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Preparing for DRDO CEPTAM MTS exam? Our previous year's papers are here to help you! The Tier 1 Computer-Based Test (CBT) of the DRDO MTS Mock Test 2021 exam will comprise multiple-choice questions (MCQs), each with four possible options. Choose the correct option to earn a 01 mark, with no negative marking for incorrect/wrong answers. Paper 1 of DRDO CEPTAM MTS Question paper Tier 1 has 100 questions that need to be solved within 90 minutes, giving you only 54 seconds to solve each question. Our DRDO MTS Previous Paper is similar to the one described above. Start preparing with our resources today. 

So, for this, you need to have a good practice of DRDO MTS model paper 2021 on every topic. By solving DRDO CEPTAM MTS's previous year's question (PYQ) paper you get an idea about the question level. Topics that you need to practice more. Check your strengths and weakness and ways to overcome them. 

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We offer a free DRDO MTS Mock Test to help you prepare for your exam. Choose between our video and online test resources to tailor your preparation to your preferences. Get ready for your DRDO MTS exam in 2023 with our helpful resources.

DRDO MTS Mock Test

As per the review of previous students. They reported that the question level was moderate. Most of the questions are from a basic level. Only a few questions are tougher and time taking. Time will play a major role in this competition to decide your score. Some Sample questions of DRDO CEPTAM MTS Previous Paper are given below. Practice your exam with Free Online DRDO MTS Mock Test from the given link.

This post & code come under TIER 1 DRDO CEPTAM MTS Question paper. 

  • (1301) Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) 

DRDO CEPTAM MTS Test Paper 2019 CBT exam is set is two different types. This differentiation is made according to the different posts.

DRDO MTS Previous Year Paper

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has changed the exam paper structure this year. DRDO MTS's previous year paper has the same number of questions and total time. Knowing the correct syllabus will help you in the proper direction. Here exam pattern for all various posts is mentioned.

TIER 1 (CBT) Syllabus: All Posts

Question Type

  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQs)

Total Number Of Questions

  • 100 Questions

Total Time Duration

  • 90 Minutes

Total Marks

  • 100

Correct Answer

  • 01 Awarded

Incorrect Answer

  • No Marks Reduced (0 Marks)

DRDO MTS Free Mock Test: Tier 1 Paper

DRDO MTS Question Paper is designed according to different posts. Only the total number of questions from the different topic is change and everything remain the same as above. Here is a division of questions for different posts.

DRDO MTS Mock Test: Questions

  • General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability- 35 Questions
  • General Awareness- 30 Questions
  • Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical Ability -35 Questions

DRDO MTS Mock Test: Marks

  • General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability- 35 Marks
  • General Awareness- 30 Marks
  • Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical Ability -35 Marks

DRDO MTS Mock Test: Time

  • A total time of 90 minutes will be given.

DRDO MTS Mock Test: Medium

  • The medium of the Question Paper will be Hindi & English.

DRDO MTS Free Online Test in Hindi & English

Here are some sample questions of the DRDO CEPTAM MTS Test question. Questions are given in both language Hindi & English.

01: Where did Babur die? | बाबर की मृत्यु कहाँ हुई थी ?

  • Kabul | काबुल
  • Delhi | दिल्ली
  • Lahore | लाहौर
  • Agra | आगरा ✔

02: Largest Producer of Coffee? | कॉफी का सबसे बड़ा उत्पादक?

  •  Argentina | अर्जेंटीना
  •  Peru | पेरू
  •  India | भारत
  •  Brazil | ब्राज़िल ✔

03: India's first Railway University is in__? | भारत का पहला रेलवे विश्वविद्यालय _ में है?

  •  Bengaluru | बेंगलुरु
  •  Vadodara | वडोदरा ✔
  •  Hyderabad | हैदराबाद
  •  Lucknow | लखनऊ

04:Which city is the Silicon Valley of India? | भारत का सिलिकॉन वैली कौन सा शहर है?

  • Bengaluru | बेंगलुरु✔
  •  Mumbai | मुंबई
  •  Hyderabad | हैदराबाद
  •  Delhi | दिल्ली

05: Water is a/an__? | पानी _ है?

  •  Acidic Oxide | अम्लीय ऑक्साइड
  •  Basic Oxide | मूल ऑक्साइड
  •  Amphoric Oxide | एम्फ़ोरिक ऑक्साइड✔
  •  Neutral Oxide | तटस्थ ऑक्साइड

NOTE:-Start Your DRDO CEPTAM Exam Preparation from the below links.

DRDO MTS Free Online Mock Test Series Model Paper

The mock test for DRDO MTS Exam for different topics is given below. These questions paper will help you prepare all the topics. You will find the question in English as well as in Hindi (Except General English). If you have any issues regarding any questions. Please put your question in ASK QUESTION Forum or in the COMMENT BOX given below.

DRDO MTS Practices Mock Test FAQs

⭐Can I get DRDO MTS Previous year Paper?

Yes, you can get the previous year question paper of DRDO MTS exams. Also, start your exam with free online mock tests.

⭐How many tests have attempted DRDO MTS Free Mock Test?

More than 40K free tests have been already attempted by the DRDO Exam preparing students. Get the benefits of early preparation and check your exam practice level.

⭐How to download PDF of MTS Previous Year Paper?

In order to download the PDF of the previous year's paper, you have to submit the quiz and click on the view result button. All the correct answers will be displayed. After the result will be displayed, Press key Ctrl+P. You will be able to print your page.

⭐How to get DRDO MTS Model Paper in Hindi?

Here on this page, you can get the DRDO MTS Exam Model Paper in Hindi as well as in English. Choose your preferred language before starting the quiz.



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