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UPPSC RO ARO Salary 2023 Pay Level 06 falls under Pay Band PB-2, which ranges from ₹9,300 to ₹34,800 with a Grade Pay of ₹4,200. The Pay Scale for this level is ₹35,400 to ₹1,12,400. The Basic Salary for this level is ₹35,400 while the maximum salary reaches ₹1,12,400. Additionally, employees are entitled to a Dearness Allowance (DA) of ₹14916/- which is 42% of the basic salary. House Rent Allowance (HRA) is ₹9522/- which is 27% of the basic salary. Transport Allowance (TA) varies from ₹700 to ₹5,000 per month. The First Starting Salary after training is approximately ₹59,551/- per month. The maximum in-hand salary, UPPSC RO ARO Salary as of the current conditions, is approximately ₹1,27,559/- per month.

★ Basic Salary: Rs  35,400/- 112400/-

★ Starting In Hand Salary: Rs 59551/-

★ Hand Salary Maximum: Rs 127559/-

UPPSC RO ARO Salary Govt Jobs

UPPSC ARO Salary 2023

UPPSC ARO का वेतन स्तर 06 है। यूपी एसआई का ग्रेड पे 4200 है। उत्तर प्रदेश UPPSC ARO का पे बैंड पीबी -2 (9300 से 34800) है। UPPSC ARO का पहले महीने का शुरुआती इन हैंड वेतन 59551/- रुपये (लगभग) होता है।UPPSC ARO salary is at Pay Level 06 with a Pay Band of PB-2 (9300 to 34800) and Grade Pay of 4200. The Pay Scale is Rs. 35,400/- to 1,12,400/- with a Basic Salary of Rs. 35,400/- and a maximum salary of Rs. 1,12,400/-. In addition, there is a Dearness Allowance (DA) of Rs. 13,452/- (42% of the Basic Salary), House Rent Allowance (HRA) of ₹ 1200-2500 (depending on location), and Transport Allowance (TA) of ₹ 700-5000/- per month. The first starting salary after training is approximately Rs.59551/- per month, and the maximum in-hand salary is approximately Rs.127559/- per month, as per current rates

Pay Level (वेतन स्तर) 06
Pay Band (वेतन बैंड) PB-2 (9300 to 34800)
Grade Pay (ग्रेड पे) 4200
Pay Scale (वेतनमान) Rs. 35,400/- 1,12,400/-
Basic Salary (मूल वेतन) Rs. 35,400/-
Maximum Salary (अधिकतम वेतन) Rs. 1,12,400/-
Dearness Allowance (DA) (महंगाई भत्ता) Rs14916/- (मूल वेतन का 42%)
House Rent Allowance (HRA) (मकान किराया भत्ता) 9522/- (मूल वेतन का 27%)
Transport Allowance (TA) (परिवहन भत्ता) 700-5000/- Per Month
First Starting Salary (ट्रेनिंग के बाद इन हैंड सैलरी) Rs 59551/- (Approx Per Month)
Maximum In Hand Salary (अधिकतम इन हैंड सैलरी) Rs 127559/-(Approx Per Month) - वर्तमान के अनुसार

UPPSC RO ARO Salary Calculation

To calculate the Total In-Hand Salary for a UPPSC RO ARO Salary we'll use the provided formula and fill in the values:

  • Basic Salary (Starting) = Rs 35400/-
  • Current DA Rate =  42% of Basic Salary
  • Current HRA Rate = 27% of Basic Salary
  • Other Allowances =  As Per Applicable 
  • PF (Employee's contribution) = 12% of Basic Salary
  • NPS (Employee's contribution) = 10% of (Basic Salary + DA)

Now, let's calculate each component:

DA Amount = Rs 14916/-

HRA Amount = Rs 9522/-

PF Amount = Rs 4248/-

NPS Amount = Rs 5031/-

Now, let's calculate the Total In-Hand Salary:

★ Total In-Hand Salary Rs 59551/- 

So, the Total In-Hand Salary for a UPPSC RO ARO Salary would be Rs 59551/-

UPPSC ARO Salary Allowances 2023

The pay range for Uttar Pradesh ARO is 35,400-1,12,400. The UPPSC ARO is entitled to a number of benefits, including the DA (Dearness Allowance), HRA (House Rent Allowance), Travel Allowance, Food Allowance, and Medical Allowance.

City Compensatory ✅ Yes (As Per Norms)
DA (Dearness Allowance) ✅ Yes (38% of Basic)
HRA(House Rent Allowance) ✅ Yes ₹ 900-2000 (Vary Location Wise)
Travel Allowance ✅ Yes ₹ 700-5000/- Per Month
Govt Vehicle ✅ Yes
Medical Allowance ✅ Yes
Dusting Operator Allowances ❌ No
Operational Allowances ❌ No
Night Shift ❌ No
Special Compensatory ✅ Yes Applicable (If Any)

UPPSC ARO Salary Deductions 2023

In addition to the base pay and various types of benefits, the salary of a UPPSC ARO also includes some deductions. These deductions include income tax, PF, NPS, and others.

NPS ✅ Yes (₹3674: 10% of Basic+DA)
PF ✅ Yes (₹3540: 10% of Basic)
Income Tax ✅ Yes (As Per ITR)

UPPSC RO Salary 2023

UPPSC RO Salary 2023 for Category A is as follows: Pay Level 09, Pay Band PB-2 (9300-34800), Grade Pay 5400, Pay Scale Rs. 53100/- to 1,67,800/-. The Basic Salary is Rs. 53,100/- with a maximum salary of Rs. 1,67,800/-. Other allowances include Dearness Allowance (DA) of Rs. 20178/- (38% of Basic Pay), House Rent Allowance (HRA) of Rs. 13337/- (27% of Basic Pay), Transport Allowance (TA) of Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 5000/-, and Other Work Allowance as per applicable. The starting in-hand salary is Rs. 73915/- per month.

UPPSC RO Salary 2023
Pay Level (वेतन स्तर) 09
Pay Band (वेतन बैंड) PB-2 (9300-34800)
Grade Pay (ग्रेड पे) 5400
Pay Scale (वेतनमान) Rs 53100 /- 1,67,800/-
Basic Salary (मूल वेतन) Rs. 53,100 /-
Maximum Salary (अधिकतम वेतन) Rs. 1,67,800/-
Dearness Allowance (DA) (महंगाई भत्ता) Rs. 20178/- (38% Of Basic Pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA) (मकान किराया भत्ता) Rs. 13337/- (27% Of Basic Pay)
Transport Allowance (TA) (परिवहन भत्ता) Rs. 2500/- to Rs.5000/- 
Other Work Allowance (कार्य भत्ता)  As Per Applicable
Starting In Hand Salary (स्टार्टिंग इन हैंड सैलरी) *Rs.73915/- (Per Month)

UPPSC RO Salary Deductions

UPPSC RO Salary Deductions
PF (12% of basic) 6378
NPS(10% of basic + DA) 4885
Income Tax As Per ITR Norms

UPPSC RO ARO Salary After 7th Pay Commission

How to Calculate UPPSC RO ARO Salary?

Follow the below step to calculate the UPPSC RO ARO Salary.

  • STEP 1: Final the basic salary.
  • STEP 2: Add Dearness Allowance (38%) to the Basic salary.
  • STEP 3: Add House Rent Allowance(HRA).
  • STEP 4: Add Medical Allowance(MA)

Note: During ASI Training Period these allowances will not be applicable.

Use Formula:

  • Total Salary as per 7th Pay Commission = Basic / Entry Pay + Dearness Allowance (38%) + House Rent Allowance + MA
  • Net Salary: Gross Salary - Deductions


⭐What is the salary range for UPPSC AROs?

The salary range for UPPSC AROs is between Rs. 35,400 and Rs. 1,12,400.

⭐ What is the salary range for UPPSC ROs?

The salary range for UPPSC ROs is between Rs. 47,600 and Rs. 1,51,100.

⭐What is the grade pay for UPPSC ROs?

UPPSC ROs receive a grade pay of Rs. 4,800/- per grade.

⭐What is the salary structure for UPPSC RO ARO positions?

The salary structure for UPPSC RO ARO positions is designated as PB-2, with a grade pay range of 4200 to 5400 and levels 6 to 9 (9300 to 34800).

⭐What is the current salary for UPPSC AROs?

The current salary for UPPSC AROs is approximately Rs. 40,000.



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