(1) Note: Fill in the blanks with appropriate word Ceylon is________:island JBT-2021

(2) Time and tide_______For noneJBT-2021

(3) ___________a Ford ,he has a fiat car .JBT -2021

(4) The word' Amateur' mean ___________ JBT-2021

(5) Change into indirect speech He said, "If I were a king " JBT-2021

(6) Never all a le Change the voiceJBT-2021

(7) An 'Epie 'is _____________JBT-2021

(8) I___________ rather die than begJBT-2021

(9) It is difficult to distinguish ____________two sistersJBT-2021

(10) Note: Choose the word which is not the opposite is the meaning of the word printed in Capitals IMPLICATE JBT-2021