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NABARD Grade A Salary 2024 | Assistant Manager (AM) Grade Pay, In Hand Payment


The position of assistant manager is open for online applications, according to NABARD (AM). There are 170 posts in total. Look at the Assistant Manager (AM) NABARD Grade A Salary from this article. You can review the specifics of the NABARD Grade A Salary 2023 for Assistant Managers (AMs) in this article, including the hand, job description, perks, and benefits. The base salary for NABARD Grade 1 is 28150. Additionally, the salary will increase by 1550 after the first four years, 1750 after another seven years, and 46600 after ten years. The gross pay for Nabard Grade A will be Rs.70,000; after deductions, the take-home pay is Rs.62,600

NABARD Grade A Salary 2023 Assistant Manager (AM)

Pay Scale INR 28150/--1550(4)-34350/-1750(7)-46600/-
Basic Pay INR 28150/- (Given Increment for 1 Year = INR 1550/-)
Maximum Basic Pay INR 46600/-
Additional Allowances Dearness Allowance, Local Compensatory Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Grade Allowance.
Gross Emoluments Total monthly emoluments will be around Rs.70000/- at the present rate of dearness allowance.
Initial Monthly In-hand Salary Rs. 62,600/-

   INR 28150/ - INR 1550(1) का अर्थ है मूल वेतन Rs.28150 में सालाना 1550 रुपये की वृद्धि होगी अगले 1 वर्षों के लिए I

   INR 34350/ - INR 1750 (10) का अर्थ है मूल वेतन Rs.34350 में सालाना 1750 रुपये की वृद्धि होगी अगले 7 वर्षों के लिए I

NABARD Grade A Salary Assistant Manager (AM): Allowances

There are many types of perks and allowances given to the Specialist Officer of NABARD.

NABARD Grade A Salary Assistant Manager (AM): Deduction

Prov. Fund/NPS 6130/-
Medical Premium 180/-
Lounge Subs 400/-
Relief Fund Contribution 200/-
Income Tax 2323/-

"NABARD Grade A Salary Assistant Manager (AM) in hand after deduction is Rs. 62600/- Per month(Approx)"

   NABARD Assistant Manager (AM) Grade 1 के लिए अधिकतम वेतन INR 46600 है।

   इन वेतन विवरणों को NABARD बोर्ड द्वारा आवश्यक होने पर संशोधित किया जा सकता है।

NABARD Grade A Salary Assistant Manager (AM) Mumbai

The current CTC (Cost to Company) of Assistant Manager (AM) Grade 1 posted in Mumbai is approximately Rs.13 lakh per annum.

  • Your Basic will be 28150 which is a pending revision from August 2023. (expect it to be above 60k after wage revision)(1550 increment will be added to your basic every year)
  • Current Dearness Allowance is around 69.2 % which comes out to approx 22600 changes every 3 months (Feb to April and so on)
  • House Rent Allowance- 12% As all training centers are in Class A cities so 5780
  • ( After training you can also go for staff quarters if available or avail lease accommodation, the rates for which is
  • Mumbai -29500, Metro-Rs.20000, Class A-Rs.15000, Class B-Rs.10000 and for Class C cities-Rs.8000 Per month)
  • Mobile Handset Reimbursement-Rs.10000 once in 3 years
  • Office bag Reimbursement- Rs.3000 once in 3 years
  • So your gross during training would be around .58000

NABARD Grade A Salary After Training

  • Apart from the above emoluments, you will be entitled to
  • Reimbursement of Expenses towards Household help-Rs.1000 PM(introduced in July 2019)
  • Entertainment Reimbursement. Rs.800 PM
  • Mobile bill Reimbursement- Rs.400 PM
  • Newspaper Reimbursement- Rs.200 PM
  • Cash Medical Benefit- Rs.13300 PA
  • City Compensatory Allowance-3% so 983
  • Transport Allowance-1330
  • Leave travel concession-4500km each to and fro 2nd AC Fare with family once in 2 years/LTC Home town for self every year
  • PLI BONUS up to 6% of your total yearly Basic+DA( maximum)
  • Insurance cover of 50Lakhs(GIS)+ 8 lakhs(GSLI)+10lakhs(GTS)
  • Mediclaim covers up to 40 lakhs for you and your dependents. (Premium one-fourth paid by Employee)
  • Defined contribution Pension Scheme- Equal contribution of 10% of Basic+DA from the corporation.
  • Income Tax on Perks Around 30000 Per Year paid by the corporation on your behalf
  • EL Encashment Of 30 Days Every 2 Years on
  • If you add up all these, your annual CTC will cross Rs. 12 lakhs. And this is under revision. So after revision, it will definitely increase anywhere between 10% and 15%.

NABARD Grade A Salary Assistant Manager (AM)

"NABARD Assistant Manager (AM) Grade 1 Salary in hand after deduction is Rs. 62600/- Per month(Approx)"

हाथ से वेतन की गणना निम्न सूत्र द्वारा की जा सकती है:

  • हाथ में वेतन = मूल वेतन + एचआरए + डीए + शहर मुआवजा (पोस्टिंग पर निर्भर करता है) - (पीएफ और पेंशन अंशदान)


NABARD Grade A salary 2023 FAQs

⭐What is the basic salary of an Assistant Manager (AM)?

The basic salary of an Assistant Manager (AM) is 28150/-.

⭐How many posts are in NABARD Assistant Manager 2022?

NABARD Assistant Manager (AM) vacancies are 170.

⭐What is the tax deduction for NABARD Assistant Manager?

The tax deduction is NABARD Assistant MANAGER 2323/-.

⭐What is the maximum salary of NABARD Grade A?

The maximum salary of NABARD Grade A is 46600/-.

⭐What is the starting in-hand salary of NABARD GradeA?

The starting salary in hand is 62600/-.



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