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Please Koi ish Reasoning question ka sahi answer batayo..

06/Oct/2018, 05:37 AM -Anonymous

Who introduce English as official Language in India ?

06/Oct/2018, 05:33 AM -Anonymous

Google का संस्थापक(founder) कौन है?

06/Oct/2018, 05:30 AM -Anonymous

Our Prime Minister Modi is doing MIssile Deal with which country ? हमारे प्रधान मंत्री मोदी किस देश के साथ मिसाइल डील कर रहे हैं?

05/Oct/2018, 08:34 AM -Anonymous

What is the meaning of INDIA ? Interview question कृपया अपनी राय दें ......

05/Oct/2018, 08:30 AM -Deepak Yadav

Which of these river is longest river of the world ?

05/Oct/2018, 08:25 AM -Anonymous

How to prepare for my exam and manage time during exam hour ? please anyone tell a way..

05/Oct/2018, 08:24 AM -Anonymous


04/Oct/2018, 02:16 AM -Anonymous

जब वास्को डा गामा भारत पहुंचे, तो उन्होंने उस स्थान के भारतीयों से संवाद कैसे किया?

04/Oct/2018, 12:11 PM -Anonymous

Which birth anniversary (सालगिरह ) of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated this year 2018 ?

03/Oct/2018, 09:11 AM -Deepak Yadav