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Please solve

21/Sep/2018, 02:19 AM -Anonymous

Which gas is most popular as laughing gas?

21/Sep/2018, 01:46 AM -Anonymous

Who is the Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team?

21/Sep/2018, 09:31 AM -Deepak Yadav

निम्नांकित में से कौन देश कोयले का सबसे बड़ा उत्पादक है ?

25/Sep/2018, 05:26 AM -Anonymous

Reasoning question...Fill in blanks?

20/Sep/2018, 06:36 AM -Anonymous

About programming

20/Sep/2018, 05:36 AM -Anonymous

Identify this car

20/Sep/2018, 05:35 AM -Anonymous

Fill the missing option?

20/Sep/2018, 05:12 AM -Anonymous

What is missing?

20/Sep/2018, 05:12 AM -Anonymous

Please solve

20/Sep/2018, 04:48 AM -Anonymous