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Retirement Date Calculator

Retirement Date Calculator is a tool that helps you to find your date of retirement from your date of birth online, i.e., calculate 60-year retirement and 58-year retirement date. This retirement date calculator is for state and central government and private employees worldwide, i.e., the United States, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Canada, and England. This calculator works on a simple principle: add years to the date of birth to find the retirement date example, (dob + 60 years).

Profession Retirement Age
Registered Nurse 62
Teacher 60-65
Law Enforcement Officer ~57
Trades Worker 62-65
Information Technology (IT) Specialist 60-67
IAS (India) 60
Pilot 60
Merchant Navy 60


★Please remember that these retirement ages are general guidelines and can vary depending on the specific company, organization, or country.

Date of Retirement Calculator By Date of Birth India

If a person is born in 1980, their retirement age is 64, calculated as 60 plus the number of decades between their birth year and the current year.

Date of Birth Retirement Date
01/01/1965 01/01/2025
01/01/1966 01/01/2026
01/01/1967 01/01/2027
01/01/1968 01/01/2028
01/01/1969 01/01/2029
01/01/1970 01/01/2030
01/01/1971 01/01/2031
01/01/1972 01/01/2032
01/01/1973 01/01/2033
01/01/1974 01/01/2034
01/01/1975 01/01/2035
01/01/1976 01/01/2036
01/01/1977 01/01/2037
01/01/1978 01/01/2038
01/01/1979 01/01/2039
01/01/1980 01/01/2040
01/01/1981 01/01/2041
01/01/1982 01/01/2042
01/01/1983 01/01/2043
01/01/1984 01/01/2044
01/01/1985 01/01/2045
01/01/1986 01/01/2046
01/01/1987 01/01/2047
01/01/1988 01/01/2048
01/01/1989 01/01/2049
01/01/1990 01/01/2050
01/01/1991 01/01/2051
01/01/1992 01/01/2052
01/01/1993 01/01/2053
01/01/1994 01/01/2054
01/01/1995 01/01/2055
01/01/1996 01/01/2056
01/01/1997 01/01/2057
01/01/1998 01/01/2058
01/01/1999 01/01/2059
01/01/2000 01/01/2060

What is Retirement Date Calculator Formula Excel?

In Excel, you can calculate retirement dates using a formula. If you have the date of birth in cell A2, the formula to calculate the retirement age at 60 years would be:

=YEAR(A2) + 60 - YEAR(TODAY())

The formula to calculate the retirement age at 58 years would be:

=YEAR(A2) + 58 - YEAR(TODAY())

Here's a breakdown of the formula:

  • YEAR(A2) extracts the year from the date of birth in cell A2.

  • YEAR(TODAY()) extracts the current year.

To determine your retirement date, you can add either 60 or 58 to your year of birth. To calculate how many years you have left until retirement, subtract your birth year from the current year. Remember to replace the placeholder with the actual cell reference containing your date of birth.

About Retirement Date Calculator

The Retirement Date Calculator is a helpful tool that can assist you in determining your retirement age and providing a countdown until your retirement date. This calculator takes into account your date of birth and the desired retirement age to provide accurate estimations of the time remaining until your retirement.

How to Use the Retirement Date Calculator?

To use the Retirement Date Calculator:

1. Enter your birth date.

2. Choose your desired retirement age.

3. Pick your retirement age from the dropdown menu.

4. Click "Calculate."

The calculator will determine various retirement-related parameters.

Results of retirement age calculator by date of birth

The retirement age calculator based on your date of birth and desired retirement age provides the following results:

- Years until retirement

- Remaining months until retirement

- Days left until retirement age

- Anticipated retirement date

Retirement date calculator countdown

Our Retirement Date Calculator is a great tool for planning your retirement. Simply input your current date and desired retirement age, and the calculator will provide you with the remaining years, months, days, and total days left until retirement. This information will help you make better financial preparations and lifestyle adjustments.

Retirement Age Calculator FAQs

⭐What is the date of retirement calculator?

The retirement date calculator is a tool that tells how many days, months and years are left in your retirement. This will help you plan your retirement dreams perfectly.

⭐How to calculate 60 years from date of birth online?

To calculate the 60 years from DOB, just add the DOB+60 years.

⭐How to calculate the retirement date?

To calculate your retirement date, you first need to check your date of birth and the retirement age of your designation as per your organisation's norms. Then just add your date of birth and age of retirement, and you will get your retirement date.

⭐How to calculate 58 years from Date of birth?

To calculate the 58 years from DOB, just add the DOB+58 years.



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