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MP Excise Constable Salary 2024 | Madhya Pradesh Head Constable Salary in MP

MP Excise Constable Salary 2023 In Pay Level 04 received a basic salary of Rs. 19,500, which can go up to a maximum of Rs. 62,000. On top of this, they get a Dearness Allowance (DA) of Rs. 8,260 (42% of Basic Pay) and a House Rent Allowance (HRA) of Rs. 5,850 (30% of Basic Pay). They also have training expenses of Rs. 10,000 for things like food and uniforms. Special Duty Allowance (SDA) is provided if applicable. So, their starting in-hand salary is Rs. 22,097/-, and Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary the maximum they can earn in-hand is Rs.71,994/-.

★ Basic Salary: 19,500 – 62,000/-

★ Starting In Hand Salary: Rs 22097/-   (Approx Per Month)

★ Hand Salary Maximum: Rs 71994/-   (Approx Per Month)

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Govt Jobb

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary 2023: Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable will receive a salary of Rs. 27,144. An amount of Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 5,000 will be deducted for food expenses during the training. No allowances are provided during the training phase. After the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, the pay scale and monthly in-hand salary of a Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable are yet to be determined.  

The wage for Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise is governed by the 7th pay matrix of the MP Government. Upon completion of six months of training, a Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable is entitled to a base pay of Rs. 19,500, exclusive of any allowances or deductions. The maximum monthly wage a Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise constable can earn is Rs. 62,000. The pay scale for constables in Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise is 04.

Pay Level (वेतन स्तर) 04
Pay Band (पे बैंड) PB-1(5200-20200)
Grade Pay (ग्रेड पे)
Pay Scale (वेतनमान)
Rs.19500/-to 62,000/-
Basic Salary (मूल वेतन)
Maximum Salary (अधिकतम वेतन)
Rs. 62,000/-
Dearness Allowance (DA) (महंगाई भत्ता)
Rs 8260/-(42% Of Basic Pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA) (मकान किराया भत्ता)
Rs.5850/- (30% Of Basic Pay)
Training Expenses Rs.10,000 (Food, Dress, & Other)
Special Duty Allowance (SDA) (विशेष कर्तव्य भत्ता)
If Applicable
Starting In Hand Salary Rs 22097/-
 In Hand Salary Maximum  Rs 71994/- 

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary

Salary ranges for Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise officers depend on the position. The basic pay for an Excise constable is between 19500 and 62000 rupees, with a grade pay of 1900. The base pay for a Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Head Constable is 25300 to 80500 rupees. The salary for Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable is Rs. 19500-62000 or the equivalent of an Excise constable. The Assistant Operator wage for the Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise is Rs. 25300-80500 or the same as the Head Constable.

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary Structure 2023

Upon the satisfactory completion of the six-month training, the 7th Central Pay Commission salary of a constable will commence. The Excise constable's salary pay level is determined by the 7th pay commission regulations, which sets it at level 04. The salary pay band for Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constables is PB-2 (5200-20200), and their Grade Pay is 1900. The fundamental pay scale for constables is Rs. 19,500 – 62,000/-.

Constable Amount
Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Pay Level  04
Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Pay Band PB-2(5200-20200)
Grade Pay 
Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Pay Scale 
Rs.19,500 – 62,000/-
Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Basic Salary 
Rs. 19500 /-
Maximum Salary 
Rs. 62,000/-

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary Allowances

Constables in the Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise receive a variety of incentives, allowances, and benefits. These benefits include the following: dress allowances, extra duty allowances, kitty management, HRA, TA, and CCA. In addition to allowances, Excise officers receive an annual Dewali Bonus, a one-month wage increase, insurance coverage, and a 14% base NPS contribution from the government. See the table below for more information about the amount of the constable wage allowance.

Allowances Amount
Rs 8260/- (42% Of Basic Pay)
Rs 5850 (30% Of Basic)
As Per Rule
WA  As Per Rule
Daily Extra duty  As Per Rule
CCA  As Per Rule
KMA  As Per Rule
Food Allowance  As Per Rule
Other Allowances  As Per Rule
Special Duty Allowance (SDA) 
As per requirement
01 Month Extra Salary  Rs.19500/- (Only one time a year)
Uniform Allowance  As Per Rule
NPS 14% of Basic (Madhya Pradesh Govt.)
Insurance Cover  Rs 50 Lakh

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary Calculation

To calculate the Total In-Hand Salary for an  Madhya  Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable  Salary  we'll use the provided formula and fill in the values:

  • Basic Salary (Starting) = Rs 19500/-
  • Current DA Rate = 42% of Basic Salary
  • Current HRA Rate =30% of Basic Salary
  • Other Allowances =  As Per Applicable 
  • PF (Employee's contribution) = 12% of Basic Salary
  • NPS (Employee's contribution) = 10% of (Basic Salary + DA)

Now, let's calculate each component:

DA Amount = Rs 8260/-

HRA Amount = Rs 5850/-

PF Amount = Rs 2340/- 

NPS Amount = Rs 2776/-

Now, let's calculate the Total In-Hand Salary:

★ Total In-Hand Salary Rs 22097/-

So, the Total In-Hand Salary for an Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable  Salary would be Rs 22097/-

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary Deductions Details

To ensure the bright future of our frontline govt workers, the state govt deducts some amount from their salary. These deductions are 10% Basic for NPS, 12% of Basic for PF, and Rs. 100 per month as Insurance Cover.

Deduction Amount
Rs.2340/- /- (10% Of Basic Pay)
PF Rs2776/-/- (12% Of Basic Pay)
Income Tax Applicable (If income will be above 5 lac)
Insurance Cover Rs.100/-

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary In Hand Per Month

In hand salary of the Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable, Head Constable, Fireman, Workshop Staff, and Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Assistant/Head Operator is more than the basic salary. Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise's in-hand salary is the sum of basic salary, allowance, and subtracting all types of deductions.

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Salary & Constable Promotion

The Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable's advancement is based on a number of variables. Any Exciseman who is discovered to have engaged in an unlawful activity or who has been suspended will not be qualified for the promotion. An Excise Constable who has a solid work history will be promoted to Head Constable after 8–10 years of service. Similarly to that, with another 15-20 years of service and continued fair and great performance, you will be promoted to Sub Inspector.

Post-Name Year To Promote
Constable After 01 Year of Training

#All promotional activities are done as per the govt guidelines. Above mentioned promotion period may vary as the circumstances.

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary After 7th pay commission

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable board recruitment is done under the MP govt supervision. Therefore Excise constable salary comes under the 7th pay matrix of Madhya Pradesh (MP) govt norms. Here are the details of the 7th pay salary matrix. 

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary 2022 FAQs

⭐ What is the basic Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable Salary?

The basic salary is Rs.19500/- per month.

⭐ What is the maximum Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable salary?

The maximum Salary is Rs.62000/- monthly.

⭐ What is starting in Hand Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable salary?

Minimum in-hand salary: Rs.27144/- per month.

⭐What is the grade pay of a Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable?

The grade pay of a Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable is 1900.

⭐What is the pay level of a Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable?

The level of Madhya Pradesh (MP) Excise Constable is 04.



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