RRB ALP Salary [OFFICIAL 2024] Railway Assistant Loco Pilot Monthly Pay Slip and Grade Pay

The Indian Railway RRB ALP also rerefs as Assistant Loco Pilot. RRB ALP has job to drive train from one distination to other with passengers or goods. Railway RRB ALP salary has a basic pay scale of ₹19900 to ₹63,200 per month. The grade pay for a ALP Salary is ₹7600, and it’s a highly reputed Grade C that comes under Level 02. The Loco Pilot pay scale comes under Pay Band 1, i.e., PB-1 (5200 – 20200), with an entry pay of ₹7730.

As per the revised DA, HRA, TA, and other allowances, the starting in hand RRB ALP salary per month is ₹36138. If we consider the current allowances and deductions, as per the 7th Pay Matrix, the maximum monthly Railway ALP salary can be ₹93034 after full 40 years of service. During RRB ALP salary during training period is only basic amount of 19900 with no allowances.

However, in every railway regions in India the overall in-hand amount of monthly salary of RRB ALP will be same. For more details of Railway ALP Payment, Salary Slip, Promotions, Pay Scale, Monthly Income, and Railway ALP salary calculator, please refer to the information provided below.

Latest Update

Big News! RRB ALP salary and allowances have been increased! Use the ALP Salary Calculator below to find out updated, year-wise in-hand salary.

RRB ALP की सैलरी और भत्तों में बढ़ोतरी! नया, बढ़ा हुआ ईयर वाइज इन-हैंड वेतन जानने के लिए निचे दिए ALP सैलरी कैलकुलेटर देखें।

RRB ALP Salary Grade Pay, Pay Scale & Per Month Income

The monthly salary of RRB ALP, after deductions (PF, NPS) and including all allowances (HRA, DA & Other), will be Rs. 4.3 Lakh per annum. Whereas, the highest in-hand railway assistant loco pilot salary in India can be around Rs. 11.1 Lakh per annum after 40 years. Apart from the ALP salary, they also get lots of other perks and benifits.

RRB ALP Salary: 7TH PAY ⬇
Category Salary
Pay Level 02
Pay Band  PB-3 (5200 20200) 
Grade Pay 1900
Pay Scale  ₹19900 –  ₹63,200
Basic Salary 19900
Maximum Basic Salary 63,200
Dearness Allowance (DA)  ₹9156 (50% Of Basic Pay)
House Rent Allowance (HRA) ₹2388 (Typically 12% Of Basic Pay)
Transport Allowance (TA)  ₹1150 – ₹1250/-
Kilometrage Allowance ₹7500 – ₹22000/- (Based on Kilometer Range)
Other Allowance (Cell, Leave, Night Duty) ₹1500 – ₹1800/-
Starting In Hand Salary 36138/- per month (Approx)
Maximum In Hand Salary  93034/- per month (Approx)

Category CTC Salary
PF (12% of basic) ₹2514/-
NPS (10% of basic + DA) ₹2095/-
Income Tax As Per ITR

Railway RRB ALP Salary Slip

The Indian Railway RRB ALP Salary Slip includes basic salary, DA, HRA, TA, Kilometrage, and others, which gives a total gross monthly salary of Rs.41594. It includes deductions such as PF, NPF, and others, which make the ALP Salary deduction a total of 4809. So, as per the RRB ALP Salary Slip, the in-hand salary turns out to be around 36.7 thousand per month. Check the details from the sample Assistant Loco Pilot salary slip below.

RRB ALP / SR ALP Salary and Promotion with Grade pay

Railway ALP Promotion is done on the basis of years of experience, service record, and total distance the train has run. After 03 to 05 years, RRB ALP is promoted to SR ALP (Senior Assistant Loco Pilot) with a salary range of ₹25500–₹81100 with grade pay of 2400. Further promotions are as follows:


Category CTC Salary
Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) 19900– 63,200 (GP: 1900)
Senior Assistant Loco Pilot (Sr ALP) 25500–81100 (GP: 2400)
Junior Captain (Jr Captain) 29200– 92300 (GP: 2800)
Loco Pilot / Captain 35400– 112400 (GP: 4200)
Loco Inspector / Sr Captain 44900– 142000/- (GP: 4600)


Railway RRB ALP Salary Allowances, Perks & Facilities

Top 10 Railway Assistant Loco Pilot Jobs Perks

01 Dearness Allowance ✅

02 House Rent Allowance. ✅

03 Medical Expenses. ✅

04 Transport Allowances.✅

05 Kilometrage Allowance.✅

06 Cell Allowance. ✅

07 Leave Allowance (Running).✅

08 Night Shift Allowance ✅

09 Festival Bonos✅

10 Periodic Promotion✅

RRB ALP Salary 7th Pay Matrix

The salary of an RRB Assistant Loco Pilot is determined by the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) Pay Matrix. It falls under Level 2, with a Grade Pay of ₹1900. For more detailed information about the pay structure and other aspects of Railway driving jobs as per the 7th CPC, please refer to the provided image.

RRB ALP Salary Calculator



In Hand(₹)











Railway RRB ALP Salary FAQs

⭐What is the Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) salary?

The basic pay scale of RRB ALP is ₹19900 to ₹63,200 per month.

⭐What is the ALP grade pay?

The grade pay for Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) is ₹7600.

⭐What is the RRB ALP salary?

The RRB ALP Salary ranges between ₹4.3 to ₹11.1 Lakh in hand amount yearly.

⭐What is the ALP salary slip?

The ALP salary slip includes basic salary, DA, HRA, TA, Kilometrage, and other allowances.

⭐What is the ALP basic pay?

The starting basic pay of ALP is ₹19900.

⭐What is the Railway ALP salary after 5 years?

As of now, The Railway ALP salary affter 5 years will be ₹39907 pr month.

⭐What is the RRB ALP salary after 7th pay?

As per the 7th Pay Matrix, the maximum monthly Railway ALP salary can be ₹93034 after full 40 years of service.

⭐What is the ALP salary per month?

The starting in hand RRB ALP salary per month is ₹36138.

⭐What is the Railway RRB SR ALP salary?

The RRB SR ALP salary is ₹25500–₹81100 with grade pay of 2400



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