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UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary 2024 | Know Salary Structure, Monthly In Hand Payment & More!

UKMSSB X-Ray Technician is a full-time job with a pay level of 07, pay band PB-2(5200-20200), and grade pay of 4600. The pay scale ranges from Rs. 44900/- to 142400/-. The basic salary is Rs. 44900/-. The maximum salary is Rs. 142400/-. In addition to the basic salary, the technician is entitled to a dearness allowance (DA) of Rs. 18,798/- (42% of basic pay) and a house rent allowance (HRA) of Rs. 10,776/- (27% of basic pay). The transport allowance (TA) is as per applicable. The minimum in-hand salary is Rs. 62417/- per month, while the maximum in-hand salary is  Rs.159917/- per month 

★ Top 3 key highlights:

  • UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary  2024: Rs 44900/- to Rs 142400/- per month

  •  UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary Pay: Rs 62417/- per month

  •  UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary Maximum Salary: Rs 159917/- per month

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UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary 2024

Information Details
Name UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary
Profession UKMSSB Job ( Full Time )
Pay Level  07
Pay Band  PB-2(5200-20200)
Grade Pay  4600
Pay Scale  Rs 44900/- to 142400/-
Basic Salary  Rs.44900/-
Maximum Salary  Rs 142400/-
 (DA)  Rs.18,798/-  (42% Of Basic Pay)
 (HRA)  Rs.10,776/-  (27% Of Basic Pay)
Transport Allowance (TA)   As Per Applicable
Min ( In hand ) Rs 62417/- Month 
Maxi ( In hand) Rs 159917/- Month 

UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Allowances (2024)

The UKMSSB’s 2024 hiring process for X-Ray Technician roles will involve thorough evaluations, including written tests and typing assessments. Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria can look forward to a competitive remuneration package in line with government norms. This all-inclusive salary package will comprise components such as House Rent Allowance (H.R.A.), Arrears, Travel Allowance (T.A.), and Dearness Allowance (D.A.).

House rent allowance

House rent allowance


Dearness allowance

Dearness allowance


Medical benefits

Medical benefits


Travel allowances

Travel allowances

As Per Applicable

Children's education allowances

Children's education allowances

As Per Applicable

UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Deductions (2024)

The UKMSSB X-Ray Technician salary framework encompasses deductions applied to both basic salaries and allowances. The following table offers a succinct summary of frequently utilized deduction categories.

Income Tax:

As per the income tax slab rates applicable for the financial year 2023-24

Standard Deduction:

As Per Applicable

Professional Deduction:

As Per Applicable

Transport Allowance:


Uniform Allowance:

Rs. 2,400 per annum

Other Allowances:

As per the UKMSSB rules and regulations

Professional Tax

12% of basic salary for remaining amount

Professional Tax

As Per Applicable

UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary Calculation

To calculate the Total In-Hand Salary for UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary 

➜ Step 1: Calculate the DA Amount

DA Amount = Current DA Rate * Basic Salary (Starting)

DA Amount = 42% * 42000/- = Rs 18,798/-

➜ Step 2: Calculate the HRA Amount

HRA Amount = Current HRA Rate * Basic Salary (Starting)

HRA Amount = 24% * 42000/-  = Rs 10,776/-

➜ Step 3: Calculate the PF Amount

PF Amount = PF (Employee's contribution) * Basic Salary (Starting)

PF Amount = 12% * 42000/- = Rs 5,388/-

➜ Step 4: Calculate the NPS Amount

NPS Amount = NPS (Employee's contribution) * (Basic Salary (Starting) + DA Amount)

NPS Amount = 10% * (42000/- +18,798/-) = 6,669/-

➜ Step 5: Calculate the Total In-Han Salary

Total In-Hand Salary = Basic Salary (Starting) + DA Amount + HRA Amount - PF Amount - NPS Amount

Total In-Hand Salary = 44,900+18,798+10,776+05,3886,669 = Rs 62417/-

➜ Conclusion

The Total In-Hand Salary for a UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary is Rs = 62417/-

UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary 2024: 7th Pay Commission

✦ Top UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary Govt Jobs Perks

01 DA

02 HRA

03 TA

04 NPS

05 MA

UKMSSB X-Ray Technician Salary 2024 FAQs

⭐ What is the pay level for a UKMSSB X-ray technician?

The pay level for UKMSSB X-Ray Technician is 07.

⭐ What is the pay band for a UKMSSB X-ray technician?

The pay band for UKMSSB X-Ray Technician is PB-2(5200-20200).

⭐What is the grade pay for the UKMSSB X-ray technician?

The grade pay for UKMSSB X-Ray Technician is 4600.

⭐What is the pay scale for a UKMSSB X-Ray Technician?

The pay scale for UKMSSB X-Ray Technician is Rs 44900/- to 142400/-.

⭐What is the minimum and maximum in-hand salary for a UKMSSB X-ray technician?

The minimum in-hand salary for UKMSSB X-Ray Technician is Rs 62417/- per month. The maximum in-hand salary for UKMSSB X-Ray Technician is Rs 159917/- per month. This includes DA (Rs.18,798/- or 42% of Basic Pay), HRA (Rs.10,776/- or 27% of Basic Pay), and Transport Allowance (TA) as per applicable



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