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✨Tata Steel JET Syllabus 2024

Tata Steel JET Syllabus 2024 ✨ TISCO has released the fresh application form for the Junior Engineer Trainee (JET) 2024. New Tata Steel JET syllabus will be for the online exam to be conducted by the TCS. Tata Steel Junior Engineer Syllabus and exam pattern level will be for Degree / Diploma courses in Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation / Metallurgy / Ceramic / Chemical / and Civil engineering. Online exams will be held on 19th February 2024 at different exam centers. Here on this page, you can get complete details of the latest Tata Steel JET Syllabus 2024 PDF, Exam Pattern & Subject topics.

 The Tata Steel JET 2024 Exam has four steps:

Selection Process

01 Online Exam

02 Interview

03 Medical Test

04 Physical Measurement Test

 You must pass each step to be selected.

Get new fresh update on the Tata Steel JET Syllabus below.

Tata Steel Junior Engineer Syllabus 2024

Tata Steel JET Syllabus 2024

The Tata Steel JET 2024 exam is for some engineering courses. This year, only eight courses can take this exam. The exam has 100 questions. You get 90 minutes to answer all questions. For every right answer, you get one mark. For every wrong answer, you lose a 1/4 mark. The questions are from five categories: specific knowledge of your course, general math and reasoning, English, current trends in the industry, and learning related to the industry.

Degree/Diploma (Domain Courses)

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Electronics

  • Instrumentation

  • Metallurgy

  • Ceramic

  • Chemical

  • Civil engineering.

Tata Steel Junior Engineer Trainee (JET) Syllabus Pattern 2024

Organization  Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO)
Exam Mode Online
Exam Level  Diploma
Exam Type MCQ Type
Paper Medium  English
Total Question 100
Total Time  90 Minutes
Total Marks 100
Correct Answer  01 Marks
Negative Marking  Yes, (-1/4 Marks)
Subjects Name  Domain Course Specific, General Aptitude/Quantitative, English, Current Industry Trends (CIT), and Industrial Oriented Learning (IOL)
Cut Off Marks  Announce Soon...
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Tata Steel JET Syllabus 2024: TIER 1 Question Division

Division of Question Paper in Weightage %

Domain-Specific 50% 
General Aptitude/Quantitative 15%
English 5%
Current Industry Trends (CIT)  10%
Industrial Oriented Learning (IOL) 20%

Industry-Oriented Learning (Test 1)

 Industry-Oriented Learning (Test 2)


A New Test Paper for Industry Oriented Learning, English & Aptitude has been added. Click the 'Start Test' button below.

Tata Steel Junior Engineer Syllabus Detailed Topic

The syllabus for the Tata Steel JET Exam is designed to test your deep understanding of the course. Most questions aim to evaluate your skills and expertise in different areas. You get about a minute to answer each question, which helps to measure your response time. The Domain-Specific Syllabus will include the academic Diploma course of certain branches. Check the complete syllabus of different domains and other subjects from below.

Tata Steel JET Syllabus Civil Engineering

    • Construction Materials 

    • Basics of Mechanical and Electrical Engg

    • Computer Aided Drawing

    • Concrete Technology

    • Environmental Studies

    • Structural Mechanics

    • Building Construction

    • Building Drawings 

    • Highway Engineering

    • Irrigation Engineering

    • Surveying

    • Reinforced Cement Concrete Structures (RCC Structures)

    • Water and Waste Water Engineering

    • Railways, Bridges, and Tunnels

    • Earthquake Engineering

    • Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

    • Waste Water and Irrigation Engineering Drawing 

    • Construction Management, Accounts, and Entrepreneurship Development

    • Design of Steel Structure

    • Software Application in Civil Engineering

Tata Steel JET Mechanical Engineering

    • Theory of Machine

    •  Machine Design

    • Engineering Materials

    • Strength of Materials

    • Engineering Mechanics

    • Engineering Drawing

    • Engineering Thermodynamics

    •  Heat and Mass Transfer

    • Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics in ME

    • Compressors, Gas Turbines and Jet Engines

    • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

    • Steam Boilers, Engines, Nozzles, and Turbines

    • Internal Combustion Engines (I.C. Engines)

    • Power Plant Engineering

    • Automobile Engineering

    • Manufacturing and Production Technology

    •  Workshop Technology

    •  Industrial Engineering and Production Management

Tata Steel JET Electrical Engineering

    • Analog & Digital Communications

    • Analog Electronics

    • Control Systems

    • Digital Electronics

    • Electric Circuits

    • Electrical Measurements

    • Electrical Drives

    • Electrical Machines

    • Electromagnetic Fields

    • Engineering Materials

    • Engineering Mathematics

    • Heating and Welding

    • Illumination

    • Microprocessors

    • Power Electronics

    • Power Systems

NOTE:- Streamwise topics are added for Mechanical/Electrical/Metallurgy/Electronics. Some topics are not included, please follow your academic syllabus for more details.

Tata Steel JET Metallurgy Engineering

    • Engineering chemistry & Environmental studies

    • Mineral Processing Technology

    • Engineering Physics

    • Elements of Metallurgical Engineering

    • Mineral Processing Technology

    • Fuels, Refractories, and Pyrometry

    • Metallurgical Thermodynamics

    • Physical Metallurgy

    • Iron Making

    • Electrical technology

    • Material Testing

    • Foundry Technology

    • Heat Treatment Technology

    • Steel Making

    • Industrial Training-Related Questions

    • Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship

    • Welding Technology

    • Corrosion Engineering

Tata Steel JET Electronics Engineering

    • Voltage and Current

    • Parallel Circuits

    • Capacitors

    • RLC Circuits and Resonance

    • Operational Amplifiers

    • Ohm's Law

    • Alternating Current and Voltage

    • RL Circuits

    • Time Response of Reactive Circuits

    • Basic Op-Amp Circuits

    • Measurement, Conversion, and Control

    • Alternating Current vs Direct Current

    • Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT)

    • Thyristors and Transducers

    • Number Systems and Codes

    • Logic Circuit Simplification

    • Programmable Logic Devices (PLD)

    • Combinational Logic Circuits

    • Sequential Logic Circuits

    • Semiconductor Memory

    • Computer Hardware and Software

    • Series Circuits

    • Series-Parallel Circuits

    • Inductors

    • Diodes and Applications

    • Quantities and Units

    • Magnetism and Electromagnetism

    • RC Circuits

    • Transformers

    • Transistors and Applications

    • Special-Purpose Op-Amp Circuits

    • Resistance and Power

    • Semiconductor Principles

    • Field-Effect Transistors (FET)

    • Analog to Digital

    • Logic Gates

    • Standard Logic Devices (SLD)

    • Testing and Troubleshooting

    • Flip-Flops and Timers

    • Arithmetic Operations and Circuits

    • Analog and Digital Converters

TISCO JET Syllabus Mining Engineering

    • Applied Science

    • Surveying

    • Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engg- (Mining)

    • Mining Geology

    • Introduction to Mining

    • Mining Practice

    • U/G Metalliferous Mining

    • Surface Mining

    • Mechanical Technology (Mining)

    • Industrial Training in Underground Mines (Module I)

    • Mine Environmental Engg.

    • Coal Mining Blasting Techniques in Mines

    • Mine Surveying

    • Mineral Recovery

    • Mine Machinery

    • My Legislation & General Safety

    • Rock Mechanics & Ground Control

TISCO JET Instrumentation Engineering

    • Basic Circuit Theory and Network Analysis

    • Analog Devices and Circuits

    • Transducers and Sensors

    • Biomedical Instrumentation

    • Digital Electronics and Verilog

    • Operational Amplifiers and Applications

    • Analytical Instrumentation

    • Electronic Instrumentation

    • Measurement Technology

    • Microprocessor

    • Power Electronics

    • Control Systems

TISCO JET Ceramics Engineering

    • Introduction to ceramics

    • Computer fundamentals

    • Study of rocks and minerals (Geology)

    • Study of Earth’s physical features (Geography)

    • Understanding the strength of different materials

    • Study of the behavior of solid materials under various conditions (Mechanics of Materials)

    • Application of mathematics in engineering

    • Study of ceramic materials

    • Understanding heat and energy changes in ceramic systems (Thermodynamics)

    • Study of particles and fluid flow

    • Understanding raw materials used in ceramics

    • Study of phase diagrams and transformations in ceramics

    • Study of ceramic composites

TISCO JET Chemical Engineering

    • Designing chemical processes with sustainability in mind

    • Use of environmentally friendly solvents in industry

    • Development of catalysts for renewable energy

    • Use of nanomaterials for better catalytic reactions

    • Advanced techniques for separating chemicals

    • Engineering of biological processes for biofuel production

    • Intensifying processes in chemical manufacturing

    • Technologies for converting waste to energy

    • Development of biodegradable plastics

    • Capturing and using carbon in chemical processes

    • Optimizing heat exchangers for energy efficiency

    • Designing smart materials for controlled drug delivery

    • Use of microreactors for chemical synthesis

Tata Steel Junior Engineer Syllabus General Knowledge

    • Recent Appointments

    • Who is Who

    • Recent records

    • Current Affairs

    • General Science (Upto Matric)

    • India and its Neighbouring Countries

    • Important dates

    • Basic History/Geography/Civics etc.

Tata Steel Junior Engineer Syllabus General English

    • Voice

    • Modals

    • Clause Analysis

    • Adjective

    • Verb (Finite/Non-Finite Verbs)

    • Adverb

    • Preposition

    • Conjunction

    • Phrasal Verbs

    • Idioms & Phrases

    • Spotting Errors ( Mixed Type)

    • One Word Substitution

    • Synonyms & Antonyms

    • Spelling Rules

    • Comphernshion

Tata Steel JET Syllabus General Aptitude (10th Level)

    • Number System

    • Simple and Compound Interest

    • Discount, Profit and Loss, Percentage, etc.

    • Real Numbers

    • Polynomials

    • Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

    • Quadratic Equations

    • Function

    • Surds

    • Arithmetic Progressions

    • Triangles

    • Factors

    • Coordinate Geometry

    • Introduction to Trigonometry

    • Some Applications of Trigonometry

    • Circles

    • Constructions

    • Areas Related to Circles

    • Surface Areas and Volumes

    • Statistics

    • Probability

    • Mensuration

    • Logarithm

Tata Steel JET Question Paper, Free Online Mock Test

Interested candidates can practice the Tata Steel JET free mock test, sample question paper, model paper, and some previous year paper questions from the below link.

☛ JET Full Mock Test Electrical

☛ JET [Electrical] - [Part 1]

☛ JET Electrical [Part 2]

☛ JET [Mechanical] - [Part 1]

☛ JET Mechanical - [Part 2]

☛ GK Current Affairs

☛ JET English Synonyms

☛ JET English One-word Substitution

☛ JET English Antonyms

Tata Steel JET Syllabus PDF Download

Download the latest syllabus of Tata Steel JET syllabus in English from the below link. Now you can check your JET syllabus offline from the PDF downloaded to your device. 

☛ Tata Steel JET Syllabus PDF

Tata Steel JET Syllabus FAQs

⭐What is the Tata Steel JET Syllabus 2024?

Based on a degree or diploma in engineering.

⭐What is the stipend and salary for the new hire?

Rs. 15,047 per month during training, Rs. 24,000 - Rs. 28,000 after training.

⭐What is the selection process for the Tata Steel JET Exam?

Online Exam, Interview, Medical Test, Physical Measurement Test.

⭐What are the domain-specific courses for the Tata Steel JET Exam?

Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Metallurgy, Ceramic, Chemical, Civil engineering.

⭐What is the pattern for the Tata Steel JET Exam?

100 objective questions, 90 minutes, 1 mark for correct, 1/4 mark deduction for incorrect.

⭐What are the subjects for the Tata Steel JET Exam?

Domain-specific, general aptitude/quantitative, general English, current industry trends (CIT), Industrial-Oriented learning (IOL).

⭐Is there negative marking in the Tata Steel JET Exam?

Yes, 1/4 mark deduction for incorrect answers.

⭐What is the total time for the Tata Steel JET Exam?

90 minutes.

⭐What is the total marks for the Tata Steel JET Exam?




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Suraj Kumar - Jiska diploma Nahin Hai Sar uska Kuchh Nahin Hoga Kya

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Suraj Kumar ,

टाटा स्टील पोस्ट के अनुसार विभिन्न नौकरी पदों की घोषणा करता है। डिप्लोमा धारकों के लिए जेईटी फॉर्म जनवरी 2023 में जारी किया गया था। बीटेक डिग्री धारकों के लिए एईटी और एईपी फॉर्म आने वाले दिनों में जारी किए जाएंगे। दिसंबर 2022 में जारी 10वीं पास और आईटीआई अपरेंटिस पद के लिए।
क्या कोई और सवाल है?

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Priyam Paul- Yeah Jo 60 percentage marks likha hua hai wo bas degree pe applicable hai ki over all 10 12 plzz answer

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Priyam paul,

सामान्य पुरुष श्रेणी के उम्मीदवारों के डिग्री या डिप्लोमा पाठ्यक्रमों में न्यूनतम 60% अंक होने चाहिए। क्या कोई अन्य प्रश्न हैं?

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Abhay Jyotishi- Sar Mera Sawal yah tha ki jaise ki syllabus may current affairs hi nahin aur current per ki taiyari Mein Karun ya na Karun mujhe samajh Nahin a Raha ki syllabus Mein To is website Mein syllabus Mein 5 sabse dikha rahe hain ismein aptitude Hai domain Hai Uska English se I vah hal hai aur CID hai to bus se puchna tha ki GK current affairs Teri Karunga Mein Kuchh bus

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Abhay jyotishi,

We have mentioned the syllabus & exam pattern as per the official notification of the previous year. In the JET exam, you will find these subjects Domain Course Specific, General Aptitude/Quantitative, English, Current Industry Trends (CIT), and Industrial Oriented Learning (IOL). As per the official notice of the previous year, GK & Current Affairs will not be asked. If any changes will be done this year, you may get 5-10 questions from GK & Current Affairs. Focus mostly on your Domain Specific subjects, CIT & IOL.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Lakhan Singh- Hello sir....Tata steel jet 2021 ka Application form kab tak aayega.

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Lakhan Singh,

Expected within next 1 or 2 months.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Sandhya Sharma - Suggest books name for the preparation of jet exam for electrical students plzzzzz

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Sandhya sharma ,

As far as our research, currently their is no book in marks for JET preparation based on current syllabus.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Karan Kumar- Physical exam of Tata Steel jet

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Karan kumar,

Physical Standard Test (PST) of the Tata JET selection process includes the measurement of height, weight, and chest as per the norms of Body Mass Index (BMI).

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Abhishek - Sir
Tata jet ka aap ka koi channel (electrical) ka to jarur bataiye

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Abhishek ,

वर्तमान में, हमारे पास आपका आधिकारिक You Tube चैनल है जिसमें कुछ TISCO परीक्षा की तैयारी का वीडियो है। इसे देखने के लिए, कृपया इस लिंक पर जाएँ -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCebRs71FI2x1uXNIjJPRpKw/search?query=tata

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Ritesh- Sir mining engineering ka Quize daliye

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Ritesh,

Thanks for your feedback!! We will try to add..

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Ritesh- Sir Tata steel JET Mining Domain and Industrial oriented learning Mining engineering ki taiyari kaise kare...plz suggest me

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Ritesh,

For Domain-Specific Please follow your academic course syllabus. For IOL follow the industry trends based article and business news.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Manish Tiwari- Sir kya jet ka paper bs english m hi hoga ya phir hindi English dono language m hoga

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Manish tiwari,

Most probably you will get both the language.But officially it's not confirmed yet.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Ritesh - Tell me the any book name for preparation the tatasheet jet no more costly

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Ritesh ,

This year many new topics are added, so it's tough to find any exact book for JET exam preparation. For your stream course, you may prefer any book.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Satyendra Singh Rathod- Sir,
Mine surveying branch 2 years ki hoti hai....or jab mai form me diploma choose krke branch mine surveying choose krta hu to 6 sem ka % mangta hai...or mine surveying 4 sem ka hi hota h...to iske liye ky kr skta hu mai.....reply me plZ

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Satyendra singh rathod,

क्या आप केवल 4-सेमेस्टर के अंकों को दर्ज करने के बाद अपने आवेदन पत्र को जमा कर पा रहे है? यदि ऐसा नहीं है, तो कृपया उपरोक्त संपर्क विवरण से टाटा एग्जाम सेल की तकनीकी टीम से संपर्क करें।

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Manoranjan Kumar- sir can I got return money after applying the form. please tell ????

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Manoranjan kumar,

Have you received the Money-back online after submitting or from Tata Exam cell.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Dhrub Ranjan Mahato- Sir birth of date edit krna h kaise karenge

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Dhrub Ranjan mahato,

Sorry, the Form correction option is not there.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Shashank Soni- Hello sir.... Current indusry trends & indusry oriented learning sbhi discipline ke liye same hoga ya ....different branch different study krna hoga....????

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Shashank soni,

No, every Brach has same type of questions.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Samrat Kumar - Respected sir / madam . Exam ka time kb ho skta hai

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Samrat Kumar ,

Exam time is not disclosed yet.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Gaurav- I want to download mock test pdf and previous year question paper sopl please help, how it is possible..??

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi gaurav,

Sorry, currently pdf download option is not enabled. Our team is working on this issue.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Debajyoti Mukherjee- When the admit card will be released ? What us the exam date? Please specify

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Debajyoti Mukherjee,

Exam will be conducted between 10-20 January/2020. Admit Card will be released 3-7 days before the exam date.

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Gulshan Kumar Maurya- Sir isme mark cut off jata hai ya qulafied rahta hai

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Gulshan Kumar Maurya,

कट ऑफ मार्क्स नहीं होगा। केवल चयनित उम्मीदवारों की सूची प्रकाशित की जाएगी।

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!


Gaurav- Dear sir. Exam English language me hoga ya billingual language me..
Kya sabhi catagory k liye fee 300 rupees hai

Sarkari Naukri Exams- Hi Gaurav,

सभी श्रेणियों के लिए शुल्क 300 है। Most Probably आपको दोनों भाषाओं में प्रश्न मिलेंगे।

Sarkari Naukri Exams Team!