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The pay slip and pay structure for officers in Grade "B" (DR)- General, (DR)- DEPR, and (DR)- DSIM) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) are outlined below. There are a total of 322 vacancies available for different Grade B positions within the RBI. The monthly pay scale, salary structure, and grade pay information for RBI Officer Grade B are provided, along with other allowances and privileges that may be payable from time to time. The RBI Grade B Officer Salary is generally in the range of Rs. 35,150-17,50(9)-50,900, [EB]-17,50(2)-54,400, and 2,000(4)-62,400. The annual salary for a Grade B Officer in Hand is presented below.

RBI Grade B Officer Salary 2022 (01-09 Year)

The initial base pay, exclusive of any benefits or allowances, will be Rs. 35150. 1750 rupees will be increased up to 9 years of service following the conclusion of the first year.

Year  Monthly Salary Annual Salary
1st  Rs.35150 4.21 Lakh
2nd Rs.36900 4.42 Lakh
3rd Rs.38650 4.63 Lakh
4th Rs.40400 4.84 Lakh
5th Rs.42150 5.05 Lakh
6th Rs.43900 5.26 Lakh
7th Rs.45650 5.47 Lakh
8th Rs.47400 5.68 Lakh
9th Rs.49150 5.89 Lakh

RBI Grade B Officer Salary Pay Scale 2021 (10-12 Year)

The candidate will be eligible for the Executive Band (EB) if they successfully complete the required nine years of service as a Grade B officer in the RBI. The salary for the tenth year of service will be Rs. 50,900/-. After the 10th year, salaries will be incremented by Rs.1750 for the 11th and 12th years. 

Year  Monthly Salary Annual Salary
10th Rs.50900 6.10 Lakh
11th Rs.52650 6.31 Lakh
12th Rs.54400 6.52 Lakh

RBI Grade B Officer Salary Structure 2021 (13-16 Year)

The salary for the 13th year of service is Rs. 54400. (plus Rs. 2000). Starting with the 13th year, there will be an annual raise of Rs. 2000 for the following four years (13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th) until the basic pay reaches Rs. 62400/-. The candidate will be promoted for various higher posts after 16 years of service based on performance.

Year  Monthly Salary Annual Salary
13th Rs.56400 6.76 Lakh
14th Rs.58400 7.00 Lakh
15th Rs.60400 7.24 Lakh
16th (Max) Rs.62400/- 7.48 Lakh

RBI Grade B Officer Salary Allowances 

Apart from the above-mentioned base salaries for the different years, RBI Grade B officers get many allowances. These allowances are: dearness allowance (DA), HRA/Residential Allowance, Medical Allowance, Education, Fuel, Mobile/Communication, Sodexo, LFC, Spectacles, and Briefcase. 

Allowance Benefits/Amount
Dearness Allowance(DA) 113% of Basic Salary
HRA 2BHK/3BHK flat or op to Rs.70,000/- money
Medical up to Rs.4000
Education up to Rs.4000/- Monthly
Fuel 150 liters monthly
Mobile/Communication up to Rs. 1500/- 
Sodexo Coupon Rs.2000/-
LFC Rs. 100000/- per 02 years.
Spectacles Rs.7000/-
Briefcase Rs.7000/- per 03 year

The starting salary for a Grade B officer is Rs. 35150/-, whereas the maximum salary is Rs. 62400/- when no promotion is taken. From various basic in-hand salaries to the maximum salary, we need to know about various different terms, like infusion, DA, HRA, and other allowances.

Meaning of Rs. 35150-1750(9)

Rs. 35150 stands for Basic Salary without any allowance, Rs.1750 refers to the yearly incremented amount, and (9) means for the next nine-year.

Meaning of Rs. 50900-[EB]

Rs. 50900 stands for the Basic Salary without any allowance during the 10th year. EB stands for the executive band.

Meaning of Rs. 54400-2000(4)

Rs. 54400 stands for the Basic Salary without any allowance during the 12th year. Rs.2000 refers yearly incremented amount and (4) means for the next four years.

RBI Grade B Officer Salary FAQs

⭐What is the basic salary for RBI Grade B Officers?

The basic in-hand salary without any allowances will be Rs. 35150/-.

⭐What is the maximum salary for the RBI Grade B posts?

The maximum salary for the RBI Grade B officers without taking any promotion will be Rs.62400/-. Salary will be different for promoted officers.

⭐What are the salary allowances for RBI Grade B Officer?

There are various types of allowances that can be availed monthly or annually by the Grade B officers. Some of these are - DA, HRA, Medical, Educational, Fuel, and others.

⭐How much will be the monthly RBI Grade B Salary after 10 years?

After 10 years of service, the salary of Grade B officers will be a minimum of 6.31 Lakh annually.

⭐What is the salary of RBI Grade B after 15 years?

After 15 years of service without having any promotion, the salary of Grade B officers will be a minimum of 7.48 Lakh annually.



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