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The JKPSC KAS Topper List 2024, featuring the names and ranks of the highest scorers in the J&K CCE 2024 Mains Exam, will be made public. The KAS Topper List and Results can be found at www.jkpsc.nic.in in 2024. Following the release of the results, the Final Interview Exam Topper List for JKPSC, KAS, and J&K CCE will be available, providing access to the complete merit list for JKPSC and KAS Topper 2024. Discover more about the J&K state and district-by-district topper lists for KAS.

The KAS Merit List and Sarkari Results will include the Name, Roll Number, and Category for the Topper List. Find the Top 10 Rank Holder, JK KAS Topper List 2024 right here on this page. The top three students in each district who achieved the highest percentage mark will be highlighted in the 2024 J&K CCE Mains Exam Top Scorers list. The entire process is rigorous and comprehensive, ensuring that only the most deserving candidates make it to the JKPSC topper list.

JKPSC KAS 2023: Megha Gupta (Jammu), got first place with 1177.50 marks.

Official Source:

  • jkpsc.nic.in

Check full details of JKPSC KAS Topper List 2024 from the below.

JKPSC KAS Topper List 2023

Megha Gupta ✨ 1177.5
Shreya Sharma 1167.5
Vishal Kumar 1142.5
Sana Fayaz 1138.5
Afsha Afreen 1137
Aana Jamwal 1136
Jaazia Kazmi 1127.5
Nivranshu Hans 1125.5
Ratandeep Sharma 1122.5
Saqib Rashid Dar 1122.5
Predhyum Atri 1120
Mahrukh Fatima 1118.5
Arushi Sabharwal 1117.5
Umar Jahanzeb 1117.5
Pushpak Saroop 1116.5
Nittin Singh 1115.5
Abhimanyu Kalsotra 1114
Sagar Vishav Karma 1113
Mehak Mahajan 1112.5
Athira 1111.5


Official Source:

  • www.jkpsc.nic.in

JKPSC KAS Topper List 2020 (Advt 2018)


  • Mark: [1118.33]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9111498]


  • Mark: [1115.44]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9108009]


  • Marks: [1111.88]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9120454]

Rank 4: [ MANISH SUDAN ]

  • Mark: [1111.75]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9129213]

Rank 5: [ SAHIL ABROL ]

  • Mark: [1110.00]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9122088]

Rank 6: [ DISHA GUPTA]

  • Mark: [1109.13]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [ 9121761]

Rank 7: [ TUFAIL IQBAL ]

  • Mark: [1102.44]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9126914]


  • Mark: [1102.25]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9129986]

Rank 9: [ URVI SINGH ]

  • Mark: [1101.63]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9123036]

Rank 10: [ CHAHAT BHARTI ]

  • Mark: [1099.88]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9129831 ]

Rank 11: [  VIVEK RATTAN ]

  • Mark: [1096.25]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9124324]

Rank 12: [ FAYAZ AHMAD MIR ]

  • Mark: [1093.22]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9107951]


  • Mark: [1092.94]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9104702]


  • Mark: [1092.11]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9116207]


  • Mark: [1088.38]
  • Category: [OM]
  • Roll Number: [9117076 ]

How is the JKPSC KAS Topper List 2024 Created?

The Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) follows a series of steps to prepare the KAS Topper List. Here’s a simplified explanation:

  1. Online Application Submission: Candidates submit an online form to apply for the exam.

  2. Preliminary Exam: The first step is the preliminary exam, conducted at various centers.

  3. Announcement of Preliminary Results: The results of the preliminary exam are announced, and successful candidates are selected for the main exams.

  4. Main Exam: The JKPSC conducts the KAS Main Examination.

  5. Announcement of Main Results and Interview Shortlisting: After the main exam, the results are announced and candidates are shortlisted for the interview.

  6. Interview: The final stage is the interview.

  7. Final Selection: Candidates are selected based on their cumulative performance in all exams.

The final PCS topper list for 2024 will be prepared following these steps.

Advantages for JKPSC KAS Toppers 2024

Topping the PCS J&K CCE 2023 examination comes with several benefits:

  • Choice of Job Location: Toppers can choose their preferred job location.

  • Recognizable Positions: Candidates with top merit list rankings get more recognizable positions compared to those from other exams.

  • Medical Test: A total of 70 candidates are called for the medical test, last year.

  • Additional Benefits: Toppers can enjoy other direct and indirect benefits based on their marks.

How to Check the JK CCE 2023 PCS Topper 2024

Details on how to check the JK CCE 2023 PCS Topper 2024 will be provided soon.

You only need to regularly refresh this page to see the JK PSC Toppers details. Here is the Topper List for the Jammu and Kashmir CCE (JK) 2018 in both Urdu and English. You can find more information about the topper from a number of other links, including local newspapers, social media, and others. Checking from the various names listed above is the most effective way to determine the district-wise topper list.

JKPSC KAS Topper List 2024 FAQs

⭐What is JKPSC KAS Topper List 2024?

It’s a list of highest scorers in the J&K CCE 2024 Mains Exam[jkpsc.nic.in].

⭐How is the JKPSC KAS Topper List 2024 created?

It’s prepared through a series of steps including online application, preliminary exam, main exam, and interview.

⭐Who was the JKPSC KAS 2023 topper?

Megha Gupta from Jammu topped with 1177.50 marks.

⭐What details are included in the KAS Merit List?

It includes the Name, Roll Number, and Category for the Topper List.

⭐What are the advantages for JKPSC KAS Toppers 2024?

Toppers can choose their job location, get recognizable positions, and enjoy other benefits.



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