Sahil Khan Net Worth 2023 | Age, Height, Movies, Wife, Protein, Biography & Wiki

Sahil Khan, born on November 5, 1976, in Kolkata, India, is a renowned YouTuber known for bodybuilding content. He's recognized for his videos covering fitness, health, travel, lifestyle, food, fashion, grooming, relationships, and motivation. Sahil Khan is a Muslim and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Aligarh Muslim University. He stands at 5'10" (178 cm) and weighs 80 kg (176 lbs) with body measurements of Chest: 42 inches, Waist: 34 inches, and Hips: 38 inches. He's 47 years old.

Sahil Khan's estimated net worth is between Rs 30-40 Crores (approximately $3.6M-$4.8M). His earnings primarily stem from various sources. On YouTube, he earns Rs 3K-4K per video through Adsense, amounting to Rs 25K-30K monthly and around Rs 2.5-3 lakh yearly. Additionally, Sahil Khan generates income through brand promotions on YouTube, garnering Rs 4-5 lakh yearly. His businesses contribute significantly, bringing in Rs 5-10 Crores annually. He also earns approximately Rs 70-80 lakh yearly from Instagram. Furthermore, appearances on TV shows, web series, and music videos accumulate Rs 30-40 lakh in a lifetime. In total, his estimated lifetime earnings from all sources amount to Rs 50-60 Crores.

Sahil Khan, of Chinese descent from an unknown mother and with a father named Mohammad Sarfaraz, has one sister named Shaista Khan. He was married to Negar Khan in 2003 but got divorced in 2005. Sahil Khan, a YouTuber, has a second channel called "Sahil Khan Lifestyle" where he promotes brands like My Fitness-Peanut Butter, thelionbook247, buyceps, and others. He frequently shoots videos in locations such as Kolkata, West Bengal, Dubai, and Mumbai. His first YouTube video, "Sahil Khan's Abs Workout - PART 1 (2017)," gained 1.7 million views.

Sahil Khan Age, College, Degree, Family | Sahil Khan Biography

About Description
Real Name Sahil Khan
Profession YouTuber (Bodybuilding)
Famous For Fitness, Health, Travel, Lifestyle. Food, Fashion, Grooming, Relationship, Just Motivation, Fitness Entrepreneur
Religion Muslim
Born November 05, 1976
Birthplace Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Age 47 years old
School Unknown
College Aligarh Muslim University
Education Bachelor's Degree (Political Science)
Mother Unknown (Chinese Origin)
Father Mohammad Sarfaraz
Brother None
Sister Shaista Khan
Wife/Spouse Negar Khan
Marital Status Married (2003) & Divorced (2005)
2nd YouTube Channel Sahil Khan Lifestyle
Brand Promo My Fitness-Peanut Butter, thelionbook247, buyceps, & Others
Primary Video Location Kolkata, West Bengal, Dubai, Mumbai, & Others
1st YouTube Video Name "Sahil Khan's Abs Workout - PART 1 (2017)" Views 1.7M
Sahil Khan's Most Viewed Videos
Music Video 2020 (2020) 18 Million
Baniye Ka Dimaag Aur Miyanbhai Ki Daring (2019) 9.1 Million
Jeff Seid Teaching How To Pose / Tips (2019) 7.4 Million
This Is Why I Left BOLLYWOOD? (2018) 6.4 Million
Most Important For Detox And Weight Loss (2019) 5.9 Million

Sahil Khan's top YouTube videos in terms of views include "Music Video 2020 (2020)" with 18 million views, "Baniye Ka Dimaag Aur Miyanbhai Ki Daring (2019)" with 9.1 million views, "Jeff Seid Teaching How To Pose / Tips (2019)" with 7.4 million views, "This Is Why I Left BOLLYWOOD? (2018)" with 6.4 million views, and "Most Important For Detox And Weight Loss (2019)" with 5.9 million views.

Sahil Khan Business / Entrepreneur Name & Others 

Sahil Khan Business Name
Sahil Khan Business Name (Fitness & Nutrition) SHK Fitness
Divine Nutrition
Hunk Water

Sahil Khan is associated with several businesses in the fitness and nutrition realm. His ventures in this domain include "SHK Fitness," "Divine Nutrition," and "Hunk Water." These businesses represent his dedication to promoting fitness, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

Sahil Khan Net Worth 2023 | Sahil Khan YouTube Salary Income

Sahil Khan Net Worth 2023
YouTube Sahil Khan Income, Salary (Adsense) Rs 3K-4K Per Video
Rs 25K-30K Monthly
Rs 2.5-3 Lakh Yearly
YouTube Sahil Khan Merchandise Income Unknown
All YouTube Donations Earning Income Unknown
YouTube Brand Promotion  Rs. 4-5 Lakh Yearly
Business Earning Income Rs. 5-10 Crores Yearly
Instagram Income / Salary Rs. 70-80 Lakh Yearly
TV Shows/ Webseries / Music Videos Rs. 30-40 Lakh 
Lifetime Earning YouTube (Adsense) Rs. 80-90 Lakh (Lifetime)
Lifetime Earning YouTube (Brand Promo) Rs. 10-20 Lakh (Lifetime)
Lifetime Earning from All Income Sources Rs. 50-60 Crores (Estimated)
Sahil Khan's Net Worth (In Crores) Rs 30-40 Crores (Estimated)
Sahil Khan's Net Worth (In Dollars) $3.6M-$4.8M (Estimated)

Sahil Khan Upcoming Movies, Web Series, New Music Videos 2023

Sahil Khan's notable works encompass music videos like "One Life Baby" (2020), "Galti" (Official Video) (2022), and "One Life Baby 2" (Official Video) (2021). In the realm of movies, he has appeared in "Style" (2001), "Xcuse Me" (2003), "Yehi Hai Zindagi" (2005), "Double Cross" (2005), "Aladin" (2009), and "Ramaa The Saviour" (2010). As for TV shows and web series, no official announcements have been made as of now.

Sahil Khan Notable Works
Music Videos
One Life Baby (2020)
Galti (Official Video) (2022)
One Life Baby 2 (Official Video) (2021)
Style (2001)
Xcuse Me (2003) 
Yehi Hai Zindagi (2005) 
Double Cross (2005)
Aladin (2009)
Ramaa The Saviour (2010)
TV Shows / Web Series
No official announcements about it yet.

Sahil Khan Biography / Wiki Timeline (2023)

1976: Sahil Khan was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

2003: Sahil Khan got married to Negar Khan on September 21.

2005: Sahil Khan divorced his wife, Negar Khan, two years later in July.

2017: Sahil Khan starts on 28 April his own YouTube channel, "Sahil Khan".

2017: Sahil Khan's 1st Video "Sahil Khan's Abs Workout - PART 1" Views 1.7M.

2023: Sahil Khan's Instagram account reaches 11.4M followers.

2023: Sahil Khan's channel reaches 3.2M subscribers.

Brand Promotion by Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan actively engages in brand promotions for several notable entities. He promotes "Divine Nutrition" in the USA, showcasing its products and services. Additionally, he endorses "Talabat," a prominent brand, and promotes "My Fitness-Peanut Butter" and "thelionbook247," emphasizing their features and benefits to his audience. Through these brand promotions, Sahil Khan extends his influence and support to these brands.

Sahil Khan Brand Promotion
USA Divine Nutrition
Beauty Honey
My Fitness-Peanut Butter
American Ice-Cream

Sahil Khan Career Notable Achievements

Notable Achievements
★ Collaborations
- USA Divine Nutrition, Talabat, My Fitness-Peanut Butter, thelionbook247, buyceps, Brand, & Others
★ Awards
- Dadasaheb Phalke “Youth Icon Award”
- Rajiv Gandhi Award
- APJ Abdul Kalam Award
★ Media Features
- India TV News
- News18
★ Brand Collaborations
- None
★ Other Highlights
- He has over 3.2M subscribers on his YouTube channel.
- He is a brand ambassador for several fitness and nutrition brands.
- He is a fitness entrepreneur and the founder of the fitness brand SHK Fitness.

Sahil Khan Net Worth 2023 | Youtube, Instagram Salary Income, Car, House

Sahil Khan's estimated net worth, including his car (Mercedes-Benz GLS 400d), other assets, and investments, totals around Rs 1.5 Crore ($181K). His car is valued at ₹1.2 Crores, and he has investments and other assets worth ₹50-60 Lakhs. It's important to note that these numbers are estimates and may vary.

Source Worth
Car: Mercedes-Benz GLS 400d  ₹1.2 Crores
Bike Name Not Specified
Other Assets & Investments ₹50-60 Lakhs
Net Worth (Assets, Investment & Car / House) Rs 1.5 Crore ($181K)
The provided details are based on estimated data, so the exact numbers may vary.

Sahil Khan Height (Feet), Favorites, Appearance Details

 Attribute Value
Height 5'10" (178 cm/1.78 m)
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs) & (25 BMI)
Body Measurements Chest: 42 inches, Waist: 34 inches, Hips: 38 inches
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Clothing style Jackets, Leather Jogger Pants & Stylish (Formal)
Watch preference Yacht-Master, Rolex Watches
Smartphone iPhone 13 Pro Max
Snacks Food Chocolate, Peanut Butter and others
Tattoos Yes
Singer Sidhu Moosewala (Punjabi)
Hobbies Drinking wine, Smoking cigars, Life Fitness Gym
Favorite Actor Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Amitabh Bachchan.
Favorite Tourist Places Dubai, New York City (United States), Mumbai, & Others

Sahil Khan has black eyes and black hair. He prefers clothing like jackets, leather jogger pants, and stylish formal wear. For watches, he leans towards Yacht-Master and Rolex watches. His smartphone of choice is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. In terms of snacks, he enjoys chocolate, peanut butter, and more. Sahil has tattoos and follows a Punjabi singer, Sidhu Moosewala. His hobbies include drinking wine, smoking cigars, and hitting the gym at Life Fitness. His favorite actors are Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Amitabh Bachchan. When it comes to travel, he likes Dubai, New York City, Mumbai, and other places.

Some Important Interesting Facts about Sahil Khan

★ Sahil Khan was born on November 5, 1976, in Kolkata, India.

★ He is an actor, known for Yehi Hai Zindagi (2005), Style (2001), and Ramaa-The Saviour (2010).

★ Sahil Khan married Negar Khan on September 21, 2003, but divorced two years later in July 2005.

★ He is an Indian actor, model, fitness trainer, fitness entrepreneur, and YouTuber.

★ His YouTube channel covers topics like bodybuilding, fitness, health, travel, fashion, and grooming.

★ He made his acting debut in the 2001 film Style, which was a box-office success.

★ He is also a good singer and has recorded several songs for his films.

★ He is a philanthropist and supports several charities.

★ He came to Mumbai to pursue his dream of representing India in professional bodybuilding.

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Sahil Khan Net Worth, Biography, Wikipedia 2023 FAQs

⭐What is Sahil Khan's total net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Sahil Khan's estimated net worth is between Rs 30-40 Crores (approximately $3.6M-$4.8M).

⭐What is Sahil Khan's real name?

His real name is Sahil Khan.

⭐How old is Sahil Khan?

Sahil Khan is currently 47 years old.

⭐When was Sahil Khan born?

Sahil Khan was born on November 05, 1976.

⭐Where was Sahil Khan born?

He was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

⭐What is Sahil Khan's educational background?

Sahil Khan pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Aligarh Muslim University.

⭐Who are Sahil Khan's parents?

His father's name is Mohammad Sarfaraz. The name of his mother is unknown.

⭐Who is Sahil Khan's wife and what is his marital status?

Sahil Khan was married to Negar Khan in 2003, but they got divorced in 2005. He is currently not married.

⭐How tall is Sahil Khan and what is his weight and body measurement?

Sahil Khan stands at a height of 5'10" (178 cm/1.78 m) and weighs 80 kg (176 lbs). His body measurements are Chest: 42 inches, Waist: 34 inches, and Hips: 38 inches.

⭐When did Sahil Khan start his YouTube channel and what is its name?

The exact date of when Sahil Khan started his YouTube channel is 28 April 2017. He operates his YouTube channel under the name "Sahil Khan."

⭐How many subscribers does Sahil Khan have on YouTube?

The specific number of subscribers on his YouTube channel is 3.2M.

⭐How many followers does Sahil Khan have on Instagram?

The exact number of Sahil Khan's Instagram followers is 11.4M.



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