UPPCL JE Syllabus 2019 Electrical Question Paper, Exam Pattern, Free Online Mock Test


UPPCL JE Syllabus 2019 - Candidate who wants to prepare for Diploma UPPCL Junior Engineer Exam.They can check latest UPPCL JE Syllabus, Free Online Mock Test & Previous Year Electrical Question Paper. They can also increase their performance through UPPCL JE Mock Test Practice Paper & Diploma question paper. So, it's very neccessery to have the information of accurate syllabus. Important detailed topics wise UPPCL JE Syllabus and frequently asked questions. Some changes has been also done in UPPCL JE Syllabus 2019 - 2020 exam. Why these changes are made? Get all the information from below.Check UPPCL JE Syllabus 2019 from below.

UPPCL JE Syllabus 2019 Electrical

These Tests, Syllabus and Exam Pattern is valid for all Diploma Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) JE Electrical. This is latest new official syllabus introduced by exam cell. So, prepare yourself according to UPPCL JE Syllabus and score good marks in exam.

Most of the questions will be asked from diploma course. Only some questions will be from Reasoning, Gk and Hindi. Candidate need to secure minimum of 30% of total marks for selection. The merit list will be prepared based on the total marks obtained in the Computer Based test (CBT).

NOTE:- Candidate having same marks, in such case last shortlisted will be called for document verification.

UPPCL JE Syllabus 2019 Exam Pattern

UPPCL JE Exam Pattern 2019 will be based on the following -

As per UPPCL JE Syllabus 2019 Candidate have to solve 200 question within 03 hours. For each correct marks 01 Marks will be awarded. For each incorrect 1/4 Marks will be reduced. In order to get selected in exam aspirant has to secure minimum of 30% (i.e 60 Marks) of total marks. This is only minimum cut off marks, but did not ensure final selection.

UPPCL JE Examination Level :-

Basically Questions are asked from Diploma Level.


UPPCL JE Electrical Question Paper Breakdown :-

Break Down of 200 Questions : Subject Wise

This year paper is designed in such a unique way. 4/3 parts of the total questions will be from Electrical Diploma Course. They want to check your command in core subject. Remaining 1/3 part will be from GK/Reasoning/Hindi. To check your basic and logical strength.

NOTE:- Number of candidate selected for Document Verification will be twice of total category wise vacancy.

UPPCL JE Electrical Syllabus 2019: Diploma

UPPCL JE Electrical Syllabus Diploma Year I Course:-

Elements of Electrical Engineering (Detailed Topics)

Electrical and Electronics circuits (Detailed Topic)

Direct Current (DC) Topic

Alternating Current (AC)



UPPCL JE Syllabus Diploma Year II Electrical Course:-

Electrical Machines:-

Know More

Electrical Power generation

 Transmission and Distribution

UPPCL JE Syllabus Diploma Year III Electrical:-

Industrial Drives and Control (IDC)

Electrical energy utility and management

Electrical installation

Electric motor control

Disconnecting Means

Across the Line Starting

Reduced Voltage Starting

Over-current Protection

Overload Protection

Other Protection (voltage, phase, etc) Environment


Electrical Braking

Mechanical Braking

Speed Control

Reversing Jogging

Sequence Control

UPPCL JE Syllabus 2019 : Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

  1. Analogy
  2. Classification
  3. Logical Alphabet & Number Sequence Test
  4. Coding -Decoding
  5. Series
  6. Logical Arrangement Of Words
  7. Inserting The Missing Character
  8. Ranking & Time Sequence Test
  9. Mathematics Operation
  10. Venn Diagram
  11. Blood Relations
  12. Clock
  13. Calendar
  14. Direction & Distance
  15. Sitting Arrangement
  16. Situation Reaction Test
  17. Decision Making
  18. Input -Output
  19. Puzzles
  20. Data Sufficiency
  21. Same Name & Address

Non-Verbal Reasoning :-

  1. Completion Of Series
  2. Analogy
  3. Classification
  4. Embedded Figures
  5. Cubes
  6. Mirror Image
  7. Water Image
  8. Data Situation
  9. Figure Matrix
  10. Square Completion

Analytic Reasoning :-

  1. Statement and Arguments
  2. Statement and Assumptions
  3. Statement and Conclusions
  4. Course Of Action
  5. Passage and Conclusions
  6. Assertion & Reason
  7. Cause & Effects
  8. Syllogism

UPPCL JE Syllabus : GK/Awareness

Indian History

  1. Harappan/Indus Civilization
  2. Vedic Culture
  3. Maharajanpada Period
  4. Religious Movements
  5. Maurya Period 
  6. Gupta Period
  1. Early Medieval Period
  2. Sultanate Period 
  3. Religious Movements in 15th-16th centuries
  4. Mughal Period
  5. Maratha State & Maratha Confederacy
  6. The Advent of the Europeans
  7. Miscellaneous (Medieval India)

Indian Polity 

  1. Salient Feature of the Constitution
  2. Sources of the constitution
  3. The Preamble
  4. Parts, Article & Schedules of the Constitution
  5. Union & the Territory
  6. Fundamental Rights
  7. Policy & Fundamental Duties
  8. The Union Legislature(Parliament/Rajya Sabha/Lok Sabha and more...
  9. The State Executive ( Governor/Chief Minister)
  10. Jammu & Kashmir Special Provision [Article 370]
  11. Emergency Provisions
  12. Constitution Ammendments
  13. Order of Precedence

Indian Economy

  1. Nature of Indian Economy
  2. National Income in India
  3. Planning In India
  4. Natural Resources of India.
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Agriculture
  7. Industry
  8. Money
  9. Banking
  10. Public Finance
  11. Foreign Trade
  12. International Organisation


  1. Our Universe
  2. Interior of Earth
  3. Longitude & Latitude
  4. Period Epoch & Era
  5. Earthquake & Volcano
  6. Mountain, Plateau & Rock
  7. Weathering & Erosion
  8. World Land forms
  9. River Lakes & Falls
  1. Relief Of Ocean Basins
  2. Ocean Tides
  3. Continent & Continent Shelf
  4. Seas & Ocean
  5. Coral Relief
  6. Islands & Lakes
  7. River & Water Falls
  8. Straits, Canals & Passes
  1. Atmospheric Composition
  2. Temperature
  3. Humidity
  4. Cloud
  5. Air Pressure
  6. Winds
  7. Cyclone & Anticyclone
  8. Climate & Weather
  9. Precipitation
  10. Natural Resources
  1. World Mineral Resources
  2. World Energy Resources
  3. World Agriculture
  4. World Industries

Important GK Topics:-

  1. Human Geography
  2. World Population
  3. Worlds Tribes
  4. Settlement
  5. Transportation
  6. Model & Principles
  7. Personality
  8. Abbreviation
  9. National & International Organisation
  10. Books & Author
  11. Awards & Honours
  12. Dates, Day & Year
  13. Sport & Sportsperson

 General Hindi UPPCL JE Syllabus 2019

हिंदी व्याकरण सूची

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