Maharashtra Board SSC Topper Merit List 2023: Class 10th SSC | Top Rank, Name, District Wise

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune (MSBSHSE) Topper Rank, Name District Wise 2023: Maharashtra's 10th merit list (2023) Maharashtra Board SSC Topper List 2023 exam results are at The class 10th Top 10 Students' Names are listed in full. Region-wise Maharashtra SSC Board Toppers like Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad, Amravati, and Konkan MH (Maha SSC Topper List 2023) will be announced following the press conference. The Maharashtra Board 10th Topper List 2023 ( / 10 2023) will be released.

Overall, Maharashtra Class 10 tops the merit list by district. Name, roll number, and school are all included in the Sarkari Result Maharashtra 10th Topper List Name. This page contains the Matric MH Board Topper List 2023 for math, science, social science, marathi, and all other subjects. Maharashtra Board SSC Topper 2023, District wise High School Top 10, Highest Percentage Mark/Merit List/Rank Holder Check out the details below for the entire MH State Topper 2023 Prize and Award, Sarkari result, and highest number (Top 10 Merit 2019-20) holder. Check out the Maharashtra Board's Top 10 District-Wise Topper List 2023.

महाराष्ट्र बोर्ड एसएससी टॉपर: LIVE

Top  यंदा दहावीच्या परीक्षेत एकूण 96.96% विद्यार्थी उत्तीर्ण झाले आहेत.

01 कोकण विभाग 99.27% निकालांसह सर्वोत्तम कामगिरी करत आहे. तर 95.90% निकालासह नाशिकची कामगिरी सर्वात वाईट आहे.

02 एसएससी विद्यार्थ्यांच्या प्रदेशनिहाय उत्तीर्ण टक्केवारीचे तपशील येथे आहेत.

  • Pune: 96.96%
  • Nagpur: 97.00%
  • Mumbai: 96.94%
  • Aurangabad: 96.33%
  • Kolhapur: 98.99%
  • Amaravati: 96.81%
  • Nasik: 95.90%
  • Latur: 97.27%
  • Konkan: 99.27%

03 महाराष्ट्र बोर्ड बोर्डाच्या इयत्ता 10वीच्या निकालाची लिंक सक्रिय करण्यात आली आहे.. खाली दिलेल्या लिंकवरून तुमचा निकाल पहा.

☛ Result Link 1

☛ Result Link 2

04 तुम्ही मागील वर्षाच्या निकालाचे विश्लेषण आणि टॉपर यादीची माहिती खाली तपासू शकता.

Maharashtra SSC Result 2021: Grade-wise performance

  • Distinction - 648683
  • First grade - 698885
  • Second grade - 218070
  • Passing grade - 9356
  • Total passed - 1574994

District-wise pass percentage:  Maharashtra SSC Result 2021

  • Pune:  99.96
  • Nagpur: 99.84
  • Mumbai: 99.96 
  • Aurangabad: 99.96
  • Kolhapur: 99.92
  • Amaravati: 99.98
  • Nasik: 99.96
  • Latur: 99.96
  • Konkan: 100

 You can check the previous year (2019-2023) topper details & performance report from below. (आपण मागील वर्षाचे (2019-2023) अव्वल तपशील आणि कार्यप्रदर्शन अहवाल खाली वरून तपासू शकता.)

 In 2021 - Latur Region is the Best performer in terms highest number of 100% marks of 151 students.

  In 2021 - Konkan Region is the top performer among all nine regions with a pass percentage of 98.77%

This year (2021), a total of 240 students has scored 100% marks.

 In 2021- 5,39,373 passed with 1st division marks in the SSC exam.

 SSC निकाल दुवा 01 वाजता सुरू होईल. या दुव्यावरून आपला निकाल तपासा >> Maharashtra Board SSC Result Link 

Official Source:


Maharashtra Board Topper 2023 

The Maharashtra Board result topper has been officially disclosed by Maha SSC (Maharashtra SSC Topper List 2023). The Maharashtra Board 10th Result 2023 topper list, district-wise and overall state topper, is provided here. Maharashtra Board uploaded SSC topper 2023 information online in the presence of ministers and board members. On this page, you will find a list of Maharashtra SSC Result Topper List districts-wise with the name, roll number, and school name.

Maharashtra SSC Topper 2023 (10th Class)

Students of the Maharashtra Board SSC examination can check the topper list details. Maharashtra Topper SSC/10th is decided based on various parameters. The following top students scored the highest marks in all state exams in 2023. 

 एकूणच MH बोर्ड 10th (SSC) 2023 पास (%) - {--}

SSC एकूण 2023 Exam मुलांची टक्केवारी [---] आणि मुलींची उत्तीर्णता टक्केवारी [---] आहे.

Topper 1 : [---]

  • Percentage:[---]
  • Roll Number:[---]
  • School:[---]

Topper 2: [ --- ]

  • Percentage:[---]
  • Roll Number:[---]
  • School:[---]

Topper 3: [---]

  • Percentage:[---]
  • Roll Number:[---]
  • School:[---]

Maharashtra Board SSC Topper Prizes/Awards 2023

This year's prize is not announced yet by the Board but is based on the previous year's Maharashtra Topper prize. According to the Sahu Maharaj Prize, every state topper will get a prize of a total worth Rs.50,000/-Rs.2,50,000/-. Apart from this, Maharashtra Board Topper SSC/HSC Students will also get mementos and Achievement Certificate.  Such Students can also be eligible for various other scholarships provided by the state govt and other institutes to inspire the other students. Prize distribution date, time, and other details will be informed soon to the schools.

Board Topper Prize

  • Cash Prize (50,000-2.5 Lakh)
  • Scholarship (By Govt & Private Institue)
  • Memento
  • Achievement Certificate.

District Wise(Konkan) Maharashtra Board SSC Topper 2023 

Students belonging to different Regions can check Maharashtra Board District Wise SSC (10th Class) Topper Merit List 2023. Here is the topper list information of Konkan Regions Districts.


अधिकृत घोषणा झाल्यानंतर महाराष्ट्र मंडळाच्या जिल्हानिहाय टॉपर यादी लवकरच उपलब्ध. (Maharashtra Board District-wise topper list available soon after the official announcement.)

In Konkan Region: Previous Year, Total 11 Students scored 100% marks and the total passing percentage is 98.77%

Total 1st Divison Students: 12953

Konkan Region: School wise Result Reports


  • SSC Topper: [---]

Mumbai city

  • SSC Topper: [---]

Mumbai suburban

  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC Result Topper: [---]


  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC Topper: [---]

Maharashtra SSC Topper 2023 (Pune Region)

Here is the Pune Regions Maharashtra Board SSC Topper 2023 details given. Top SSC/10th Students Name, Rank, School, Percentage Marks for different locations.

In Pune Region: Previous Year, Total 12 Students scored 100% marks and the total passing percentage is 97.64%

Total 1st Divison Students: --

Pune Region: School wise Result Reports


  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC Result Topper: [---]


  • SSC Topper: [---]

Maharashtra SSC Topper List (Nashik Region)

Check all the Nashik Maharashtra Board topper of your districts. Know about who has topped in your Nashik Regions. So, complete Maharashtra SSC/10th Nashik region district wise.

In Nasik Region: Previous Year (2020), Total NO Students scored 100% marks and the total passing percentage is 93.73%

Nashik Region: School wise Result Reports


  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC/10th Topper: [---]


  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC/10th Topper: [---]


  • SSC Result Topper: [---]

Maharashtra 10th Topper List (Nagpur Region)

Check all the Nagpur Maharashtra Board toppers of your districts. Know about who has topped in your Nagpur Region districts. So, complete Maharashtra SSC/10th Nagpur region district-wise.

In Nagpur Region: Previous Year, total 03 Students scored 100% marks and the total passing percentage is 93.84%

Nagpur Region: School wise Result Reports


  • SSC/10th Topper: [---]


  • SSC Result Topper: [---]


  • SSC/10th Topper: [---]


  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC/10th Topper: [---]


  • SSC Topper: [---]

Maharashtra Board 10th Topper List (Aurangabad Region)

Check details of all Aurangabad Maharashtra Board toppers of your districts. Know about who has topped in your Regions. Here is the complete Maharashtra SSC/10th Aurangabad region district-wise.

In Aurangabad Region: Previous Year, Total 36 Students scored 100% marks and the total passing percentage is 92%

Aurangabad Region: School wise Result Reports

In Latur Region: Previous Year, Total 151 Students scored 100% marks and the total passing percentage is 93.09%

Latur Region: School wise Result Reports


  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC/10th Topper: [---]


  • SSCTopper: [---]


  • SSC ExamTopper: [---]


  • MH SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC/10th Topper: [---]


  • SSC Topper: [---]


  • SSC Result Topper: [---]

Maharashtra Board 12th Topper List 2023 (Amravati Region)

Check all the Amravati Maharashtra Board toppers of your districts. Know about who has topped in your Regions. Here is the complete list of Maharashtra SSC/10th Amravati region district formate.

In Amravati Region: Previous Year (2020), total 12 Students scored 100% marks and the total passing percentage is 95.14%

Amravati Region: School wise Result Reports






Maharashtra Board SSC/10th Topper Merit List 2023 Preparation

Topper List preparation involves various steps. First, Check for copies at various allotted exam centers. Second, Separation of toppers copies as per merit wise. Third, Rechecking/Revaluation of topper copies to maintain the accuracy in topper lists. Fourth, Selection of district-wise topper along with all proper details. Fifth, Send district topper lists to the different board head offices/regions. Sixth, Publishing of the final topper lists.

Methods for obtaining the Maharashtra SSC Board Topper List 2023

Students can check the SSC Board Topper lists after the announcements. During the press conference, it will be declared publicly whether the topper list will be released or not. Check the Maharashtra Board SSC Topper List 2023, district-wise. Continue to check out Sarkari Naukri's Maharashtra Board Toppers page. Here are all of the live merit list dates for High School and Secondary School. In a different location, find out who the top dog is. Check the top 10 rank holders' names and download the Maharashtra Board merit list. You just need to visit an important link section to download the Maharashtra Topper 2023 Class SSC full list. Maharashtra Board SSC Topper List 2023

The Govt. (Sarkari) Authority will publish the Maharashtra Board Result Topper List on the official websites, and This year's topper list has been released for the 12th grade (HSC) examination. But a wise performance report was published. The overall top ten Maharashtra Board merit list, as well as all state and district PDFs of various statistics, can be downloaded from the links below.

Maharashtra SSC Topper 2023 in Marathi 

Maharashtra students can also check the details in their own language in a local newspaper. Some of these are Lokmat, Loksatta, Maharashtra Times, Divya Marathi, Sakaal, and others. The region's topper will be honored at the region's headquarters (HQ), while the overall state topper will be honored at the board headquarters. District wise toppers are to be honored by the District Magistrate.

Maharashtra SSC Topper 2023 FAQs

⭐When does Maha SSC Topper Name & Merit List announce?

Maharashtra Board will release the topper list after the announcement of the HSC & SSC results. A complete performance detailed analysis report will be also announced.

⭐Who is the topper of SSC in the previous year exam?

In 2019, a total of 16 students has scored 100% marks and Konkan Region was the best performing region among all nine.

⭐What are the Prizes for SSC Toppers 2023?

SSC (10th) Result toppers will get prizes based on the ranks and categories they belong to. Cash prize varies from 50K to 250K which is the name as Sahu Maharaj Prize.

⭐Can I get SSC District wise Topper List?

Yes, you can get a district-wise topper list only after the announcements. If this year's list will be not published, then only region-wise performance reports will be added.



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