IAS Salary in India 2021 - 2022 | Structure, In Hand, During Training (Per Month/Year)

IAS Officer Salary In India per month 2021-2022: After clearing one of the world's toughest exam i.e Indian UPSC Civil Services (IAS) exam. It's highly important to know the IAS Salary during training and after the training period (Basic and Maximum Salary).  An IAS Officer Salary during 02-year training at LBSNAA is called a "Special Pay Advance". Sometimes people also refer to IAS training duration salary as "Stipend". The minimum monthly Hand salary during IAS training is Rs. 35000-40000/- (Including all deductions). The maximum monthly Hand salary during IAS Officer training is Rs. 42000-45000/- (Including all deductions). Deductions done during training are - mess charge, personal room, water, electricity, uniform, and few other charges. After the completion of training Salary, Pay Scale, and Grade Pay is given as per the 07th Pay commission norms.

IAS Salary 2021

An IAS Salary Pay Band ranges from (PB 3: 15600 - 39100) to (PB 8: 90000). Starting Grade Pay for IAS officer Salary in India is 5400. The salary level is Level 10 - Level 18. The basic starting IAS Salary will be Rs.56100/- (Excluding all Allowances/Deduction). The Maximum (Highest) monthly salary of an IAS officer in India is Rs.177500/- (Without Any Promotion). But in the case of the Highest promotion, the Maximum Hand salary of an IAS will be Rs.250000/- (After Highest Promotion). 

Pay Level (वेतन स्तर) 10-18
Pay Band (वेतन बैंड ) PB-3 (15600 to 39100) - (90000)
Pay Scale (वेतनमान) ₹56,100/- 2,50,000/-
Min Grade Pay (न्यूनतम ग्रेड वेतन) 5400
Basic Salary (मूल वेतन) 56,100/-
Maximum Salary (Without Any Promotion) [अधिकतम वेतन (बिना किसी पदोन्नति के)] 1,77,500/-
Maximum Salary (After Highest Promotion) [अधिकतम वेतन (उच्चतम पदोन्नति के बाद)] 2,50,000/-
DA (28% Of Basic Pay) [डीए (मूल वेतन का 28%)] 15,708/- 70000 
House Rent Allowance [मकान किराया भत्ता (HRA)] 15,147/- to60000/-
Transport Allowance (TA) [ परिवहन भत्ता (TA)] 7200/- to 10000/-

IAS Salary In India 2021: District Level

IAS District level posts salary for Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Additional District Magistrate (ADM), District Magistrate (DM), and Divisional Commissioner (DC). IAS officers posted in different districts of any state will get monthly salaries between Rs.56100/- Rs.224100/-. Check post wise district level salary from this table -

District Level Salary
सब डिविजनल मजिस्ट्रेट (SDM) Min: ₹56100, Max: ₹177500
अपर जिला मजिस्ट्रेट (ADM) Min: ₹67700, Max: ₹208700
जिला मजिस्ट्रेट (DM) Min: ₹78800, Max: ₹214100
डिविजनल कमिश्नर (DC) [Level 14] Min: ₹144200, Max: ₹218200
डिविजनल कमिश्नर (DC) [Level 15] Min: ₹182200, Max: ₹224100

IAS Officer Salary: State Secretariat Level

When an IAS officer gets posted in the different state secretariate level posts. They get the salary range between Rs.56100/- to Rs. 2,25,000/-. Check more details about post-wise State Secretariat Level IAS salary are from the below table.

State Secretariat  Salary
Undersecretary (अवर सचिव) Min: ₹56100, Max: ₹177500
Deputy Secretary (उप सचिव) Min: ₹67700, Max: ₹208700
Joint Secretary (संयुक्त सचिव) Min: ₹78800, Max: ₹209200
Special Secretary-cum-Director (विशेष सचिव-सह-निदेशक) Min: ₹118500, Max: ₹214100
Secretary-cum-Commissioner (सचिव-सह-आयुक्त) Min: ₹144200, Max: ₹218200
Principal Secretary (प्रधान सचिव) Min: ₹182200, Max: ₹224100
Additional Chief Secretary (अपर मुख्य सचिव) Min: ₹205400, Max: ₹224400
Chief Secretary (मुख्य सचिव) 2,25,000

IAS Salary In India Per Month: Central Secretariat Level

IAS officer appointed on different central secretariate level posts. At IAS central secretariate posts salary range between Rs.56100/- to Rs. 2,50,000/-. Check more details about post-wise Central Secretariat Level IAS salary are from the below table.

Central Secretariat  Salary
Assistant Secretary (सहायक सचिव) Min: ₹56100, Max: ₹177500
Undersecretary (अवर सचिव) Min: ₹67700, Max: ₹208700
Deputy Secretary (उप सचिव) Min: ₹78800, Max: ₹209200
Director (निदेशक) Min: ₹118500, Max: ₹214100
Joint Secretary (संयुक्त सचिव) Min: ₹144200, Max: ₹218200
Additional Secretary (अपर सचिव) Min: ₹182200, Max: ₹224100
Secretary (सचिव) 2,25,000/-
Cabinet Secretary of India (भारत के कैबिनेट सचिव) 2,50,000/-

IAS Salary Per Day, Month & Year

Here is the summary of details of the IAS officer salary per day, per month, and total yearly income. These in-hand salaries mentioned are excluding all allowance and deductions.

Duration  Salary
IAS Salary Per Day Min: ₹1870, Max: ₹8333
IAS Salary Per Month Min: ₹56100, Max: ₹250000
IAS Salary Per Year Min: ₹6.73 Lakh, Max: ₹30 Lakh

IAS Officer Promotion Structure/Chart

When a newly UPSC Civil services (IAS) completes his/her training, then they are posted in the District Level at the post of SDM. If a candidate posted on State Level Secretariat on the post of Undersecretary. Similarly, If a candidate is appointed under Central Secretariate then will start with the Assistant Secretary post.

IAS officer Post After Training 

  • Tehsile Level: Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM)
  • State Under Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary

Salary: Rs.56100 - Rs.177500

IAS Salary & Promotion After 1-4 Year 

  • District Level: Additional District Magistrate (ADM)
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Central Undersecretary

Salary: Rs.67700 - Rs.208700

IAS Salary & Promotion After 5-8 Year

  • District Magistrate (DM)
  • State Joint Secretary
  • Central  Deputy Secretary

Salary: Rs.78800 - Rs.209200

IAS Salary & Promotion After 9-12 Year

  • State Special Secretary-cum-Director
  • Central  Director

Salary: Rs.118500 - Rs.214100

IAS Salary & Promotion After 13-16 Year

  • Division/Zone Level: Divisional Commissioner (DC)
  • State Secretary-cum-Commissioner
  • Central Joint Secretary

Salary: Rs.144200 - Rs.218200

IAS Salary & Promotion After 16-24 Year

  • State Principal Secretary
  • Central Additional Secretary

Salary:Rs.182200 - Rs.224100

IAS Salary & Promotion After 25-30 Year

  • State Additional Chief Secretary

Salary: Rs.205400 - Rs.224400

IAS Salary & Promotion After 30-33 Year

  • State Chief Secretary

Salary:  Rs.2,25,000

IAS Salary & Promotion After 34-36 Year

  • Central Cabinet Secretary of India

Salary: Rs.2,50,000/-

IAS Officer Salary FAQs

⭐What is the basic minimum salary of IAS?

By Ignoring all allowances and benefits, an IAS officer will get a starting minimum salary of Rs.56,100/.

⭐What is the maximum salary of an IAS officer?

The Maximum (highest) salary of an IAS officer at Cabinet Secretary of India Level will be Rs.2,50,100/-.

⭐Do the salary of IAS officer changes with the location?

No, the basic salary will remain the same, whereas allowances can be different.

⭐Is it mandatory for every IAS officer to get retired from Cabinet Secretary posts?

No, it's not mandatory for every IAS officer. Promotion depends on the quality of work done by the officer during the different levels of posts.



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