Passenger Attendant Salary NYC 2024 - New York Pay Level (Hourly to Yearly)

Passenger Attendants in New York earn an annual salary of $38,020, which translates to $18.15 per hour and their monthly income is $3,168. Compared to the national average, New York City’s Passenger Attendants receive salaries that are 7.10% higher. The starting annual salary for this role in the city is $29,740, while entry-level positions offer $38,320. Experienced professionals can expect their salary to rise to $46,275.

Please see the information below for details on Passenger Attendant salaries in NYC (New York City).

Top Paying Sectors (Industries) for Passenger Attendants Salary in NYC

The average salary for Passenger Attendants in New York City consists of 89% base pay, with an additional 11% available in other forms of compensation. Among the sectors offering the highest salaries for this role are Schools & Hospitals and Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation providing an annual salary of $51,310, and $45,510 per year. While this salary adequately covers the cost of living for a single individual, it falls short for a family of four after tax deductions.

Year of Experience Salary
1 $41,000
2 $44,200
3 $47,400
4 $50,600
5 $53,800
6 $57,000
7 $60,200
8 $63,400
9 $66,600
10+ $69,800

Top Paying Jobs Passenger Attendants Salary in New York City (NYC)

The Passenger Attendant industry in New York City, a vital part of the US economy, employs approximately 75K individuals, making it a significant sector for employment. Within this industry, thousands of Passenger Attendants find opportunities across various sectors. Certain companies are particularly known for their competitive salaries. Notably, a handful of companies stand out as top payers in this field:

Company Passenger Attendants's Salary 
Delta Air Lines $65,540
American Airlines $60,725
United Airlines $58,650
JetBlue Airways $55,412
Southwest Airlines $52,360
Alaska Airlines $50,230
Spirit Airlines $48,636

Comparing NYC Passenger Attendant's Salary to Top US Cities

According to the Sarkari Naukri Exams, New York City offers the highest salaries for Passenger Attendants in the US. However, several other locations also provide competitive annual salaries. For instance, Passenger Attendants in Lahaina, HI & Urban Honolulu, HI, can earn an annual salary of $46,000 and $44,970. Moreover, places like Jersey City, NY, Nashua, MA, and West Palm Beach, FL, among others, are renowned for their lucrative offres.

Passenger Attendant's Salary in Top Paying States US

Passenger Attendants in states such as Washington, Illinois, California, Colorado, New York, the District of Columbia, and New Jersey may earn substantial salaries. However, a higher paycheck does not always guarantee a better lifestyle. The cost of living, including expenses for groceries, housing, and other necessities, can offset these financial gains. Consequently, a larger salary does not necessarily translate to an improved quality of life.

Skills to Boost Passenger Attendant's Salary in NYC

Passenger attendants in New York need customer service, interpersonal, physical fitness, and communication skills. Additionally, some attendants may hold certifications in Non-violent Crisis Intervention (NCI), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and First Aid and CPR. These professionals often study sustainability, tourism and travel, hospitality management, foreign languages, and aviation management.

Passenger Attendant Salary NYC 2024 FAQs

⭐What skills are required for Passenger Attendants in NYC?

Passenger Attendants in NYC need skills such as customer service, interpersonal communication, physical fitness, and effective communication.

⭐What's the salary range for Passenger Attendants in NYC?

The starting salary can be around $29,740, while experienced attendants can make up to $46,275.

⭐How much do Passenger Attendants in NYC make?

Passenger Attendants in NYC earn an average annual salary of $38,020, which translates to $3,168 per month.

⭐Are there other high-paying locations for Passenger Attendants?

Yes, some places like Lahaina, HI, and Urban Honolulu, HI offer similar or even higher salaries than NYC.

⭐Which states besides NYC offer substantial salaries for Passenger Attendants?

States such as Washington, Illinois, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, and New Jersey are known for providing substantial salaries to Passenger Attendants.



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