Medical Transcriptionist Salary NYC 2024 - New York Pay (Entry to Senior)

The annual salary for a Medical Transcriptionist in New York is $43,090, which equates to $23.86 an hour. The monthly salary for a Medical Transcriptionist in the city is $3,590. Salaries in NYC are 6.1% higher than the national average for Medical Transcriptionists. The starting salary in New York City is $28,710 a year, while entry-level positions pay a Medical Transcriptionist $30,715. For experienced professionals, the salary for a Medical Transcriptionist jumps to $54,400.

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Top Paying Sectors (Industries) for Medical Transcriptionist Salary in NYC

The average salary for a Medical Transcriptionist in New York City consists of 89% base salary and up to 11% additional compensation. The top-paying sectors in NYC are Medical and Diagnostic LaboratoriesMedical & HospitalsOffices of Physicians, and Outpatient Care Centers. According to the cost of living for a single person, the Medical Transcriptionist’s salary is sufficient. However, after post-tax deductions, the expense for a standard cost of living with a family of 4 exceeds the salary.

Year of Experience Salary
1 $41,000
2 $44,200
3 $47,400
4 $50,600
5 $53,800
6 $57,000
7 $60,200
8 $63,400
9 $66,600
10+ $69,800

Top Paying Jobs Medical Transcriptionist Salary in New York City (NYC)

New York City’s Medical Transcriptionist sector employs around 145K employees across the US. It’s one of the largest employment sectors, with thousands of Medical Transcriptionist employees working in various organizations and sectors in New York City alone. Some of the top-paying companies are as follows:

Company Medical Transcriptionist Salary 
Vtech Solution Inc. $49,360
MWIDM Inc. $45,200
Synergy Laboratories $40,740
Retina Consultants, Ltd. $39,660
ARUP Laboratories $37,220
Quest Diagnostics $36,380
Monster $32,410

Comparing NYC Medical Transcriptionist Salary to Top US Cities

According to Sarkari Naukri Exams, New York City boasts the 1st highest Medical Transcriptionist salary in the US at $48,330 annually. However, Sioux Falls, SD, and Corvallis, OR, reign supreme with a staggering Medical Transcriptionist salary of $46,150 annually and $44,430 annually respectively. Other top earners include Redding, CA, Jackson, TN, Johnson City, TN, and Boulder, CO.

Medical Transcriptionist Salary in Top Paying States US

Some states in the US have top Medical Transcriptionist salaries, like Minnesota, Wyoming, Connecticut, Hawaii, Washington, South Dakota, and New York. But remember a hefty paycheck doesn’t automatically translate to a better life. These places might have higher salaries, but grocerieshousing, and other expenses might be pricier too.

Skills to Boost Medical Transcriptionist Salary in NYC

The key skillscertifications, and areas of study for Medical Assistants in New York are quite diverse. Important skills include Communication, Excellent Typing, Medical Terminology Knowledge, and others. They may hold RHDSCMT/CMT, and CHDS certifications. Common fields of study include Computer Literacy, Medical Law and Ethics, Medical Terminology, and others.

Medical Transcriptionist Salary NYC 2024 FAQs

⭐How much does a Medical Transcriptionist make in NYC in 2024?

The average Medical Transcriptionist salary in NYC is around $43,090 per year, roughly $23.86 per hour.

⭐ Is the NYC salary higher than the national average?

Yes, Medical Transcriptionists in NYC earn about 6.1% more than the national average.

⭐What's the starting salary for a Medical Transcriptionist in NYC?

Starting salaries can be around $28,710 per year, with entry-level positions typically paying closer to $30,715.

⭐How much can experienced Medical Transcriptionists make in NYC?

Experienced Medical Transcriptionists in NYC can earn significantly more, with salaries reaching up to $54,400 per year.

⭐Is NYC truly the highest-paying city for Medical Transcriptionists?

While NYC boasts a high average salary, some other cities like Sioux Falls, SD, and Corvallis, OR, might offer slightly higher salaries.

⭐What are the top skills of Medical Transcriptionists Salary NYC?

Here are skills include Communication, Excellent Typing, Medical Terminology Knowledge, and others.

⭐What are the top certificates & Fields of Study of Medical Transcriptionists Salary NYC?

They may hold RHDS, CMT/CMT, and CHDS certifications. Common fields of study include Computer Literacy, Medical Law and Ethics, Medical Terminology, and others.



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