Neha Shetty Net Worth / Biography 2023: Movie, Boyfriend, Skanda, Sister, Family, Wiki, Height

Neha Shetty, a renowned Indian actress, was born on June 20, 1994, in Mangaluru, Karnataka, India, to her parents B. Hariraj Shetty and Nimi Shetty. At 29 years old as of September 25, 2023, Neha stands at a height of 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches). Despite her thriving career, she has managed to keep her personal life private, leaving details about her boyfriend undisclosed and marital status as single. Neha made her debut in the film industry with "Mungaru Male 2" in 2016, and since then, she has graced the screen in notable films like "Mehbooba" (2018), "Gully Rowdy" (2021), "Most Eligible Bachelor" (2021), "DJ Tillu" (2022), and "Bedurulanka 2012" (2023). Embracing Hinduism as her religion, Neha has garnered a substantial following on Instagram, boasting a million devoted fans. As of 2023, her net worth stands at ₹2 crore INR, with a lifetime accumulation of ₹5 crore INR, a testament to her accomplished career in the entertainment industry.

Neha Shetty Family, Age, Relationship, Sister, Instagram

Information Details Value
Full Name Neha Shetty
Profession Actress
Date of Birth June 20, 1994
Age 29 (as of September 25, 2023)
Father B. Hariraj Shetty
Mother Nimi Shetty
Sister Navami Shetty
Place of Birth Mangaluru, Karnataka, India
Ethnic Background Indian
Height 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches)
Boyfriend Unknown
Husband None
Relationship Single
Career Debut Mungaru Male 2 (2016)
Notable Films Mungaru Male 2 (2016), Mehbooba (2018), Gully Rowdy (2021), Most Eligible Bachelor (2021), DJ Tillu (2022), Bedurulanka 2012 (2023)
Religion Hinduism
Instagram 1 Million Followers
Net Worth 2023 ₹2 crore INR
Net Worth (Lifetime) ₹5 crore INR

Neha Shetty Biography Timeline / Wiki

Date Event
20 June 1994 Born in Mangalore, Karnataka, India
2014 Won the Miss Mangalore beauty pageant
2015 Finished as the first runner up in Miss South India
2016 Made her acting debut in the Kannada film Mungaru Male 2
2018 Starred in the Telugu film Mehbooba
2021 Appeared in the Kannada film Gully Rowdy and the Telugu film Most Eligible Bachelor
2022 Starred in the Telugu film DJ Tillu
2023 Starred in the Telugu film Bedurulanka 2012

Neha Shetty's Movies


Year Film
2016 Mungaru Male 2
2018 Mehbooba
2021 Gully Rowdy
2021 Most Eligible Bachelor
2022 DJ Tillu
2023 Bedurulanka 2012

Neha Shetty's Boyfriend

Neha Shetty is renowned for guarding her personal life from prying eyes, preferring a low-key approach. Despite swirling speculations linking her with various individuals, including co-stars, she has chosen not to address or refute any of these claims. During an interview, she emphasized her dedication to her career and expressed no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship at present. Thus, the enigma surrounding Neha Shetty's romantic involvement persists, as she hasn't disclosed any details about her current relationship status.

Neha Shetty in Skanda

Neha Shetty, alongside Ram Pothineni, takes the lead in the Telugu film Skanda, helmed by Srikanth Addala and backed by Mythri Movie Makers. Set to hit screens on September 28, 2023, the movie introduces Neha as Geetha, an effervescent village belle with a passion for dance, intelligence, and self-reliance. Ram portrays Skanda, a spirited risk-taker deeply devoted to his loved ones. This romantic action comedy narrates their journey, illustrating how they conquer life's trials. Neha Shetty, acclaimed for her roles in Bedurulanka 2012 and Most Eligible Bachelor, promises yet another outstanding performance in this eagerly anticipated film.

Neha Shetty Family

Member Relationship
Neha Shetty Self
B. Hariraj Shetty Father
Nimi Shetty Mother
Navami Shetty Sister

Neha Shetty's New Movie / Upcoming Movie

Neha Shetty's new movie, Skanda, will hit theaters on September 28, 2023. It's a fun Telugu film blending romance, action, and comedy, directed by Srikanth Addala and produced by Mythri Movie Makers. Neha Shetty takes the lead alongside Ram Pothineni. The story follows Skanda and Geetha, portraying how they conquer life's obstacles. Neha's character, Geetha, is a lively village girl who adores dancing, and she's smart and self-reliant too. In the Telugu cinema world, Neha Shetty is an emerging talent, earning acclaim for her roles in movies like Bedurulanka 2012 and Most Eligible Bachelor. Anticipation is high for her performance in Skanda.

Neha Shetty Charges Per Movie

Neha Shetty earned 50 lakh for her role in Skanda Movie, as reported by the media. She's a highly praised actress in South Indian films, known for her outstanding and natural performances in many memorable roles.

Neha Shetty Net Worth 2023: Total Earning Calculation

Year Net Worth (In INR)
2018 ₹75 Lakh
2019 ₹50 Lakh
2020 ₹60 Lakh
2021 ₹1 crore
2022 ₹1.5 crore
2023 ₹2 crore

Neha Shetty: A Look at His Physical Features, Height

Physical Feature Value
Height 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches)
Weight 58Kg (127 lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Wheatish

Neha Shetty possesses a graceful physical stature with a height of 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches) that complements her overall presence. She maintains a balanced weight of 58 kg (127 lbs), reflecting a healthy and active lifestyle. Neha's captivating brown eyes add depth and warmth to her expression, while her lustrous black hair frames her features with elegance. Her skin tone is a beautiful wheatish hue, radiating a natural glow. Together, these features contribute to Neha's distinctive and appealing appearance.

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