Mechanical diploma technical questions

27/Nov/2018, 03:03 AM

Sir which type of technical question asked in jet 2019 exam conducted by tata steel

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Thanks Vishal For Asking this question.
In Tata Steel JET Exam Technical Question for Mechanical Diploma will be basic question related to your branch course of previous three years. Questions will be based on some of these topics like -

2.JET Engines
3.Engineer Material
4.Fluid Mechanics
5.Heat Transfer
6.IC Engine
7.Nuclear Power Plant
8.Production Technology
9.Strength Of Materials.
11.Engineer Mechanics
12.Refrigeration & AC
13.Workshop Technology
14 Theory of Machines
15.Industrial Engineering

Technical questions will be based on some of the above mention topics.They will be easy & simple.

Questions would be something like this -

1.Which of the following variable controls the physical property of Perfect Gas.
1. Temperature
2. Pressure
3. Volume
4. Atomic Mass
5. All of these

2.Thermal conductivity of solid metals with rise in temperature normally
1. Increase
2. Decrease
3. Remain Constant
4. May increase or Decrease Depends on temperature


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