(1) Choose the word which means the opposite of 'RISE' AISSEE-2020

(2) Choose the word which means the same as 'GRIEF' AISSEE-2020

(3) This is the boy____parents have died. (Supply correct Pronoun) AISSEE-2020

(4) He doesn't help the poor,______? (Use Question Tag) AISSEE-2020

(5) Candidates must________the general conditions for admission. AISSEE-2020

(6) He resorts_______sharp practice in his dealings AISSEE-2020

(7) The word 'Industrious' means AISSEE-2020

(8) Complete the collocation for "hue and____SAV-2018

(9) Match the verb with suitable nouns: AHC-2019

(10) Choose the correct word to complete the simile: As__________as a tortoiseAHC-2019