Madelyn Cline Net Worth / Biography 2023: Movie, Boyfriend, TV Show, Father, Mother, Age, Height

Madelyn Cline, born on December 21, 1997, in Goose Creek, South Carolina, is a 25-year-old accomplished actress and model. Raised by her parents Pam and Mark Cline, Madelyn is an only child of her family. With a White ethnic background, she stands at 5'6" (168 cm). Currently dating musician Jackson Guthy, Madelyn has never been married. Her career journey began in 2009, and she gained recognition for her roles in acclaimed films like "Boy Erased" (2018), "What Breaks the Ice" (2020), "This Is the Night" (2021), and "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" (2022). Notably, she secured an MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Kiss in 2021. Madelyn, a Christian, boasts a staggering 16.4 million followers on Instagram and has an estimated net worth of $4 million in 2023.

Information Details Details
Full name Madelyn Cline
Profession Actress and model
Date of birth December 21, 1997
Age 25 (as of September 19, 2023)
Place of birth Goose Creek, South Carolina, United States
Parents Pam and Mark Cline
Siblings None
Ethnic background White
Height 5'6" (168 cm)
Boyfriend Jackson Guthy
Relationship Dating
Husband Never married
Career debut 2009
Notable films Boy Erased (2018), What Breaks the Ice (2020), This Is the Night (2021), Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)
Marriages None
Awards MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Kiss (2021)
Religion Christian
Instagram 16.4 Million Followers
Net worth in 2023 $4 million (estimated)

Madelyn Cline Biography Timeline

Date Event
December 21, 1997 Born in Goose Creek, South Carolina
2008 Begins modeling and doing commercial print work in New York City
2009 She landed her first acting role in the short film Milites Christi
2016–2017 Recurring role as Taylor Watts in the HBO comedy series Vice Principals
2017 Recurring roles as Jessica in The Originals and Tina in Stranger Things
2018 Minor role as Chloe in the drama film Boy Erased
2020–present Starring role as Sarah Cameron in the Netflix teen adventure drama series Outer Banks
2022 Stars in the comedy film Knives Out 2

Madelyn Cline's TV Shows / Series

Year Title
2016 The Jury
2016–2017 Vice Principals
2017 The Originals
  Stranger Things
2020–present Outer Banks

Madelyn Cline Movie

Year Movie Title
2011 23rd Psalm: Redemption
2016 Savannah Sunrise
2018 Boy Erased
2020 What Breaks The Ice
2021 This Is the Night
2022 Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Madelyn Cline's Boyfriend / Husband / Relationship

Madelyn Cline is in a relationship with singer and songwriter Jackson Guthy. The couple made their romance official in June 2022, after starting to date in May of the same year. Prior to her involvement with Guthy, Cline was in a relationship with her fellow Outer Banks cast member, Chase Stokes, from June 2020 until November 2021. It's worth noting that to the best of public knowledge, Cline has never been married. However, as with all public figures, there may be undisclosed details not available to the general public.

Madelyn Cline in Stranger Things

Madelyn Cline's stint in the second season of Stranger Things as Tina, though fleeting, left an enduring impact. As the radiant and popular high schooler, she seamlessly integrated into Hawkins' tapestry, forming tight-knit bonds with Max and Lucas. Together, they forged memories at the arcade and pool, radiating youthful camaraderie. Tina's role as Billy's girlfriend and cheerleader showcased her adeptness in navigating high school's intricate social dynamics. Despite her tragic end, Cline's portrayal resonated deeply, showcasing resilience in the face of adversity. This performance became a launchpad for her flourishing career, leading her to the helm of Netflix's hit series, Outer Banks. Madelyn Cline's brief but potent presence in Stranger Things epitomizes her knack for leaving an enduring mark, regardless of screen time constraints.

Madelyn Cline in Glass Onion

Madelyn Cline shines as Whiskey in the 2022 mystery film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Whiskey, partner to men's rights YouTuber Duke Cody, initially appears as a "gamer girl" stereotype, but swiftly reveals her depth and intelligence. Loyalty clashes with inner turmoil about her beliefs and Duke's abusive nature. Cline masterfully portrays Whiskey's survivor spirit, navigating a male-dominated world. Her performance unveils a character transcending clichés, adding layers often absent in media. The on-screen chemistry with Dave Bautista is palpable, enhancing the film's intrigue. Cline's portrayal of Whiskey is a standout, contributing significantly to Glass Onion's success.

Madelyn Cline in The Originals

Madelyn Cline portrayed Jessica, a member of the French Quarter Coven, in The Originals' fourth season. Initially marked as a Harvest Girl for a ritual sacrifice, Elijah Mikaelson intervened, offering her refuge. Jessica embodies kindness and resilience, is fiercely protective of her loved ones, and is unyielding in her convictions. Cline's portrayal garnered acclaim for its genuine charm and the nuanced portrayal of Jessica's inner fortitude. Despite her relatively brief presence, Jessica left an indelible mark, especially in her poignant connection with Elijah, a standout in the season. Memorable scenes include her rescue by Elijah, joint investigations, and her courageous salvation from the clutches of the Hollow. Overall, Cline's performance resonated profoundly with both critics and fans, commended for its authentic portrayal of Jessica's blend of vulnerability and strength.

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes, known for their roles as Sarah Cameron and John B in the Netflix series Outer Banks, were once romantically involved from 2020 to November 2021. However, they are no longer in a relationship. Following their split, both actors have been connected with different individuals. While Cline was rumored to be dating co-star Austin North in 2022, neither confirmed the relationship. Stokes, on the other hand, has been linked to country singer Kelsea Ballerini since early 2023. Despite their romantic separation, Cline and Stokes maintain a strong friendship and continue to collaborate on Outer Banks. Cline emphasized their enduring bond, expressing mutual love and respect in a recent interview.

Madelyn Cline Net Worth 2023: Total Earning Calculation

Year Net Worth (IN USD)
2018 $2 Million
2019 $2.5 Million
2020 $3 Million
2021 $3 Million
2022 $3.5 Million
2023 $4 Million

Madelyn Cline: A Look at His Physical Features, Height


Physical Feature Value
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight 59 Kg (130lbs)

Madelyn Cline possesses striking physical attributes. Her hair boasts a lustrous shade of blonde, framing her features with a radiant glow. Complementing this, her eyes captivate with a vivid blue hue, reflecting a depth of expression. Standing at 5 feet and 6 inches (168 centimeters), she carries herself with an elegant stature. Weighing in at 59 kilograms (130 pounds), she maintains a balanced and healthy physique. These features, combined with her talent and charisma, contribute to Madelyn Cline's undeniable presence in the entertainment industry.

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Madelyn Cline Net Worth / Biography 2023 FAQs

⭐Who is Madelyn Cline?

Madelyn Cline is an accomplished actress and model born on December 21, 1997, in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

⭐How old is Madelyn Cline?

Madelyn Cline is 25 years old.

⭐Who are Madelyn Cline's parents?

Madelyn Cline's parents are Pam and Mark Cline.

⭐Does Madelyn Cline have any siblings?

Madelyn Cline is an only child.

⭐What is Madelyn Cline's ethnic background?

Madelyn Cline has a White ethnic background.

⭐How tall is Madelyn Cline?

Madelyn Cline stands at 5'6" (168 cm) tall.

⭐Who is Madelyn Cline currently dating?

Madelyn Cline is currently dating musician Jackson Guthy.

⭐Has Madelyn Cline ever been married?

No, Madelyn Cline has never been married.

⭐When did Madelyn Cline start her career?

Madelyn Cline began her career in 2009.

⭐What are some of Madelyn Cline's notable films?

Madelyn Cline's notable films include "Boy Erased" (2018), "What Breaks the Ice" (2020), "This Is the Night" (2021), and "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" (2022).

⭐Has Madelyn Cline won any awards?

Yes, Madelyn Cline won an MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Kiss in 2021.

⭐What is Madelyn Cline's religious affiliation?

Madelyn Cline identifies as a Christian.

⭐How many followers does Madelyn Cline have on Instagram?

Madelyn Cline has 16.4 million followers on Instagram.

⭐What is Madelyn Cline's estimated net worth in 2023?

Madelyn Cline's estimated net worth in 2023 is $4 million.

⭐What was Madelyn Cline's first acting role?

Madelyn Cline's first acting role was in the short film "Milites Christi" in 2009.



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