Bihar Police Constable Salary 2024 | Monthly Amount, In Hand Amount

Bihar Police Constable Salary 2023: The pay scale and monthly salary of a Bihar Police Constable are determined according to the guidelines of the Seventh Pay Commission. During the six-month training period, a Bihar Police Constable receives a payment of Rs. 21,700. It's important to note that no allowances are provided during this training phase, and the cost of meals typically ranges between 4,000 and 5,000 rupees. After successfully completing the training, the Bihar Police Constable's salary is based on the 7th pay matrix established by the Bihar Government. The base salary for a Bihar Police Constable, excluding allowances and deductions, is Rs. 21,700. However, it is possible for a Bihar Police Constable to earn a maximum monthly salary of Rs. 53,000. The constables of Bihar Police receive a 3% increment in their salary rate.

Bihar Constable: Overview
Training Period 06 Month
Location Various District Office
Salary Rs.21,700 Per Month
Allowances No
Training Expenses Rs.10,000 (Food, Dress, & Other)
Salary Rs.21,700 Per Month
Monthly In-Hand Salary Rs.30208 Per Month
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Bihar Police Constable Salary

The salary scale for officers in the Bihar Police varies depending on their position. A police constable receives a basic salary ranging from 21,700 to 53,000 rupees, along with a grade pay of 2,000. On the other hand, a Bihar Police Head Constable earns a monthly basic salary between 25,500 and 81,100 rupees. The salary range for Bihar Police Constable staff remains the same, from 21,700 to 53,000 rupees. The salary of Bihar Police Head Operators is identical to that of Sub Inspectors, ranging from 35,400 to 112,400 rupees. Consequently, the Bihar Police Head Constable receives a salary ranging from 25,500 to 81,100 rupees, which is equivalent to that of a Head Constable.

Bihar Constable: Promotion
Constable  Rs.21700 – 53,000/-
Head Constable Rs.25,500 – 81,100/-
Sub Inspector  Rs.35,400/– 1,12,400/-
Circle Officer CO  Rs.56,100/– 1,77,500/-
ASP  Rs.67,700/– 2,08,700/-
SP  Rs.78,800/– 2,09,200/-
Monthly In-Hand Salary Rs.30208 Per Month
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Bihar Police Constable Salary Structure 2023

Just after the successful completion of the 06-month training constable's 7th CPC salary will be started. As per the 7th pay commission norms, the salary pay level of the police constable is 03. Bihar Police Constable's salary pay band is PB-2(5200-20200) and Grade Pay is 2000. The basic constable pay scale is Rs.21,700 – 53,000/-.

Bihar Constable: Salary
Bihar Police Constable Pay Level  03
Bihar Police Constable Pay Band PB-2(5200-20200)
Grade Pay 
Bihar Police Constable Pay Scale 
Rs.21,700 – 53,000/-
Bihar Police Constable Basic Salary 
Rs. 21700 /-
Maximum Salary 
Rs. 53,000/-
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Bihar Police Constable Salary Allowances

Constables in the Bihar Police Constable receive a variety of incentives, allowances, and benefits. These benefits include the following: dress allowances, extra duty allowances, kitty management, HRA, TA, and CCA. In addition to allowances, police officers receive an annual Dewali Bonus, a one-month wage increase, insurance coverage, and a 14% base NPS contribution from the government. See the table below for more information about the amount of the constable wage allowance.

Bihar Constable: Allowances
Rs. 8246/- (42% Of Basic Pay)
Rs.5859 (27% Of Basic)
Special Duty Allowance (SDA) 
As per requirement
01 Month Extra Salary  Rs.21700/- (Only one time a year)
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Bihar Police Constable Salary Deductions Details

To ensure the bright future of our frontline govt workers, the state govt deducts some amount from their salary. These deductions are 10% Basic for NPS, 12% of Basic for PF, and Rs. 100 per month as Insurance Cover.

Bihar Constable: Deductions
Rs.2994/- (10% Of Basic Pay)
PF Rs.2604/- (12% Of Basic Pay)
Income Tax Applicable (If income will be above 5 lac)
Insurance Cover Rs.100/-
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Bihar Police Constable Perk

As a Bihar Police Constable, you can expect a competitive basic salary ranging from Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,000. The dearness allowance (DA) will be adjusted based on inflation, ensuring your salary keeps up with the cost of living. Your house rent allowance (HRA) will be tailored to the location of your duty station. To cover your commuting expenses, you will receive a monthly transport allowance of Rs. 300. Your medical allowance ensures that you and your family have access to free medical treatment, prioritizing your well-being. Additionally, a uniform allowance of Rs. 1,500 per year will be provided to maintain your professional appearance. During your annual leave, you can enjoy a leave travel allowance (LTA) of up to Rs. 6,000, allowing you to spend quality time with your loved ones and explore new destinations. For your future security, the pension benefits will provide 50% of your last drawn salary. Furthermore, you will have access to other benefits such as the provident fund, gratuity, insurance, and more, ensuring your financial stability. These perks and benefits contribute to an in-hand salary of around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month, enabling you to lead a comfortable life. Additionally, you will have paid leave, casual leave, medical leave, and other social security benefits. Your commitment and service as a Bihar Police Constable are valued and rewarded through these comprehensive perks and benefits.

Bihar Police Constable Perk
Perk Details
Basic Salary Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,000
Dearness Allowance (DA) Varies according to inflation
House Rent Allowance (HRA) Varies according to location
Transport Allowance Rs. 300 per month
Medical Allowance Free medical treatment for self and family
Uniform Allowance Rs. 1,500 per year
Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) Up to Rs. 6,000 per year
Pension 50% of the last drawn salary
Other Benefits Provident Fund, Gratuity, Insurance, etc

Bihar Police Constable Salary In Hand Per Month

Hand salary of the Bihar Police Constable, Head Constable, Fireman, Workshop Staff, and Bihar Police Head Operator is more than the basic salary. Bihar Police Constable in-hand salary is the sum of basic salary, allowance, and subtracting all types of deductions.

Bihar Police Constable In Hand Salary Calculation

  • In-Hand Salary = (Basic Salary) + (All Allowances) - (All Deductions)
  • In-Hand Salary = (21700) + (8246+5859) - (2994+2604)
  • In-Hand Salary = Rs.30208/-

Bihar Police Constable Salary & Constable Promotion

The promotion prospects for Bihar Police Constables depend on various factors. Individuals involved in illegal activities or who have been suspended are ineligible for promotion. However, a Police Constable with a commendable track record can be promoted to the position of Head Constable after 8-10 years of dedicated service. Furthermore, through an additional 15-20 years of service, coupled with consistent fairness and exceptional performance, one can aspire to be promoted to the rank of Sub Inspector.

Bihar Constable Promote
Constable After 01 Year of Training
Head Constable After 08-10 year
Sub Inspector After 15-20 year
Inspector After 25 year
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#All promotional activities are done as per the govt guidelines. Above mentioned promotion period may vary as the circumstances.

Bihar Police Constable Salary After 7th pay commission

Bihar Police Constable board recruitment is done under the Bihar govt supervision. Therefore Police constable's salary comes under the 7th pay matrix of Bihar govt norms. Here are the details of the 7th pay salary matrix. 

Bihar Police Constable Salary 2023 FAQs

⭐What is the basic salary range for a Bihar Police Constable?

The basic salary range for a Bihar Police Constable is between 21,700 and 53,000 rupees, along with a grade pay of 2,000.

⭐How much does a Bihar Police Head Constable earn per month?

A Bihar Police Head Constable earns a monthly basic salary ranging from 25,500 to 81,100 rupees.

⭐How long does it take for a Police Constable to be promoted to Head Constable?

A Police Constable can be promoted to the position of Head Constable after 8-10 years of service with a solid work history.

⭐What is the next promotion level after Head Constable in the Bihar Police Constable hierarchy?

After serving as a Head Constable for 15-20 years with continued fairness and exceptional performance, one can be promoted to the rank of Sub Inspector.



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