UP BEd Topper List 2024: Entrance Highest Marks, Rank & Merit List!


The UP B.Ed Entrance Exam 2024 is on the horizon, and the Topper List is available in June. This UP BEd Topper list, which will include the names, rank list, and district-wise merit of the top performers, will be released soon. In the meantime, the UP BEd Topper List and the Results for previous years are currently available for reference.

Once the results are declared, the UP BEd Topper List for college admissions will be released. Stay tuned to discover the top performers of the UP BEd Topper 2024 and UP BEd top-rank holders. 

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UP B.Ed Topper 2024 

The UP B.Ed. JEE 2024 Topper List will be announced along with the results. Here’s a look at some of the previous year’s toppers:

  • Ashu Rana from Lucknow topped the UP BEd JEE Exam in 2021.

  • In the women’s section, Rama Mishra from Jhansi secured the top position in the UP Board JEE Exam 2021.

  • A candidate from Kushinagar had secured the second position.

  • The third position was secured by a candidate from Gorakhpur.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2024 toppers and more details about the top scorers in the B.Ed. entrance exam.

UP B.Ed Overall Topper 2021

Here are the details of the overall UP B.Ed JEE topper including all male and female candidates.

Rank 1: [आशू राणा]

  • Location: [लखनऊ]
  • Marks: [340]

Rank 1 (Female): [भावना मिश्रा]

  • Location: [ झांसी ]
  • Overall Rank: [17th]
  • Marks: [328.666]

Rank 2: [आज़ाद अहमद]

  • Location: [ कुशीनगर]
  • Marks: [338]

Rank 3: [ अजय गौर ]

  • Location: [गोरखपुर]
  • Marks: [337.333]

Rank 4: [  सक्षम पटेरिया ]

  • Location: [महोबा]
  • Marks: [336.666 ]

Rank 5: [अक्षय कुमार मिश्रा ]

  • Location: [सीतापुर]
  • Marks: [336]

Rank 6: [उमेश कुमार ]

  • Location: [बिजनौर]
  • Marks: [336]

Rank 7: [युवराज सिंह]

  • Location: [हाथरस]
  • Marks: [334.667]

Rank 8: [शिवम चतुर्वेदी ]

  • Location: [झांसी]
  • Marks: [334]

Rank 9: [दिवेश कुमार पटेल ]

  • Location: [मिर्ज़ापुर]
  • Marks: [333.333

Rank 10: [राघवेंद्र सिंह ]

  • Location: [फर्रुखाबाद ]
  • Marks: [333.333]

UP B.Ed Female Topper 2021

Here are the top 5 lists of the topper in the female category.

Rank 1 (Female): [भावना मिश्रा]

  • Location: [ झांसी ]
  • Overall Rank: [17th]
  • Marks: [328.666]

Rank 2 (Female): [प्रज्ञा गुप्ता]

  • Location: [ उन्नाव ]
  • Marks: [328]

Rank 3 (Female): [कृतिका गुप्ता]

  • Location: [ गाजियाबाद ]
  • Marks: [326]

Rank 4 (Female): [अनमोल चौधरी]

  • Location: [ सहारनपुर ]
  • Marks: [326]

Rank 5 (Female): [निधि बंसल]

  • Location: [ बुलंदशहर]
  • Marks: [325.666]

UP B.Ed JEE Topper 2020

The following is a list of UP Class B.Ed different college toppers. Students' overall passing performance reports. Check the name, roll number, school name, and other details of the students.

Rank 1: [पंकज कुमार ]

  • Location: [सीतापुर]
  • Marks: [299.333]

Rank 2: [अजय कुमार]

  • Location: [ सीतामढी]
  • Marks: [ 295]

Rank 3: [  अमर सिंह   ]

  • Location: [आजमगढ़]
  • Marks: [ 294.666 ]

Rank 4: [  मनीषा मिश्रा ]

  • Location: [झांसी]
  • Marks: [ 293.333 ]

Rank 5: [सुयश दीक्षित]

  • Location: [हरदोई]
  • Marks: [291.334]

Rank 6: [प्रशांत यादव  ]

  • Location: [गाजीपुर]
  • Marks: [290.667]

Rank 6: [ओम भुवन राय]

  • Location: [लखनऊ]
  • Marks: [290.667]

Rank 7: [मोहम्मद अजमान खान ]

  • Location: [मेरठ]
  • Marks: [288.000]

Rank 7: [नेहा अग्रवाल]

  • Location: [फिरोजाबाद]
  • Marks: [288.000]

Rank 8: [राम अवतार]

  • Location: [आगरा]
  • Marks: [287.666]

UP B.Ed JEE Topper List

In the previous year, the UP BEd Joint Entrance Examination saw students from various parts of Uttar Pradesh showcasing their academic prowess. The top spot was claimed by a student from Prayagraj (Allahabad), Vinod Kumar Dubey, who scored an impressive 360 out of 400. Following him was Arun Kumar Chaurasiya from Varanasi, securing the second position. Bareilly also made its mark with two of its candidates, Suneel Kumar and Shiv Lal Maurya, standing third and fourth respectively. The fifth rank was bagged by Prabhat Rastogi from Lucknow.

Topper 1 (2019): [विनोद कुमार दुबे]

  • Location: [प्रयागराज]
  • Marks(%): [360/400]

Topper 2 (2019): [अरुण कुमार चौरसिया]

  • Location: [वाराणसी]
  • Marks(%): [338/400]

Topper 3 (2019): [सुनील कुमार]

  • Location: [बरेली]

Topper 4 (2019): [शिव लाल मौर्यर]

  • Location: [बरेली]

Topper 5 (2019): [प्रभात रस्तोगी]

  • Location: [लखनऊ]

UP B.Ed 2024 Toppers List

The UP B.Ed. 2024 Toppers List is not just a list, but a testament to the hard work and dedication of students. Here’s how this prestigious list is compiled:

  1. Exams are conducted across various locations in July 2024.

  2. Examination sheets are meticulously examined post the successful completion of exams.

  3. The highest scoring student is crowned as the top-rank holder.

  4. Top sheets are rechecked before their online or offline publication.

  5. In case of discrepancies, the B.Ed. JEE rank list undergoes modifications.

Perks of UP B.Ed 2024 Toppers

Scoring high in the B.Ed. JEE entrance examinations opens up a world of opportunities:

  • Toppers get the golden chance to choose their preferred college and location.

  • They may be eligible for additional benefits based on their outstanding grades.

  • They get a fast pass to their preferred college during the initial or subsequent rounds of counseling.

Tracking the UP B.Ed 2024 Toppers

To stay updated with the UP Class B.Ed. Toppers, follow these simple steps:

  1. Keep refreshing this page regularly.

  2. The B.Ed. JEE toppers list is available in both Hindi and English.

  3. Toppers’ details can also be found in local newspapers, social media, and other sources.

  4. To check the district-wise topper list, simply look at the different names listed above.

UP B.Ed Topper FAQs

⭐1. When will the UP B.Ed. JEE 2024 Topper List be announced?

The UP B.Ed. JEE 2024 Topper List will be announced soon after the results are declared.

⭐2. What does the topper list include?

The topper list includes names, ranks, and district-wise merit.

⭐3. Where can I find the previous topper list and B.Ed. results?

The previous topper list and B.Ed. results are available on the official website and quick link sections of this page.

⭐4. What happens after the results are declared?

After the results are declared, the topper list for college admissions will be released, followed by the complete merit list for the UP B.Ed. Topper 2024.

⭐5. Are there any special benefits for UP B.Ed. and JEE top-rank holders?

Yes, special benefits will be provided for UP B.Ed. and JEE top-rank holders.



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