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Ajendra Variya, also known as Ajju Bhai or Total Gaming, is a well-known gamer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. He revealed his face on YouTube on December 30, 2023, thanking his parents for their constant support. This video quickly gathered 10 million views, unveiling the young talent behind India’s second-largest YouTube channel with 37.6 million suscriber. His exact age is not known, but he is estimated to be around 20 years old in 2024, indicating he was born around 2004.

As of 2024, Ajendra Variya aka Ajju Bhai is single and in his 20s, with no known girlfriend or relationship, focusing entirely on his career. He is a Hindu of the Prajapati caste and is of Indian ethnicity. He is famous for his youtube gaming content in India. His income sources include YouTube, brand promotions, and collaborations. He stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 68 kg. He has a business family background and is based in Gujarat. His monthly income is between 40-50 Lakh, and his yearly income is between Rs. 4-5 Crores. His net worth is estimated to be between Rs. 20-25 Crores. 

Ajendra Variya (Ajju Bhai) Social Media Profile

Social Media Followers(Approx)
🔗 Youtube 37.6 Millions(M)
🔗 Instagram 3.7 Millions(M)
🔗 Facebook 5 Millions(M)

Total Gaming (Ajendra Variya) aka Ajju Bhai Age, Girlfriend, Real Name & Caste (2024)

Information Details
Name Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming)
Real Name Ajendra Variya
Profession Indian Youtuber (Gamer)
Category Gaming
Active Year 2018
Age 20
Birth Place Ahmedabad
Religion Hindu
Caste Prajapati
Ethnicity Indian
Gender Male
Girlfriend None
Nationality Indian
Famous For Gaming
Country India
Income Source YouTube, Brand Promo, COllabs
Height 5 Feet 7 Inch (5'7)
Weight 68 Kg
Education Schooling
Family Background Business
Location Gujarat
Monthly Income 40-50 Lakh
Yearly Income Rs.4-5 Crores
Net Worth Rs.20-25 Crores

Despite not pursuing a traditional educational path, Ajju Bhai has achieved success as a freelancer, software engineer, and growth hacker. His rise to fame began with his YouTube channel, “Total Gaming,” where he captivates audiences with his impressive gameplay videos, primarily focused on the popular game Garena Free Fire. Since posting his first video in 2019, Ajju Bhai has amassed a substantial online following and has collaborated with various brands, including Garena Free Fire, Paytm First Games, and Mobile Premier League.

Ajendra Variya (Ajju Bhai) Biography / Wiki Timeline (2024)

2004: Ajendra Variya Born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
2017: Starts playing Garena Free Fire.
2018: Starts his YouTube channel.
2019: Reaches 2 million subscribers on YouTube.
2020: Reaches 10 million subscribers on YouTube.
2021: Reaches 27 million subscribers on YouTube.
2022: Reaches 30 million subscribers on YouTube.
2023: Reached 37.6 Million Subscriber Reveled his face on 30 Dec 2023
2024: Coming Soon...
Total Gaming Famous Dialogues:
  • Time aane waale hain, tab dekhna. (The time will come, then you will see.)

  • Aaj toh maja aa gaya. (I had a lot of fun today.)

  • Lagta hai aaj jeetne wala hun. (Looks like I'm going to win today.)

  • Hum toh bas game khelte hain, baki sab bhagwan kare. (We just play games, the rest is up to God.)

  • ab tak jaan hai, ladna hai. (As long as there is life, there is a fight.)

  • Jab tak game khelna hai, tab tak khelenge. (As long as we want to play games, we will play.)

  • Hum toh bas hard work karte hain, result toh bhagwan hi decide karega. (We just work hard, and the result will be decided by God.)

  • Noob noobde, bhaag bhaagde. (Noobs, run away.)

Ajendra Variya (Ajju Bhai) Net Worth, YouTube Salary & Income (2024)

Total Gaming Net Worth 2024
YouTube Total Gaming Income, Salary (Adsense) - Main Channel (37.6 M) Rs 1,50,000-2,00,000 Per Video 
Rs 40-50 Lakhs Monthly
Rs 4-5 Crores  Yearly
YouTube Total Gaming Adsense Income (Lifetime) Rs 30-35 Crores  (5 Billion Views)
YoTube - AJAY VERSE  (1.5) - Adsense Rs. 60-70 Lakhs (Earning 2018-2024)
YoTube - Total Gaming Shorts (1.5) - Adsense Rs. 9-10 Lakhs (Earning 2021-2024)
YoTube - TG Highlights (1.5) - Adsense Rs. 10-20 Lakhs (Earning 2021-2024)
YoTube - Boycott Bollywood (1.5) - Adsense Rs. 20-25 Lakhs (Earning 2022-2024)
YoTube - Channel Name (1.5) - Adsense Rs. 30-45 Lakhs (Earning 2021-2024)
Instagram Income No Earning / Not Brand Promot
Other Sources (Business Venture, Special Videos, Investment, Bond & Stock) Rs. 30-40 Lakh
Lifetime All Youtube + Instagram Income Rs 45-50 cr  (5 Billion Views)
Total Gaming  Net Worth (In Rupees) Rs 20-25 Crores (After Deductions)
Total Gaming  Net Worth (In Dollars) 2.4 to 3 Million Dollar

Ajendra Variya Exciting Upcoming Gamer Videos in 2024 

Total Gaming Notable Works
Gaming Videos

Garena Free Fire: Ajjubhai94 vs Amitbhai: Who is the Best Player? (2018) - 100 million
Garena Free Fire: How to Reach Ace Tier?" (2022) - 50 million
Garena Free Fire: Top 5 Tips for Surviving in the End Game" (2022) - 30 million 
Garena Free Fire: 1 vs 4 Clutch Challenge" (2022) - 25 million 
Garena Free Fire: How to Get the Booyah!" (2022) - 20 million 

Ajendra Variya Career Notable Achievements

Notable Achievements
2020: Finished 8th in the Free Fire Continental Series Asia Division 
2020: Won the Free Fire India Championship Fall
2021: Won the Booyah Streamer Royale 
★ Collaborations
- Collaborated with other popular Free Fire content creators such as MrBeast, Dynamo Gaming, and SK Sabir Boss
- Endorsed by brands such as OnePlus, OPPO, and Turtle Wax
★ Awards
- Most Viewed Indian Free Fire Channel on YouTube (2019)
- Most Subscribed Free Fire Channel in the World (2022)
- Free Fire Partner Program Creator of the Year (2020)
★ Media Features
- Featured in articles in publications such as The Times of India, The Hindu, and Forbes India.
★ Subscribers and views
- As of July 2024, Total Gaming has over 29.2 million subscribers on YouTube
- His channel has over 5.069 billion views in total
★ Other Highlights
- Won the Free Fire India Championship 2019 as a team member
- Launched his own merchandise line
- Hosted his own Free Fire tournament, the Total Gaming Cup

Ajendra Variya (Ajju Bhai) Relationship Status: Girlfriend or Wife

Total Gaming has not publicly disclosed any information about his girlfriend or wife. He has never posted any photos or videos of himself with a woman who could be his significant other, and he has never mentioned his relationship status in any of his YouTube videos or social media posts. It is possible that he is single, or that he is married but chooses to keep his personal life private. Fans should respect his privacy and not speculate about his relationship status.

Ajendra Variya (Ajju Bhai) Car Collections, House & Assets Worth (2023)

Total Gaming's net worth is estimated to be around Rs 8.34 Crores ($1.2 million). This popular YouTuber and Instagram influencer has accumulated his wealth through various sources, including his YouTube and Instagram earnings. He owns a luxurious BMW Z4 worth ₹33.72 lakhs and a house valued between ₹1 to ₹2 Crores. Additionally, he has other assets and investments amounting to ₹40-45 lakhs. With his engaging content and growing popularity, Total Gaming has achieved significant financial success and continues to be a prominent figure in the online gaming community.

Source Worth
Car: BMW Z4 ₹33.72 lakhs
Bike Not Known
House ₹1-2 Crores Yearly
Other Assets & Investments ₹40-45 Lakhs
Total Net Worth 2024  Rs 8.34 Crores Crores ($1.2M)
The provided details are based on estimated data, so the exact numbers may vary.


Ajendra Variya (Ajju Bhai) Net Worth, Biography, Wiki FAQ

⭐Who is Ajendra Variya?

Ajendra Variya, also known as Ajju Bhai, is a renowned gaming creator from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He is known by his online alias, Total Gaming.

⭐What is the real name of Ajju Bhai?

The real name of Ajju Bhai is Ajendra Variya.

⭐What is the Ajju Bhai (Ajendra Variya) Net Worth?

Ajju Bhai’s net worth is estimated to be between Rs. 20-25 Crores.

⭐What is the total gaming monthly YouTube income of Ajju Bhai (Ajendra Variya)?

Ajju Bhai’s monthly income from YouTube is between Rs. 40-50 Lakh.

⭐Who is Ajju Bhai (Ajendra Variya) Girlfriend 2024?

As of 2024, Ajju Bhai is single and does not have a known girlfriend.

⭐What is Ajju Bhai (Ajendra Variya) Age as of 2024?

Ajju Bhai is estimated to be around 20 years old in 2024.

⭐What is the Ajendra Variya caste?

Ajendra Variya is a Hindu of the Prajapati caste.

⭐Who are Ajju Bhai (Ajendra Variya) Parents (Father & Mother)?

Ajju Bhai has a business family background, but the names of his parents are not disclosed.

⭐What is Ajendra Variya aka Ajju Bhai Height & Weight?

Ajju Bhai stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 68 kg.

⭐What is Ajendra Variya aka Ajju Bhai Biography & Wiki?

Ajju Bhai is a renowned gaming creator from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. He is known for his gaming content in India. His income sources include YouTube, brand promotions, and collaborations.



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