Haryana Teacher Salary 2024 | HSSC TGT Per Month Pay Scale, Grade Pay, and 7th Pay Matrix

Haryana TGT: Secondary school teacher (grades 6-8) in Haryana, with a bachelor's degree and teaching qualification.The starting Haryana Haryana TGT basic pay of ₹ 44,900/- 1,42,400/- per month. The grade pay of a Haryana HSSC TGT Salary is ₹4600 and it’s a high-revenue job that comes under Level 7. The Haryana HSSC TGT Salary comes under the same Pay Band PB-2 (9300-34800).

The starting monthly salary for Haryana HSSC TGT  Salary is ₹66883, inclusive of all allowances and deductions. Considering the current perks and deductions based on the 7th CPC, the highest Haryana TGT Salary in hand after 40 years of continuous service, can reach up to ₹209623. The overall monthly in-hand amount for all these posts of the Haryana HSSC TGT Salary pay scale will be almost identical with few variations in perks and deductions.

For comprehensive details on the Haryana HSSC TGT Salary and slip information, please refer to the provided information below.

Latest Update

Big News! Haryana HSSC TGT  Salary salary and allowances have been Increased! Use the Income in Haryana HSSC TGT  Salary Calculator below to find out updated, year-wise in-hand salary.

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Haryana HSSC TGT Salary with Grade Pay, Level and Full Yearly Income

For Haryana Haryana Teacher the starting salary is the lowest, with a monthly in-hand salary of ₹ 8.2 Lakh and the highest yearly salary reaches ₹25.1 Lakh in India. The gross salary, excluding deductions, is approximately ₹9.2 Lakh to 29.4 Lakh  per annum. Check out the complete details of Haryana HSSC TGT  monthly salary and pay structure detail in this table:

Haryana HSSC TGT Salary GP 4600⬇
Pay  Level  07
Pay Band PB-1(9300-34800)
Grade Pay  4600
Pay Scale   ₹44900/-- 142400/-
Basic Salary ₹44900/-
Maximum Salary  ₹142400/-
Dearness Allowance (DA)  ₹22,450(50% Of Basic Pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA)  ₹12,093 (27%Of Basic Pay)
Transport Allowance (TA)  As per rule
Monthly In Hand Salary  ₹66883/- to 209623/-
Yearly In Hand Salary  ₹8.2 Lakh to 25.1 Lakh
Yearly Gross Salary  ₹9.4 Lakh to 29.7 Lakh 
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Haryana HSSC TGT  Salary Slip Basic Pay Gross Salary

The monthly statement of the Haryana HSSC TG Treveals a gross income of Rs 79443. This amount is subject to deductions for PF, NPS, and taxes, amounting to approximately Rs12057. After these deductions, the net monthly in-hand salary for a Haryana HSSC TGT Basic Salary is Rs 66883. For comprehensive details, please refer to the sample Haryana HSSC TGT Slip provided below.

Haryana TGT Salary Allowances

In addition to their base pay, Haryana HSSC TGT employees also receive a variety of allowances. Among these Trained Graduate Teacher, Allowances are DA, HRA, transport, lunch (meal voucher), electricity, var inc, and reimbursement for cell phone expenses.

HRA (House Rent Allowance) 9-27% of the Basic Salary
DA (Dearness Allowance) 50% of the Basic salary
TA (Travel Allowance) TA as per claimed.
Additional Digitization and the Digital Work, Bonus on Festival, and other

Haryana TGT Salary Deduction

Haryana HSSC TGT employees receive various allowances in addition to their basic salary. These allowances, known as Trained Graduate Teacher Allowances, consist of several benefits, including DA, HRA, transportation, lunch (in the form of a meal voucher), electricity, variable increment, and mobile phone reimbursement.

PF (10% of basic) ₹5,388/-
NPS (10% of basic + DA) ₹6,669/-
Income Tax ITR Norms

HSSC Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) Salary 7th Pay Norms

Haryana HSSC TGT's total in-hand salary is the sum of the total basic salary and allowances. Some deductions in salaries are also done in the form of NPS, PF, and others. Haryana HSSC TGT Salary 2024: Haryana HSSC TGT Salary in Hand, Promotion Process, Grade Pay, and 7th Pay Commission. Check these details: salary per month, pay scale, grade pay, salary cash in hand, salary in Hindi, and promotion hierarchy.


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Haryana Teacher Salary 2024 FAQs

⭐ What is the basic salary range for Pay Level 07, Pay Band PB-1?

The basic salary range is ₹44,900/- to ₹1,42,400/-.

⭐What is the difference between the basic salary and the Salary of TGT Teachers in Haryana?

Basic salary is the fixed component of your pay. Gross salary is the total amount you earn before deductions like taxes.

⭐How is the Dearness Allowance (DA) calculated TGT Grade Pay in Haryana?

DA is a variable component linked to inflation and is a percentage of your basic salary. In this example, DA is 50% of the basic salary, which is ₹22,450/-.

⭐ What is the estimated range for the monthly in-hand Haryana TGT Salary?

The estimated monthly in-hand salary can range from ₹66,883/- to ₹2,09,623/-

⭐What is the yearly salary of a TGT?

The yearly salary is between ₹8.2 Lakh to 25.1 Lakh



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