Who is Jiji Wonder? Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Siblings, Tiktok, Photo, Height, Biography & Wiki


Jiji Wonder, a 15-year-old YouTuber and social media personality born on May 29, 2008, in the United States. With Lebanese and Arabic roots, she follows the Christian faith. Since 2018, Jiji has been captivating audiences with her diverse content, including pranks, challenges, and daring activities.

Standing at 1.53 meters and weighing 41 kg with captivating hazel eyes, Jiji maintains a slim physique. Her education details, boyfriend, and marital status are undisclosed. Based in Texas and California, she has become a prominent figure in the social media landscape.

Jiji's primary income source is her thriving YouTube channel, boasting a net worth of 120K. Under the zodiac sign Gemini, Jiji Wonder continues to make her mark in the digital world, leaving a lasting impression on her growing audience.

Social Media Profiles

Social Media Followers(Approx)
🔗 Youtube 114 Thousands(K)
🔗 Instagram 126 Thousands(K)

Jiji Wonder: Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Siblings, TikTok, Height, Bio & Wiki

Information Details
Name Jiji Wonder
Nick Name Jiji
Profession YouTuber, Content Creator
Category Social Media Personality
Active Year 2018
Age 15
Birth Date May 29, 2008
Birth Place The United States of America
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Lebanese and Arabic descent
Gender Female
Boyfriend Not known
Nationality American
Famous For Her thrilling content which includes pranks, challenges, daring activities, and such.
Country The United States of America
Income Source YouTube
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Height 1.53 m
Weight 41 kg or 90.5 lbs
Body Measure Slim
Eye Color Hazel
School Not Known
Education Not Known
Marital Status Single
Location Texas and California
Income Source Array
Net Worth 120K

Jiji Wonder Family, Siblings, & Boyfriend


Neshan Wonder


Younger Brother

Nidal Wonder

Younger Brother

Older Brother

Juju Ajib

Older Brother

Jiji Wonder is a member of a close-knit family that includes her brothers Neshan, Nidal, and Juju Ajib. Neshan, the eldest brother, plays a significant role in her life, followed by the younger siblings, Nidal and Juju Ajib. Together, the Wonder family shares a strong bond filled with love and support. While Neshan takes on the role of the protective older brother, Nidal and Juju Ajib bring youthful energy and camaraderie to the family dynamic. Jiji is fortunate to have such a wonderful family, and their relationships with one another contribute to a harmonious and joyous family life.

Jiji Wonder (Biography / Wiki) Timeline (2024)

May 29, 2008: Jiji Wonder is born.
October 8, 2015: Jiji becomes a member of the YouTube channel ROCK SQUAD.
January 24, 2021: Jiji launches her self-titled YouTube channel.
November 2, 2021: Jiji makes her Instagram debut.
November 26, 2021: Jiji uploads her first YouTube video, "Q&A w/Nalish very chaotic."
March 18, 2022: Jiji starts her gaming channel, "Jiji Wonder Gaming."
May 2022: Jiji's video "Being MEAN to my MOM for 24 HOURS!!! SHE CRIED" becomes one of her most popular videos.

Jiji Wonder Interesting Facts

Cultural Blend: Jiji Wonder, an American YouTuber of Lebanese descent, speaks fluent Arabic.
Name Charm: Her last name, "Ajib," means "Wonder" in English, a perfect fit for her content.
YouTube Debut: Jiji started her channel on January 24, 2021, gaining quick popularity for challenges and pranks.
Gaming Shift: She expanded to gaming with "Jiji Wonder Gaming," launched on March 18, 2022.
ROCK SQUAD Member: Jiji is part of ROCK SQUAD since its formation on October 8, 2015, showcasing her collaborative spirit.

Jiji Wonder Net Worth, Income / Earning & Salary (2024)

Earning Source Earnings
Net Worth(Lifetime) $ 120K

Above table shows earnings for one year only. Earnings for 1 years is given below.

As of 2024, Jiji Wonder's net worth stands at an estimated $120,000, reflecting her lifetime earnings. While specific details about her income sources are not provided, it can be inferred that her financial portfolio encompasses various streams, contributing to her overall net worth. Jiji Wonder has evidently accumulated a substantial wealth, underscoring her success and financial achievements.

Jiji Wonder Net Worth Biography, Wiki FAQs

⭐ Who is Jiji Wonder?

Jiji Wonder, whose real name is not provided, is a 15-year-old YouTuber and social media personality born on May 29, 2008, in the USA.

⭐What is Jiji's content about?

Jiji's content includes pranks, challenges, and daring activities, showcasing a diverse range.

⭐What is Jiji's background?

Jiji, with Lebanese and Arabic descent, follows the Christian faith.

⭐Since when has Jiji been active?

Jiji has been active in the social media realm since 2018.

⭐Where is Jiji based?

Jiji is based in Texas and California, making an impact in different parts of the United States.

⭐What is Jiji's physical profile?

Jiji stands at 1.53 meters, weighs 41 kg, and has captivating hazel eyes.

⭐Is Jiji's educational background known?

Details about Jiji's education are undisclosed.

⭐Does Jiji have a boyfriend?

Jiji has not disclosed information about her boyfriend; her marital status is currently single.

⭐What is Jiji's primary income source?

Jiji's primary income source is her thriving YouTube channel.

⭐What is Jiji's net worth?

Jiji's net worth is estimated to be around 120K, reflecting her success as a content creator.



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