Who is Gia Duddy? Her Age, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend, Instagram, Sister, Biography, Wiki

Giavinna Duddy, also known as Gia, is a 22-year-old American model and social media star from Pennsylvania. Born on August 1, 2001, she's become popular on apps like TikTok and Instagram for her fun content.

In her personal life, Gia has been dating Will Levis. They've shared some of their moments on social media, giving followers a peek into their relationship. But like many people, Gia went through a tough time when she experienced a breakup. This personal struggle became part of her public story, showing that everyone goes through ups and downs.

Even with these challenges, Gia keeps going strong in her career. She's studying for a degree at Penn State University while also working as a model. Gia's hard work has paid off, and she's now worth $550,000. Beyond her dating life, Gia is a talented and successful person, balancing her education and entertainment career.

Social Media Profiles

Social Media Followers(Approx)
🔗 Instagram 216 Thousands(K)
🔗 Youtube 682

Gia Duddy: Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Instagram, Sister, Biography, Wiki.

Information Details
Name Giavinna Duddy
Nick Name Gia
Profession model, and social media celebrity
Category Entertainment
Active Year 2023
Age 22
Birth Date August 1, 2001
Birth Place Pennsylvania, USA
Religion Christianity
Caste Not Applicable
Ethnicity Irish
Gender Female
Boyfriend Will Levis
Nationality American
Famous For TiktoTiktok star, Instagram model,ks
Country United States
Income Source Advertisements/Sponsorships, sponsorships
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 56 kg
Body Measure 33-25-35
Eye Color Brown
School Berks Catholic High School
College Penn State University
Education Bachelor’s degree in progress
Marital Status Unmarried
Family Background Father: Michael Duddy, Mother: Susan Rado Duddy, Siblings: Michael and Bella
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Income Source Array
Yearly Income $85K
Net Worth $550K

Gia Duddy Family Info


Father: Michael Duddy Mother: Susan Rado Duddy.



Bella Duddy



Will Levis


Gia Duddy's family includes her parents, with her father being Michael Duddy and her mother, Susan Rado Duddy. She has two sisters, namely Bella Duddy. In her personal life, Gia is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Will Levis.

Gia Duddy Career Timeline Biography, Wiki.

1999: Born in Pennsylvania, USA.
High School Graduation: Completes education at Berks Catholic High School.
College Journey: Attends Penn State University.
Social Media Debut: Initiates TikTok career with the username omgiaaa.
Current Status (2023): 22 years old, set to complete undergraduate degree, in a relationship with NFL's Will Levi

Gia Duddy Interesting Facts

Juggling Acts: Gia Duddy is a pro at balancing her social media fame with college studies, proving you can excel in both!
TikTok Star: She's a big deal on TikTok, with almost half a million followers loving her cool and creative short videos.
Love Story: Gia's dating an NFL quarterback, Will Levis, adding some extra excitement to her life and keeping fans intrigued.
Smart Cookie: Even though she's only 22, Gia is about to finish college, showing that you can chase your dreams while hitting the books.
Homegrown Talent: Gia started her journey in Pennsylvania, where she was born and went to high school, making her a local hero.

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Gia Duddy Net Worth, Income, Salary & Earning (2024)

Earning Source Earnings
Sponsored content(Yearly) $20,000
Affiliate marketing(Yearly) $10,000
Merchandising(Yearly) $15000
Brand partnerships(Yearly) $30,000
Music Videos & Acting(Yearly) $10,000
Total Earnings (Est)(Yearly) $85K
Total Earnings (Est)(Lifetime) $550K

Above table shows earnings for one year only. Earnings for 1 years is given below.

In 2024, Gia Duddy is making money in different ways. She gets $20,000 each year from sponsored content, another $10,000 from affiliate marketing, and $15,000 from merchandising. Working with big brands (brand partnerships) brings in a cool $30,000 yearly, and doing music videos and acting adds an extra $10,000 annually. So, in one year, she's looking at around $85,000. When you add up all the money she's made in her lifetime, it's a pretty impressive $550,000.



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