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Bhulekh Bihar is the land record database that is managed by the Bihar State Government Revenue Department. These are done to get information about different crops, land division, and land ownership. Bhulekh Bihar also contains accurate data from farm papers, farm maps, and accounts of land in different districts. Bhulekh Bihar even includes information on the land division of each village. 

Bhulekh Bihar 2024

Bhulekh has the correct information about each piece of land. From their land record, anyone can easily take a loan from the bank. They can also take advantage of other services provided by the Bihar State and Central Governments. 

How to check land in Bhulekh Bihar?

Here are the simple steps to check the Bhulekh Bihar -

Step 1: Visit Official Website - Click Here

Step 2: To check the district wise - Click Here or Visit - The search Your Land   (New Survey) Section

Step 3: Select your District

Step 4: Select your Subdivision

Step 5: Select your Zone

Step 6: Click on the Account Search (खाता खोजे)

Bihar Bhulekh Important Terms & Its Meaning 

There is some important term related to Bihar Bhulekh which you must know about.

बिहार भूदान: भूदान यज्ञ समिति को दान स्वरूप में दी गई भूमि

भू अभिलेख: इसमें सार्वजनिक, निजी और सरकारी संगठन की भूमि से संबंधित सभी जानकारी है।

भु नक्शा बिहार: यह हमें सटीक भूमि के बारे में बताता है जो किसी भी व्यक्ति की है।

ऑनलाइन लगान बिहार: इसमें लगान अनपेड, पहले भुगतान किए गए लगान, भुगतान का तरीका और निलंबित लगान के बारे में सभी जानकारी होती है।

Bihar Bhulekh Land Record

Bihar Bhulekh Land Record contains the following piece of Information.

Collection of land revenue along with road revenue, education cess, health cess, etc.

Maintenance and updating of your land records.

Acquisition of land for public purposes.

Protection of government land.

 Lease of government land.

Survey and demarcation of land.

Management and control of natural resources.

Bihar Bhulekh empowers everyone to get their land information at any time. This provides a clear view of their land. Here is a list of all the important Bhulekh Bihar 2023 links. Click on the links and check the details.

Bihar Bhulekh 2023 FAQs

⭐बिहार भूलेख क्या है?

भूलेख बिहार भूमि रिकॉर्ड विवरण है जो बिहार राज्य सरकार के राजस्व विभाग द्वारा प्रबंधित किया जाता है।

⭐बिहार भूलेख नक्शा कैसे देखें?

Visit this link- Enter District Name, Sub Division, and Zone. Then click on the search account button.

⭐मेरे भूमि वितरण के बारे में जानकारी कैसे प्राप्त करें?

बिहार भूलेख में अपनी भूमि आवंटन की जाँच करें। वे आपको अपनी सारी भूमि दिखाएंगे जो आपकी हैं।



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