Dietetic Technicians Salary NYC 2024 - New York Pay (Entry to Senior)

The annual salary for a Dietetic Technician in New York is $47,540, which equates to $19.82 per hour. The monthly salary for a Dietetic Technician in the city is $3,961. Salaries in NYC are approximately the same as the national average for Dietetic Technicians. The starting salary for this position in New York City is $36,940 per year. Entry-level positions offer a Dietetic Technician a salary of $45,790. For experienced professionals, the salary for a Dietetic Technician increases to $56,210.

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Top Paying Sectors (Industries) for Dietetic Technicians Salary in NYC

In New York City, the average salary for a Dietetic Technician consists of an 89% base salary and up to 11% in additional compensation. The sectors that offer the highest pay in NYC are Individual and Family Services, Schools, and Hospitals, among others. According to the cost of living for a single person, the salary of a Dietetic Technician is sufficient. However, after post-tax deductions, the expenses associated with maintaining a standard cost of living for a family of four exceed the salary.

Year of Experience Salary
1 $41,000
2 $44,200
3 $47,400
4 $50,600
5 $53,800
6 $57,000
7 $60,200
8 $63,400
9 $66,600
10+ $69,800

Top Paying Jobs Dietetic Technicians Salary in New York City (NYC)

The Dietetic Technician sector in New York City is part of a larger network that employs around 140K individuals across the US. It’s one of the largest employment sectors, with thousands of Dietetic Technicians working in various organizations and sectors within New York City alone. The following are some of the top-paying companies:

Company Dietetic Technicians Salary 
Pinnacle Dietary Global $59,270
Northwell Health Forest Hills $57,270
Medcadre Inc. $56,465
Soloh Partners Inc. $54,575
CenterLight HealthCare, Inc. $53,335
ATD Technology LLC $52,545
The Hamptons Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing $39,890

Comparing NYC Dietetic Technicians's Salary to Top US Cities

According to Sarkari Naukri Exams, New York City boasts the highest salary for Dietetic Technicians in the US, at $47,560 annually. However, impressive salaries for Dietetic Technicians are also offered in other locations. For instance, in both Jackson, MI, and Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI, the annual salary is $45,120. Other top earners include Niles-Benton Harbor, MI; Altoona, PA; Onalaska, WI-MN; and Winston-Salem, NC.

Dietetic Technicians's Salary in Top Paying States US

Some states in the United States (US), such as Oregon, Washington, the District of Columbia, California, and others, offer top salaries for Dietetic Technicians. However, it’s important to remember that a hefty paycheck doesn’t automatically translate into a better life. While these places might offer higher salaries, the cost of groceries, housing, and other expenses might also be higher.

Skills to Boost Dietetic Technicians's Salary in NYC

The key skills, certifications, and areas of study for Medical Assistants in New York are quite diverse. Important skills include CommunicationComputer Knowledge, and Dietary Department Experience, among others. They may hold certifications such as CNSCRDN/CDE, and CFM. Common fields of study include Food TechnologyFood Science, and Dietetics/Nutritional Services, among others.

Dietetic Technician Salary NYC 2024 FAQs

⭐How much does a Dietetic Technician make in NYC?

The average Dietetic Technician in New York City makes around $47,540 per year, which is roughly $19.82 per hour.

⭐What's the salary range for Dietetic Technicians in NYC?

Entry-level Dietetic Technicians in NYC typically start around $36,940, while experienced professionals can earn up to $56,210 annually.

⭐What are available skills for Dietetic Technician Salary NYC 2024?

The skills for Dietetic Technician Salary NYC include Computer, and Dietary Department Experience, Communication, and others

⭐What are available certifications for Dietetic Technician Salary NYC 2024?

The certifications for Dietetic Technician Salary NYC include CNSC, RDN/CDE, and CFM.

⭐What are available fields of study for Dietetic Technician Salary NYC 2024?

The fields of study for Dietetic Technician Food Technology, Food Science, and Dietetics/Nutritional Services, and more.

⭐Are there other cities with high salaries for Dietetic Technicians?

These include Jackson and Grand Rapids in Michigan, along with Niles-Benton Harbor (MI), Altoona (PA), Onalaska (WI), and Winston-Salem (NC).



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