Kim Nam-gil Net Worth / Biography 2023: Movie, TV Show, Series, Girlfriend, Singer, Height

Kim Nam-gil, born on March 13, 1980, in Seoul, South Korea, is a versatile figure in the entertainment industry. At 43 years old as of September 22, 2023, he has made significant strides as an actor, producer, director, singer, and philanthropist. Raised by his parents Kim Jin-ho and Kim Young-hee, he shares a close bond with his older brother, Kim Nam-joon. Standing at a height of 178 cm, Kim Nam-gil possesses a striking presence. While his professional life is widely known, his personal life remains relatively private. As of now, he is unmarried and has not publicly confirmed any romantic relationships. Kim Nam-gil's career began in 1998, and he has since garnered acclaim for his roles in several notable films, including "Pandora" (2016), "Memoir of a Murderer" (2017), "The Pirates" (2014), "Portrait of a Beauty" (2008), and "Emergency Declaration" (2022). His talent has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by his numerous awards, including the prestigious Grand Prize (Daesang) at the MBC Drama Awards in 2019, Best Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards in 2016, and Best Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards in 2010. Regarding his personal beliefs, Kim Nam-gil's religion remains undisclosed. Despite his high-profile career, he maintains a level of privacy, with 252K followers on Instagram. As of 2023, his estimated net worth stands at $5 million USD, accumulating to a lifetime net worth of $20 million USD. With a career spanning various artistic domains and a philanthropic spirit, Kim Nam-gil continues to be a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Information Details
Full name Kim Nam-gil
Profession Actor, producer, director, singer, philanthropist
Date of birth March 13, 1980
Age 43 (as of September 22, 2023)
Father Kim Jin-ho
Mother Kim Young-hee
Brother Kim Nam-gil has one older brother, Kim Nam-joon.
Place of birth Seoul, South Korea
Zodiac sign Pisces
Ethnic background Korean
Height 178 cm
Girlfriend Kim Nam-gil is unmarried and has not publicly confirmed that he is in a relationship.
Relationship Son Ye-jin
Husband Single
Career debut 1998
Notable films Pandora (2016), Memoir of a Murderer (2017), The Pirates (2014), Portrait of a Beauty (2008), Emergency Declaration (2022)
Marriages None
Awards Grand Prize (Daesang) at the MBC Drama Awards (2019), Best Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards (2016), Best Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards (2010)
Religion Kim Nam-gil's religion is unknown.
Instagram 252K Followers
Net Worth 2023 $5 million USD
Net Worth (Lifetime) $20 million USD

Kim Nam-gil Biography Timeline / Wiki

Date Event
March 13, 1980 Kim Nam-gil is born in Seoul, South Korea.
1999 Makes his acting debut with a minor role in the KBS youth drama School 1.
2003 Passes the MBC Talent Audition and appears in various minor roles on the network's shows.
2005 Changes his name from Lee Han back to Kim Nam-gil.
2006 Makes his feature film debut with a leading role in the controversial independent film No Regret.
2008 Stars in the period drama Portrait of a Beauty, which becomes a critical and commercial success.
2009 Lands his breakthrough role as Bidam in the hit television period drama Queen Seondeok.
2013 Returns to television with the leading role in the romantic comedy drama Shark.
2014 Stars in the adventure film The Pirates, which becomes the highest-grossing Korean film of the year.
2015 Stars in the crime thriller Memoir of a Murderer, which is praised for its dark and suspenseful tone.
2016 Stars in the disaster blockbuster Pandora, which becomes one of the highest-grossing Korean films of all time.
2019 Stars in the crime-comedy television drama The Fiery Priest, which is a critical and commercial success.
2020 Launches his own production company, Gilstory Entertainment.
2021 Stars in the crime thriller The Veil, which is one of the most anticipated K-dramas of the year.
2022 Stars in the action film Emergency Declaration, which becomes the highest-grossing Korean film of the year.

Kim Nam-gil's Movies

Year Title
2004 Low Life
2006 Don't Look Back
No Regret
2008 Public Enemy Returns
Modern Boy
Portrait of a Beauty
2009 Handphone
2010 Lovers Vanished
2012 Ensemble
2013 Hello, Mom
2014 The Pirates
Glory for Everyone
2015 The Shameless
The Sound of a Flower
2016 Pandora
2017 Memoir of a Murderer
One Day
2019 The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale
2020 The Closet
Okay Madam
2022 Emergency Declaration
A Man of Reason
TBA Night Trip

Kim Nam-gil's TV Series

Year Title
1999 School 1
2004 Nonstop 4
2004 Nonstop 4
2005 The 5th Republic
2005 The 5th Republic
2006 Lovers
2007 Several Questions That Make Us Happy
2009 Tears of the Amazon
2010 Personal Taste
2013 Shark
2017 Live Up to Your Name
2019 The Fiery Priest
2021 One the Woman
2022 Through the Darkness

Kim Nam-gil's Web Series

Year Title
2022-2023 Island
2023 Song of the Bandits

Kim Nam-gil in Islands

Kim Nam-gil takes center stage in the highly anticipated fantasy action drama "Island" as Van, a formidable hybrid, part-human, part-immortal, dedicated to vanquishing malevolence spanning centuries. Armed with exceptional combat skills and masterful swordsmanship, Van wields an arsenal of mystical weaponry and powers. His character is a tapestry of complexity and enigma, propelled by an unwavering duty to shield the world from darkness, yet burdened by a tragic history that lingers. Despite his penchant for solitude and struggle to forge connections, Van possesses a capacity for profound empathy and love. Adapted from the acclaimed webtoon, "Island" stands poised as a flagship Korean drama of 2023, slated for an eagerly awaited Amazon Prime Video debut in December of the same year.

Kim Nam-gil Girlfriend / Relationship

Kim Nam-gil, a renowned actor, has maintained a discreet stance regarding his romantic endeavors. Although there have been speculations linking him to actresses like Son Ye-jin and Jung Hye-young in the past, his agency swiftly dismissed such claims. In a 2018 interview, Kim Nam-gil expressed his willingness to embrace love but clarified that he wasn't actively pursuing it. He emphasized his dedication to his career, seeking a partner who comprehends and supports his professional journey. As of 2023, Kim Nam-gil remains unmarried and hasn't officially acknowledged any romantic involvement. He cherishes his close-knit relationships with family and friends, often seen cherishing moments with them. It's vital to respect Kim Nam-gil's privacy, understanding that he's under no obligation to disclose details of his personal life to the public.

Kim Nam-gil in Squid Game

Kim Nam-gil, the versatile actor renowned for his diverse roles and exceptional skills in swordsmanship and horsemanship, has not made an appearance in the acclaimed Netflix survival thriller, Squid Game. Yet, speculations have been rife regarding his potential involvement in the upcoming second season. If this were to materialize, it would undoubtedly mark a significant milestone for the series. Nam-gil's inclusion would likely draw an even larger audience, solidifying the show's position as one of Netflix's all-time favorites. It's crucial to remember, however, that these reports are merely hearsay, lacking official confirmation. Only time will unveil whether this gifted actor will indeed grace the cast of this hit Netflix production.

Kim Nam-gil Net Worth 2023: Total Earning Calculation

Year Net Worth (IN INR)
2018 $3 Million 
2019 $3.5 Million 
2020 $4 Million 
2021 $4 Million 
2022 $4.5 Million 
2023 $5 Million

Kim Nam-gil: A Look at His Physical Features, Height

Physical Feature Value
Height 178 cm
Weight 70 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black

Kim Nam-gil boasts a commanding physical presence with a height of 178 cm and a well-maintained weight of 70 kg. His eyes are a warm shade of brown, adding depth to his charismatic gaze. Complementing his striking features, Nam-gil's hair is naturally black, enhancing his overall distinctive appearance. These attributes collectively contribute to his captivating on-screen presence, further solidifying his status as a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry.

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