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✨UPPCL Technician Syllabus (2024)

Aspiring candidates for the UPPCL Electrical Technician Exam should thoroughly review the latest UPPCL Technician Syllabus and utilize available resources such as free online mock tests, previous year's electrical question papers, and UPPCL Technician mock test practice papers to enhance their preparation. It is essential to refer to an accurate syllabus that includes important detailed topics and frequently asked previous questions. Note that some modifications have been made to the UPPCL Technician Syllabus 2024 exam. The official UPPCL Technician Syllabus 2024 PDF can be downloaded from uppcl.org and also from below. This syllabus and exam pattern applies to all Technician Electrical Recruitment 2024. Candidates should prepare according to the UPPCL Technician Syllabus to achieve a good score in the exam. The selection process involves a two-part computer-based test (CBT): Part 1: NIELIT CCC and Part 2: Objective type (MCQs) syllabus exam.

Selection Process 

01 Computer-Based Test (CBT)

02 Medical Test (MT)

03 Document Verification (DV)

Note: कंप्यूटर आधारित टेस्ट (CBT) 2 भागों में आयोजित किया जाएगा। भाग 1 NIELIT CCC और भाग 2: उद्देश्य प्रकार (MCQs) पाठ्यक्रम परीक्षा।

Download the updated UPPCL Technician Syllabus PDF and Exam Patterns below.

NIELIT CCC (Paper 1) Syllabus Topics (2024)

UPPCL Technician Syllabus 2024: NIELIT CCC (Paper 1)

The first part of the UPPCL Technician written exam tests your computer knowledge based on the NIELIT CCC syllabus. This objective-type question paper will consist of 50 questions, each carrying one mark, with a negative marking of 1/4 marks for incorrect answers. You need at least 20 marks to move on to the second part of the exam. If you don't get 20 marks, you can't take the second part of the exam.

[ Event ]  [ Details ]
Organization (संगठन) उत्तर प्रदेश पावर कॉर्पोरेशन लिमिटेड (UPPCL)
Exam Mode (परीक्षा मोड) Online
Exam Level (परीक्षा स्तर) 12th
Exam Type (परीक्षा का प्रकार) वस्तुनिष्ठ (MCQ) Type
Paper Medium (पेपर माध्यम) Hindi/English
Total Question (कुल प्रश्न) 50
Total Time (कुल समय) 60 मिनट
Total Marks (कुल अंक) 50
Correct Answer (सही उत्तर) 01 Marks
Negative Marking (नकारात्मक अंकन) Yes, (-1/4 Marks)
Subjects Name (विषय नाम) Computer Knowledge
Cut Off Marks (कट ऑफ मार्क्स ) 20% (10 Marks)

✨Key Takeways:

  • The first part of the written exam assesses computer knowledge aligned with the NIELIT CCC syllabus.

  • The question paper consists of 50 objective-type questions, with each question worth one mark.

  • An incorrect answer results in a negative marking of 1/4 marks deducted from the total score.

  • To qualify for the second part of the written test, a minimum of 20 marks is necessary.

  • Failing to achieve the minimum required marks will lead to disqualification from the second part of the written test.

UPPCL Technician NIELIT CCC (Paper 1) Syllabus Topics

➜ Introduction to Computers

  • Basics of computers and their applications

  • Components of a computer system

  • Input and output devices

  • Computer memory and storage

  • Data representation

  • Types of Software

  • Operating systems

➜ GUI Based Operating System

  • Introduction to the Windows operating system

  • Working with files, folders, disks, and drives

  • Installing and uninstalling software

  • Customizing the Windows environment

  • Using Windows accessories

➜ Elements of Word Processing

  • Creating, editing, and formatting documents

  • Inserting tables and images

  • Printing documents

  • Using mail merge

➜ Spreadsheets

  • Creating, editing, and formatting spreadsheets

  • Entering and manipulating data

  • Using formulas and functions

  • Creating charts and graphs

  • Printing spreadsheets

➜ Making Small Presentations

  • Creating and editing presentations

  • Adding text, images, and multimedia

  • Applying slide transitions and animations

  • Delivering presentations

➜ Computer Communication and Internet

  • Introduction to computer networks and the Internet

  • Using web browsers

  • Searching for information on the Internet

  • Sending and receiving emails

  • Using social media

➜ Communication and Collaboration

  • Understanding different modes of communication

  • Using email and instant messaging

  • Participating in online forums and discussions

  • Collaborating on documents using online tools


(Paper 2: Electrical) Syllabus Topics (2024)

UPPCL Technician Syllabus 2024 (Paper 2: Electrical)

The UPPCL Technician Electrical Paper 2 exam is an online exam for diploma holders aspiring to become technicians in Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL). The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from four sections: English Language, Hindi Language, Reasoning & GS, and Technician Course. Candidates must secure a minimum of 33.5% (i.e. 67 Marks) to qualify for the exam. Negative marking is applicable, with 0.25 marks deducted for each incorrect answer.

Exam Pattern:

Event Details
Organization (संगठन) उत्तर प्रदेश पावर कॉर्पोरेशन लिमिटेड (UPPCL)
Exam Mode (परीक्षा मोड) Online
Exam Level (परीक्षा स्तर) Diploma
Exam Type (परीक्षा का प्रकार) वस्तुनिष्ठ (MCQ) Type
Paper Medium (पेपर माध्यम) Hindi & English
Total Question (कुल प्रश्न) 200
Total Time (कुल समय) 180 मिनट
Total Marks (कुल अंक) 200
Correct Answer (सही उत्तर) 01 Marks
Negative Marking (नकारात्मक अंकन) Yes, (-1/4 Marks)
Subjects Name (विषय नाम) Reasoning, GS, English, Technician Course, and Hindi
Cut Off Marks (कट ऑफ मार्क्स ) 33.5% (67 Marks)

Subject & Marks:

Subject Question Marks
English Language (10th Level) 15 15
Hindi Language (10th Level) 15 15
Reasoning & GS 20 20
Technician Course 150 150
Total 200 200

✨ Key Takeaways:

  • The exam is for diploma holders aspiring to become technicians in UPPCL.

  • The exam is online and consists of 200 MCQs.

  • The minimum qualifying marks are 33.5% (i.e. 67 Marks).

  • Negative marking is applicable.

  • The exam covers English Language, Hindi Language, Reasoning & GS, and Technician Course.

UPPCL Technician Electrical Syllabus 2023

1. Basic Electrical Engineering

  1. Electrical fundamentals

  2. DC circuits

  3. AC circuits

  4. Magnetic circuits

  5. Electrical machines

  6. Transformers

  7. Electrical measurements

2. Electronics Engineering

  1. Electronic devices and circuits

  2. Digital Electronics

  3. Analog electronics

  4. Microprocessors and microcontrollers

  5. Communication systems

3. Power Systems Engineering

  1. Generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power

  2. Power system protection

  3. Power quality

  4. Renewable energy systems

4. Electrical Machines and Drives

  1. DC machines

  2. AC machines

  3. Transformers

  4. Power Electronics

  5. Electric drives

5. Instrumentation and Control

  1. Measurement and instrumentation

  2. Process control

  3. Industrial automation

6. Electrical Safety

  1. Electrical hazards

  2. Electrical safety practices

  3. Electrical grounding and bonding

UPPCL Technician Syllabus 2024: Reasoning

  1. Analogy

  2. Classification

  3. Logical Alphabet & Number Sequence Test

  4. Coding-Decoding

  5. Series

  6. Logical Arrangement Of Words

  7. Blood Relations

  8. Direction & Distance

  9. Sitting Arrangement

  10. Situation Reaction Test

  11. Decision Making

  12. Input-Output

  13. Puzzles

  14. Data Sufficiency

  15. Assertion & Reason

  16. Cause & Effects

  17. Syllogism

UPPCL Technician Syllabus: GK/Awareness

Indian History

  1. Harappan/Indus Civilization

  2. Vedic Culture

  3. Maurya Period

  4. Gupta Period

  5. Sultanate Period

  6. Religious Movements in the 15th-16th centuries

  7. Mughal Period

  8. The Advent of the European

  9. British Power

  10. Freedom Struggle

  11. The Gandhian Era

  12. World History

Indian Polity/Economic 

  1. The Preamble

  2. Parts, Articles & Schedules of the Constitution

  3. Union & the Territory

  4. Fundamental Rights

  5. Constitution Amendment

  6. Infrastructure

  7. Agriculture

  8. Industry

  9. Money

  10. Banking

  11. Public Finance

  12. Foreign Trade

  13. International Organisation


  1. Physical Geography

  2. Oceanography

  3. World Climate

  4. Natural Resources

  5. Economic Geography

Important GK Topics

  1. Human Geography

  2. World Population

  3. World's Tribes

  4. Settlement

  5. Transportation

  6. Model & Principles

  7. Personality

  8. Abbreviations

  9. National & International Organizations

  10. Books & Authors

  11. Awards & Honors

  12. Dates, Days & Years

  13. Sports & Sportspersons

General Hindi UPPCL Technician Syllabus 2024

हिंदी व्याकरण सूची

  1. अन्विति (Vowels)

  2. लिंग (Gender)

  3. वर्ण (Consonants)

  4. विशेषण (Adjectives)

  5. विपरीतार्थक शब्द (Antonyms)

  6. धातु (Verbs)

  7. अव्यय (Adverbs)

  8. वाक्यांश (Phrases)

  9. काल (Tense)

  10. उच्चारण अशुद्धियाँ (Pronunciation Errors)

  11. वाक्य अशुद्धि शोधन (Sentence Error Correction)

  12. एकवचन और बहुवचन (Singular and Plural)

  13. हिंदी बोलियाँ (Hindi Dialects)

  14. हिंदी अलंकार (Hindi Figures of Speech)

  15. हिंदी मुहावरे (Hindi Idioms)

  16. हिंदी लोकोक्तियाँ (Hindi Proverbs)

  17. संज्ञा (Noun)

  18. पदबंध (Essay Writing)

  19. उपसर्ग (Prefixes)

  20. कारक (Case)

  21. सर्वनाम (Pronouns)

  22. विराम चिन्ह (Punctuation)

  23. समास (Compound Words)

  24. संधि (Sandhi)

  25. वाक्य (Sentence)

  26. हिंदी ध्वनियाँ (Phonetics)

  27. प्रत्यय (Affixes)

  28. हिंदी पर्यायवाची (Hindi Synonyms)

  29. काल (Tense)

  30. क्रिया (Verb)

  31. वाच्य (Voice)

  32. शब्द (Words)

  33. वृत्ति (Usage)

  34. अनेकार्थी शब्द (Homonyms)

General English UPPCL Technician Syllabus 2024


  1. Parts of speech

  2. Sentence structure

  3. Tenses

  4. Subject-verb agreement

  5. Articles

  6. Prepositions

  7. Conjunctions

  8. Voice (Active and passive)

  9. Reported speech (Direct and indirect)

  10. Punctuation


  1. Synonyms and antonyms

  2. Homonyms and homophones

  3. One-word substitutions

  4. Idioms and phrases

  5. Word usage

Other Topics:

  1. Cloze test

  2. Error spotting

  3. Sentence correction

  4. Para jumbles

  5. Fill in the blanks


UPPCL Technician Exam Centre Name 

  • Lucknow
  • Bareilly
  • Ghaziabad
  • Noida
  • Gorakhpur
  • Varanasi
  • Meerut
  • Kanpur

UPPCL Technician Free Online Test 2024 Previous Year Question Paper 

Prepare your UPPCL Electrical Technician Exam through an Online Practice Test/Mock Test. अपने पेपर की तैयारी के लिए निचे दिए गए टेस्ट की प्रैक्टिस कर सकते है. UPPCL Technician Exam Preparation Paper & Free Online Test.

Practice More Free UPPCL Electrical Technician (Technician) Electrical Question Paper & Online Test 2018, 2017

UPPCL Technician Syllabus PDF Download 2024

Download Your Syllabus From the below link in Hindi & English.

UPPCL Technician Syllabus 2024 FAQs

⭐What is the number of papers that will be conducted?

The examination will comprise of two papers. The first paper will consist of 50 questions based on CCC computer knowledge, while the second paper will be objective type and will include 200 questions.

⭐How many subjects will be in Paper 2?

English language, Hindi language, Reasoning, GS, and Technician Course.

⭐How many marks will be in Technician Syllabus 2024?

Total Marks (कुल मार्क) will be 200 as per the official syllabus of UPPCL Technician.

⭐Is there negative marking in UPPCL Technician Syllabus?

Yes, there will be 0.25 (1/4) negative marking for each wrong answer.



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