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TNUSRB Constable Salary 2023: In Pay Level 05, the Pay Band is PB-2 (5200-20200) with Grade Pay 1900, encompassing a Pay Scale from Rs. 18200 to Rs. 57900. The Basic Salary is set at Rs. 18200, while the maximum achievable is Rs. 57900. Additionally, a Dearness Allowance (DA) of Rs. 4916 (38% of Basic Pay), House Rent Allowance (HRA) ranging from Rs. 5014 (08-27% of Basic Pay), and Transport Allowance (TA) as per applicable regulations are provided. For those embarking, the approximate Starting In-Hand Salary is Rs. 25334 per month, and the current maximum In-Hand Salary stands at around Rs. 65034 per month.

 Basic Salary:  Rs.18200 – 57900/-

Starting In Hand Salary: Rs 25334/-  (Approx Per Month)

Hand Salary Maximum: Rs 65034/-  (Approx Per Month)

TNUSRB Govt Jobs

Basic Training Period 06 month
Basic Training Location District Police Headquarter
Training Expenses Food, Dress, & Other
प्रारंभिक Salary Rs.18200 per month

TNUSRB Constable, Jail Warden, Fireman Salary 2023

The salaries of TNUSRB employees differ depending on their job position. For instance, a police constable, fireman, or jail warden receives a basic salary of Rs. 18200 with grade pay of 1900. Similarly, TNUSRB Workshop Staff members earn a salary between Rs.18200/- and 57900/-, which is equivalent to that of a police constable. Additionally, the TNUSRB Head Operator's salary is Rs.36900/- to 116600/-, the same as that of a Sub Inspector (SI).

Constable  Rs.18200 – 57900/-
Head Operator Rs.36900/– 1,16,600/-
Police Fireman  Rs.18200 – 57900/-
Sub Inspector  Rs.36900/– 116600/-
Inspector  Rs.38,600/– 1,32,200/-

TNUSRB Constable Salary Structure 2023

The seventh CPC salary will be started immediately after the successful completion of the six-month training. As per the 7th pay commission norms, the salary pay level of the police constable is 5. TNUSRB constable salary pay band is PB-2 (5200–20200), and grade pay is 1900. The basic constable pay scale is Rs. 18200–57900.

Constable/ Jail Warden/ Fireman

TNUSRB Pay Level  05
TNUSRB Pay Band PB-2(5200-20200)
Grade Pay 
TNUSRB Pay Scale 
Rs.18200 – 57,900/-
TNUSRB Basic Salary 
Rs. 18200 /-
Maximum Salary 
Rs. 57,900/-

TNUSRB Constable Salary Allowances

Constables employed by the TNUSRB are eligible for a wide range of benefits and incentives. These compensations include the following: Dress Allowances, Extra Duty Allowances, Kitty Management, HRA, TA, and CCA. Along with benefits, police officers also receive a Dewali Bonus annually, an extra month of pay, insurance coverage, and a standard 14% NPS contribution from the government. See the chart below for further information and the constable salary allowance amount.

Pay Level (वेतन स्तर) 05
Pay Band (वेतन बैंड) PB-2(5200-20200)
Grade Pay (ग्रेड पे) 1900
Pay Scale (वेतनमान) Rs. 18200/- 57900/-
Basic Salary (मूल वेतन) Rs. 18200/- 
Maximum Salary (अधिकतम वेतन) Rs. 57900/-
Dearness Allowance (DA) (महंगाई भत्ता) Rs. 4916 (38% Of Basic Pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA) (मकान किराया भत्ता) Rs. 5014( 08-27% Of Basic Pay)
Transport Allowance (TA) (परिवहन भत्ता)  As Per Applicable
Starting In Hand Salary Rs.25334/-  (Approx Per Month)
Maximum In Hand Salary (As Of Now) Rs.65034/-  (Approx Per Month)

TNUSRB Constable, Jail Warden, and Fireman Salary Calculation

To calculate the Total In-Hand Salary for a TNUSRB Constable, Jail Warden, and Fireman Salary we'll use the provided formula and fill in the values:

  • Basic Salary (Starting) = Rs. 18200/-
  • Current DA Rate = 38% of Basic Salary
  • Current HRA Rate = 08-27% of Basic Salary
  • Other Allowances As Per Applicable 
  • PF (Employee's contribution) = 12% of Basic Salary
  • NPS (Employee's contribution) = 10% of (Basic Salary + DA)

Now, let's calculate each component:

DA Amount = Rs 6916/-

HRA Amount = Rs 5014/-

PF Amount = Rs.2184

NPS Amount = Rs.2612

Now, let's calculate the Total In-Hand Salary:

Total In-Hand Salary Rs..25334/-

So, the Total In-Hand Salary for a  Salary would be Rs.25334/-

Allowances Amount
38% Of Basic Pay)
Rs.1456 –  4914 (8%-27% Of Basic)
As per TNUSRB norms
WA  As per TNUSRB norms
Daily Extra duty  As per TNUSRB norms
CCA  As per TNUSRB norms
KMA  As per TNUSRB norms
Food Allowance  As per TNUSRB norms
Other Allowances  As per TNUSRB norms
Special Duty Allowance (SDA) 
As per requirement
01 Month Extra Salary  Rs.18200/- (once a year)
Uniform Allowance  As per TNUSRB norms
Diwali Bonus  As per TNUSRB norms
NPS 14% of Basic (By State government)

TNUSRB Constable/ Jail Warden/ Fireman Salary Deductions Details

To ensure the bright future of our frontline govt workers, the state govt deducts some amount from their salary. These deductions are 10% Basic for NPS, 12% of Basic for PF.

Deduction Amount
Rs.1820/- (10% Of Basic Pay)
PF Rs.2926/- (12% Of Basic Pay)
Income Tax Applicable (If annual income is more than 5 lakhs)

TNUSRB Constable Salary In Hand Per Month

In hand salary of the TNUSRB Constable, Head Constable, Fireman, Workshop Staff, and TNUSRB Assistant/Head Operator is more than the basic salary. TNUSRB in-hand salary is the sum of basic salary, allowance, and subtracting all types of deductions.

TNUSRB In Hand Salary Calculation

  • In-Hand Salary = (Basic Salary) + (All Allowances) - (All Deductions)
  • In-Hand Salary = (18200) + (All Allowances) - (1820+2926)
  • In-Hand Salary = Rs.13474+ All Allowances

TNUSRB Salary & Constable Promotion

The promotion of TNUSRB constables depends on various factors. If any constable is found involved in any illegal activities or suspended will not be eligible for the promotion. Police Constable person whose previous work record is good will be promoted in 8-10 years of service as Head Constable. Similarly, if work further in a fair and excellent manner will be again promoted with 15-20 years of service as Sub Inspector. 

Post-Name Year To Promote
Constable After 01 Year of Training
Head Constable After 08-10 year
Sub Inspector After 15-20 year
Inspector After 25 year

#All promotional activities are done as per the govt guidelines. Above mentioned promotion period may vary as the circumstances.

TNUSRB Constable Salary After 7th pay commission

TNUSRB board recruitment is done under the UP govt supervision. Therefore Police constable salary comes under the 7th pay matrix of UP state govt norms. Here are the details of the 7th pay salary matrix. 

TNUSRB Constable Salary 2023 FAQs

⭐ What is the basic TNUSRB Constable Salary?

The basic salary is Rs.18200/- per month.

⭐ What is the maximum TNUSRB Jail Waden salary?

The maximum Salary of a Jail Warden is Rs.57900/- monthly.

⭐ What is the basic salary of TNUSRB Fireman salary?

The basic salary of a Fireman is 18200.

⭐ What is the TNUSRB Constable grade pay?

The grade pay of the TNUSRB is 1900.



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