Railway Train Manager Salary Per Month, Grade Pay and Salary Slip 2024

In Indian Railways, the train guard was earlier called the Train Superintendent, but now the Railway Board has changed its name to Train Manager. The Train Manager is the head of a moving train and is part of the crew at the rear of the train. The Train Manager is part of the traffic running staff. The starting basic pay for a Train Manager is ₹29,900/- to ₹92,300/- per month. The Train Manager  Grade Pay is ₹2800, and that comes under Level 05. The Train Manager Salary comes under Pay Band 3, i.e., PB-1 (₹5200 to ₹20200).

The train manager in Indian railways' Salary Per Month is ₹48438/-. This in-hand salary includes all allowances and deductions. Considering the current perks and deductions based on the 7th CPC, the highest salary of a railway manager hand can reach up to ₹110838 after 40 years of continuous service. For comprehensive details on the Railway train Manager's Salary Grade Pay, please refer to the information provided below

Latest Update

Big News! Train Manager Salary and Allowances have been Increased! Use the Train Manager Salary Per Month Calculator below to find updated, year-wise in-hand salary.

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Railway Train Manager Salary with Grade Pay, Pay Scale, and 7th Pay

For the Train Manager the starting salary is the lowest, with a yearly in-hand salary of ₹5.8 Lakh and the highest yearly salary reaches ₹12.1 Lakh. The gross salary, excluding deductions, is approximately ₹6.8 Lakh to 13.8 Lakh per annum. 

Train Manager Salary GP 2800⬇
Pay Level  05
Pay Band PB-2 (0052 to 20200)  
Grade Pay  2800
Pay Scale   ₹29900/-- 92300/-
Basic Salary ₹29900/-
Maximum Salary  ₹92300/-
Dearness Allowance (DA)  ₹14,950/-(50% Of Basic Pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA)  ₹8,073/-(27%Of Basic Pay)
Transport Allowance (TA)  As per rule
Monthly In-Hand Salary  ₹48438/- to 110838/-  
Yearly In-Hand Salary  ₹5.8 Lakh to 13.1 Lakh 
Yearly Gross Salary ₹6.8 Lakh to 13.8 Lakh      
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Railway Train Manager Per Month Salary Slip

The salary slip for a Train Manager shows a total pay scale of Rs 52923 monthly. There are also deductions amounting to Rs 4485. After considering all these factors, the net monthly in-hand salary of a Train Manager is Rs 48438. Please ensure to check the sample of Train Manager salary slips below for accurate information 

Train Manager Salary Allowances 2024

The pay range for a Train Manager is 29900/-- 92300/-. The Train Manager is entitled to a number of benefits, including the DA (Dearness Allowance), HRA (House Rent Allowance), Travel Allowance, Food Allowance, and Medical Allowance.

City Compensatory ✅ Yes (As Per Norms)
DA (Dearness Allowance) ✅ Yes (50% of Basic)
HRA(House Rent Allowance) ✅ Yes ₹ 27 (Vary Location Wise)
Travel Allowance ✅ Yes ₹ 700-5000/- Per Month
Govt Vehicle ✅ Yes
Medical Allowance ✅ Yes
Dusting Operator Allowances ❌ No
Operational Allowances ❌ No
Night Shift ❌ No
Special Compensatory ✅ Yes Applicable (If Any)

Train Manager Salary Deductions 2024

In addition to the base pay and various types of benefits, the salary of a Train Manager also includes some deductions. These deductions include income tax, PF, NPS, and others.

Train Manager Salary DEDCUTION⬇
NPS ✅ Yes (₹3,588: 10% of Basic+DA)
PF ✅ Yes (₹4,485: 10% of Basic)
Income Tax ✅ Yes (As Per ITR)

Train Manager Salary After 7th Pay Commission

Train Manager Salary Calculator



In Hand(₹)











Train Manager Salary Faqs

⭐ What is the Basic Train Manager Pay Scale?

The Basic Salary is ₹29,900 per month.  

⭐ What is the Maximum Train Manager Basic Pay?

The Maximum Salary is ₹92,300 per month.      

⭐What is the Monthly In-Hand Train Manager Per Month?

The Monthly In-Hand Salary ranges from ₹48,438 to ₹1,10,838.

⭐What is the Yearly In-Hand Train Manager Salary?

The Yearly In-Hand Salary ranges from ₹5.8 lakh to ₹13.1 lakh

⭐What is the Yearly Gross Train Manager Salary?

The Yearly Gross Salary ranges from ₹6.8 lakh to ₹13.8 lakh,



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