Super TET Syllabus 2024 | Exam Pattern PDF Download (Hindi & English)

✨Super Tet Syllabus (2024)

The Super TET 2024 exam is a state-level teacher eligibility test conducted in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is open to candidates who have qualified CTET/UPTET. The exam is conducted in two papers, with Paper I covering a variety of subjects and Paper II focusing on education management. The exam is conducted in Hindi and English, except for the language subject. To download the Super TET Syllabus 2024 PDF, visit the below quick link section of this Super TET syllabus page and click on the "Download Syllabus" link.

Selection Process 

01 Written Exam (Paper 1)

02 Written Exam (Paper 2)

✨ The Super TET cut-off marks for 2024 are as follows:

  • General: 65% (97 out of 150)

  • OBC/SC/ST: 60% (90 out of 150)

This means that candidates in the general category need to score at least 65% on the exam to pass, while candidates in the OBC/SC/ST categories need to score at least 60%.

✨Preparation Tips:

  • Read the syllabus thoroughly and understand the topics covered in it.

  • Make a study plan and stick to it.

  • Refer to good-quality study material and textbooks.

  • Solve previous years' question papers and practice tests.

  • To avoid fatigue, take breaks while studying.

Download the updated Super Tet Technician Syllabus PDF and Exam Patterns below.

Super TET Syllabus 2024 (Paper 1)

Super TET Paper 1 Syllabus 2024

Super TET Syllabus 2024 (Paper 1) includes subjects like Language, Mathematics, Science, Environmental and Social Studies, Teaching Methods, Child Psychology, General Knowledge, Logical Knowledge, Information Technology and Life Skills/Management and Aptitude. The examination is conducted in online mode (CBT) and consists of 150 objective type questions. The total time allotted for the exam is 150 minutes. Candidates must score minimum 60% marks to qualify.


Super TET

Exam Mode

Online (CBT)

Exam Level


Exam Type

Objective (MCQ)

Paper Medium

Hindi & English (Except language subject)

Total Question


Total Marks


Total Time (Minutes)


Correct Answer (Marks)


Subject Details

Name Qsn Marks
Language – Hindi, English, Sanskrit 40 40
Mathematics 20 20
Science 10 10
Environment and Social Study 10 10
Teaching Methodology 10 10
Child Psychologist 10 10
General Knowledge / Current Affairs 30 30
Logical Knowledge 05 05
Information Technology 05 05
Life Skill / Management and Aptitude 10 10

1. 📖Language – Hindi, English, Sanskrit

Total Qsn 40 Total Marks- 40 Test Paper- Start Quiz

General Hindi:

  1. अलंकार, समास,

  2. विलोम,

  3. पर्यायवाची,

  4. रस,

  5. संधियां,

  6. तद्भव तत्सम,

  7. लोकोक्तियाँ,

  8. मुहावरे,

  9. वाक्यांशों के लिए एक शब्द,

English language:

  1. Active voice and Passive voice

  2. Parts of Speech

  3. Transformation of Sentences

  4. Direct and Indirect Speech

  5. Grammar

  6. Punctuation and Spelling

  7. Words Meanings

  8. Vocabulary and usage

  9. Idioms and Phrases

  10. Fill in the Blanks

  11. Reading Comprehension

  12. Synonyms

  13. Antonyms

2. 📖Mathematics

Total Qsn 20 Total Marks- 20 Test Paper- Start Quiz


  1. Number Systems

  2. Decimals and Fractions

  3. Percentages

  4. Ratio and Proportion

  5. Profit and Loss

  6. Discount

  7. Averages

  8. SI and CI Interest (Simple Interest and Compound Interest)

  9. Time and Work

  10. Mensuration (Area, Volume, and Surface Area)

  11. Speed Time and Distance

  12. Mathematical Operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)

  13. Tables and Graphs

  14. Data Interpretation

  15. Algebra

  16. Geometry

  17. Trigonometry

  18. Probability

  19. Statistics

  20. Calculus

3. 📖Science

Total Qsn 10 Total Marks- 10 Test Paper- Start Quiz


  1. Science

  2. Health

  3. State of Matter

  4. The Human Body

  5. Speed

  6. Force

  7. Energy

  8. Distance, Light, Sound

  9. Environmental and Natural Resources

  10. Vitamins

  11. Lens and Mirrors

  12. Inventions

  13. Measurements

4. 📖Environment and Social Study

Total Qsn 10 Total Marks- 10 Test Paper- Start Quiz

Social Studies:

  1. Solar System

  2. Flora and Fauna

  3. Traffic and Road Safety

  4. Mountains and Continents

  5. Natural Wealth and Latitude

  6. Earth's Structure and Rivers

  7. Indian Economy and Challenges

  8. Indian Freedom Struggle and Social Reformers

  9. Indian Constitution and Governance System

  10. Indian Geography

  11. Articles (referring to articles of a constitution)

  12. Schedule (referring to schedules in a constitution)

  13. Fundamental Rights

5. 📖Teaching Methodology

Total Qsn 10 Total Marks- 10
  1. Principles of Learning

  2. Teaching Methods and Strategies

  3. Assessment and Evaluation

  4. Classroom Management

  5. Differentiated Instruction

  6. Inclusive Education

  7. Technology in the Classroom

  8. Professional Development

  9. Teaching Specific Subjects

  10. Teaching Specific Grade Levels

  11. Teaching Specific Types of Students

  12. Teaching in Specific Settings

6. 📖Child Psychologist

Total Qsn 10 Total Marks- 10

Child Psychologist:

  1. Identification of Learning Needs

  2. Creating Environments for Study

  3. Factors Affecting Child Development

  4. Special Arrangements for Disabled Children

  5. Theories of Learning and Their Practical Utility

  6. Personal Variation

7. 📖General Knowledge / Current Affairs

Total Qsn 30 Total Marks- 30 Test Paper- Start Quiz

General Knowledge:

  1. Environment

  2. Current Affairs

  3. India's Geography

  4. Indian Culture and Heritage

  5. Indian National Movement

  6. National and International Current Events

  7. Important events related to the state

  8. Places in news

  9. Books and Authors

  10. Personality

  11. International and National Awards

  12. Sports

8. 📖Logical Knowledge

Total Qsn 05 Total Marks- 05 Test Paper- Start Quiz

Logical Knowledge:

  1. Analogy

  2. Syllogisms

  3. Cubes and Dice

  4. Double Lineup

  5. Number Series

  6. Blood Relations

  7. Machine Output

  8. Data Sufficiency

  9. Alphabet Series

  10. Order and Ranking

  11. Coding-Decoding

  12. Non-Verbal Reasoning

  13. Coded Inequalities

  14. Direction and Distance

  15. Clocks and Calendars

  16. Arithmetical Reasoning

  17. Arrangement and Pattern

  18. Seating Arrangement

9. 📖Information Technology

Total Qsn 05 Total Marks- 05

Information Technology:

  1. Technical Knowledge

  2. Digital and Teaching Materials

  3. Information of Teaching Skills

  4. Art Teaching and School Management

  5. Information in the Field of Teaching Skills

  6. The Internet

  7. Smartphones

  8. Useful Applications

10. 📖Life Skill / Management and Aptitude

Total Qsn 10 Total Marks- 10

Life Skills/Management and Aptitude:

  • Time management

  • Goal setting

  • Problem-solving

  • Decision making

  • Communication skills

  • Stress management

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Leadership skills

  • Financial management

  • Conflict resolution

Role of Education:

  • Knowledge acquisition

  • Skill development

  • Personal growth and self-awareness

  • Socialization and cultural integration

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving

  • Preparation for future careers

  • Character development

  • Access to opportunities

  • Empowerment and social mobility

  • Building a knowledgeable society

Penal and Punishments:

  • Criminal justice system

  • Types of punishments (incarceration, fines, community service, probation, etc.)

  • Deterrence and prevention of crime

  • Rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders

  • Restorative justice approaches

  • Sentencing guidelines and fairness

  • Prison conditions and reform

  • Juvenile justice system

  • Death penalty and its controversies

  • Alternatives to incarceration

Professional Conduct and Policy:

  • Code of ethics in various professions (medicine, law, engineering, etc.)

  • Professional standards and expectations

  • Confidentiality and privacy

  • Conflict of interest

  • Professional boundaries

  • Ethical decision making

  • Workplace policies (anti-discrimination, harassment, etc.)

  • Professional development and continuous learning

  • Regulatory bodies and licensing requirements


  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

  • Goal setting and achievement

  • Self-discipline and self-motivation

  • Rewards and recognition

  • Motivational theories (Maslow's hierarchy of needs, self-determination theory, etc.)

  • Overcoming obstacles and setbacks

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Building a motivating work environment

  • Motivational strategies in education

  • Motivation for personal growth and success

Constitutional and Legal Origins:

  • Constitutional law and its importance

  • Principles of constitutionalism

  • Separation of powers

  • Fundamental rights and freedoms

  • Rule of law

  • Legal systems around the world

  • Historical origins of constitutions

  • Constitutional amendments and interpretation

  • Impact of landmark court cases

  • Constitutional conventions and unwritten constitutions

Super TET Syllabus 2024 (Paper 2)

Super TET Paper 2 Syllabus 2024

The Super TET paper 2 exam is conducted online (CBT) mode. The exam has 50 objective type questions to be attempted in 60 minutes. The question paper is available in Hindi and English (except for the language subject). The Super TET syllabus for paper 2 covers Child Development and Pedagogy, Language - I (Hindi, Urdu, English, Sanskrit), Language - II (English), and Science and Mathematics/Social Science.


Super TET

Exam Mode

Online (CBT)

Exam Level


Exam Type

Objective (MCQ)

Paper Medium

Hindi & English (Except language subject)

Total Question


Total Marks


Total Time (Minutes)


Correct Answer (Marks)


Subject Details

Name Qsn Marks
Education Management/Administration 50 50

1. 📖Education Management/Administration

Total Qsn 50 Total Marks- 50 Total Time- 60(Mins)

Super TET Syllabus 2024 FAQ

⭐What is the mode of the Super TET?

The Super TET exam is conducted online through Computer-Based Testing (CBT).

⭐What is the level of the Super TET Syllabus?

The Super TET exam is at the graduate level.

⭐What is the medium of the Super TET PDF Download?

The Super TET exam is conducted in Hindi and English, except for the language subject.

⭐How many questions are there in Super TET Exam Pattern?

Super TET Paper-I consists of a total of 150 questions.

⭐How much time is given to complete Super TET?

Candidates are given a total of 150 minutes to complete Super TET.



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