Who is Nidal Wonder (Salish Matter Boyfriend)? Age, Net Worth, Songs, Family, Crush, Biography, Wiki

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Nidal Wonder: Age, Net Worth, Music, Family, Crush, and Biography

Meet Nidal Wonder, the 13-year-old content creator and YouTuber from California, USA. Born on December 21, 2010, Nidal has been rocking the online world since 2018, gaining fame for his awesome flip tricks on his YouTube channel. He's a Sagittarius, which means he's into adventure and curiosity.

Apart from making cool videos, Nidal makes money through brand deals and social media. He pulls in around $80,000 a year, and his total net worth is $100,000. Not bad for a teenager!

Information Details
Name Nidal Wonder
Nick Name Nidal Ajib
Profession Content Creator, YouTuber
Active Year 2018
Age 13 years old
Birth Date December 21, 2010
Birth Place California, United States
Religion Unknown
Caste Unknown
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Girlfriend Salish Matter
Nationality American
Famous For Insane flip tricks and other such content on his YouTube channel
Country United States
Income Source Brand endorsements, promotions, and social media platforms
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Height 4 ft 2 in or 127 cm
Weight 40 kg or 88 lbs
Body Measure Unknown
Eye Color Hazel
School private school
Education Unknown
Marital Status Single
Family Background Siblings - Jamel ‘Juju’ Ajib (Older Brother), Jehan Ajib (Older Sister); Others - Brad Jay (Uncle)
Location California
Income Source Array
Yearly Income $80K
Net Worth $100k

In his personal life, Nidal is single, and rumor has it he has a crush on Salish Matter. He has a big family, including older siblings Jamel 'Juju' Ajib and Jehan Ajib, plus his uncle Brad Jay.

Physically, Nidal is 4 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 88 lbs, and has hazel eyes that stand out. He goes to a private school in California, but we don't know much else about his education or body measurements.

So, whether he's pulling off crazy stunts or just being a regular teenager, Nidal Wonder is definitely one to watch in the world of online entertainment!

Nidal Wonder Family & Relationships


Salish Matter


Nidal Wonder, born Nidal Ajib, is a content creator known for his flip tricks on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. While details about his personal life, including a possible relationship, are not widely publicized, he has collaborated with individuals like Salish Matter on his social media channels, suggesting a connection in both professional and personal capacities.

Nidal Wonder Career Timeline

2018: Nidal Wonder starts YouTube in January, first video in May.
2018 - 2023: Posts 400+ videos, gains 800,000+ subscribers, 12 million+ views by Oct 2023.
Present: Hosts "Cute Girls Only" podcast, interviews celebs, shares fitness videos.

Nidal Wonder Interesting Facts

Birth: Nidal Wonder (real name Nidal Ajib) was born on December 21, 2010.
Skills: He's famous for cool flip tricks and uploads them on his YouTube channel called "Nidal Wonder."
Self-Taught Athlete: Nidal learned to do flips on his own and is good at jumping around.
Social Media Start: He started sharing flips on Instagram in April 2018 and joined YouTube on May 3, 2018.
Sponsorship: He gets supported by brands like Spekr CBD.
Family Connections: His older brother Juju also learned flips by himself, and another brother, Jamel Wonder, manages Nidal's social media.
Home Base: Nidal and his family lived in Fresno, California.
TV Show Appearance: He was on NBC's "Little Big Shots" in Season 4.

Nidal Wonder's Songs

Shiping Us (The Truth About Their Relationship)

Shiping Us (The Truth About Their Relationship)





The Truth about my Feelings (This is it)

The Truth about my Feelings (This is it)


Nidal Wonder's 2022 releases, "Shiping Us (The Truth About Their Relationship)" and "The Truth about my Feelings (This is it)," delve into the intricacies of relationships with emotional depth and candor. Through soulful melodies and poignant lyrics, the artist explores the dynamics and genuine sentiments within a connection. Both tracks, marked by Nidal Wonder's signature style, offer listeners a profound glimpse into the complexities of love and personal introspection, making 2022 a notable year for the artist's exploration of heartfelt themes.

Nidal Wonder Net Worth, Income, Salary & Earning (2024)

Earning Source Earnings
YT Adsense(Yearly) $105K
Endorsements (Yearly) $25K
Merchandise Sales(Yearly) $None
Music Sales(Yearly) $80K
Total Net Worth(Lifetime) $100k

Above table shows earnings for one year only. Earnings for 1 years is given below.

As of 2024, Nidal Wonder's diverse income streams contribute to his financial success, showcasing a multifaceted career. With a yearly income of $105K from YouTube Adsense and an additional $25K from endorsements, Nidal leverages both his online presence and market appeal. While merchandise sales are currently not a substantial part of his earnings, music sales significantly boost his income with an annual revenue of $80K. Collectively, these revenue streams contribute to a commendable total net worth of $100K over his lifetime, reflecting Nidal Wonder's financial prowess in the entertainment industry.

Nidal Wonder Net Worth Biography, Wiki FAQs

⭐ When was Nidal Wonder born?

Nidal Wonder was born on December 21, 2010.

⭐Where is Nidal Wonder from?

Nidal hails from California, United States.

⭐What is Nidal Wonder famous for on YouTube?

Nidal is known for his incredible flip tricks showcased on his YouTube channel.

⭐How long has Nidal been active on YouTube?

Nidal has been actively creating content on YouTube since 2018.

⭐What is Nidal Wonder's annual income?

Nidal earns around $80,000 annually through brand endorsements and social media.

⭐Does Nidal Wonder have a girlfriend?

Nidal is currently single, but he is rumored to have a crush on Salish Matter.

⭐Who are Nidal Wonder's siblings?

Nidal's siblings include Jamel 'Juju' Ajib (older brother) and Jehan Ajib (older sister).

⭐What is Nidal Wonder's net worth?

ANidal Wonder's net worth is estimated to be $100,000.



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