B.Sc/B.Com Toppers. The BA/BSc/BCom UGAT Topper List has been added here in both Hindi and English. You can also find information about the topper in other links, including local newspapers, social media, and others. Checking from the various names listed above is the most effective way to determine the district-wise topper list.



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