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Zervaan J Bunshah, also known by the nickname "Bunshah," is a notable social media personality and actor in the realm of entertainment. With a career spanning since 2011, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the industry. While specific details about his age may be approximate (29 years old), Zervaan J Bunshah continues to be an active presence in the world of social media and entertainment.

The iconic Parle-G biscuit packet now features Instagram celebrity Zervaan J Bunshah, thanks to his humorous video posing a question about meeting the owner. In the video, he asked whether one would say Parle Sir, Mister Parle, or Parle-G. Parle-ji responded with a playful suggestion to call them "OG," making Zervaan ecstatic. The lighthearted exchange garnered widespread attention and appreciation, with Zervaan expressing his gratitude to Parle-G for the entertaining surprise.

Zervaan J Bunshah, born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, follows the Christian religion and does not have a specific caste. Identifying as Indian by ethnicity and nationality, he is male, and details about his girlfriend remain undisclosed. Zervaan has gained fame for his humorous content on Instagram, contributing to his recognition in the entertainment landscape. Proudly representing India, he continues to be a notable figure in the realm of social media.

Zervaan J Bunshah derives his income primarily from social media and acting endeavors. Coming from a family background associated with the private sector, he falls under the zodiac sign Pisces. Physically, he stands at a height of 5'7'' (170 cm/1.70 m) and weighs 70 kg (154 lbs). With body measurements of 38-32-36, Zervaan possesses a distinctive physique. 

Zervaan J Bunshah's educational journey includes attending Bombay Scottish School during his school years and pursuing higher education at the University of Edinburgh in Mumbai, where he graduated. As of now, he is not married and resides in Mumbai. Zervaan's estimated net worth is in the range of ₹80-90 lakhs

Zervaan J Bunshah's Social Media Profiles

Social Media Followers(Approx)
🔗 Youtube 1.27 Thousands(K)
🔗 Instagram 124 Thousands(K)

Zervaan J Bunshah's Personal & More Info

Zervaan J Bunshah, a graduate of the University of Edinburgh in Mumbai, attended Bombay Scottish School during his school years. Currently unmarried, he resides in Mumbai and is recognized for his humorous content on social media platforms. With a net worth estimated between ₹80-90 lakhs, Zervaan's profile highlights key aspects of his education, marital status, location, and financial standing.

Information Details
Name Zervaan J Bunshah
Nick Name Bunshah
Profession Social Media Personality and Actor
Category Entertainment
Active Year 2011-Present
Age 29 Years (Approximate)
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Religion Christian
Caste Not Applicable
Ethnicity Indian
Gender Male
Girlfriend Unknown
Nationality Indian
Famous For Humorous Instagram content
Country India
Income Source Social Media & Actor
Family Background Private Sector
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 5'7'' (170 cm/1.70 m)
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Body Measure 38-32-36
Eye Color Black
School Bombay Scottish School
College University of Edinburgh, Mumbai
Education Graduate
Marital Status Not Married
Location Mumbai
Net Worth (Est) ₹80-90 Lakhs

Zervaan J Bunshah's Father, Mother, & Sister Info

Zervaan J Bunshah's family comprises his father, Dr. Jamshed Jal Bunshah, and his sister, Delraaz Bunshah. The Bunshah family, inclusive of Zervaan's mother, Pooraan Bunshah, and his father, Dr. Jamshed Jal Bunshah, represents a close-knit unit. This brief overview provides insights into the key members of Zervaan's family.


Dr. Jamshed Jal Bunshah



Delraaz Bunshah


Whole Family

Mother: Pooraan Bunshah & Father: Dr. Jamshed Jal Bunshah

Whole Family

Zervaan J Bunshah's Career Timeline

2015: Murky waters. Education, early ventures, or exploration lurk here.
2018-2019: Possible acting stints in "Summer Afternoon" and "Things Everyone Should Stop Telling Parsis" (verification needed).
2023: Queen tribute post hints at musical interests. Lighthearted content keeps the audience engaged.

Top Interesting Facts about Zervaan J Bunshah

Viral Comedian: Hilarious online videos (though specific examples needed).
Celebrity Network: Brushes with stars on Instagram, hinting at industry connections.
Musical Mystery: Queen tribute post suggests musical talent or interest.
Multilingual Master? Name and online presence hint at potential fluency in other languages.
Philanthropic Heart: Sources whisper about involvement in charitable causes.
Beyond the Screen: Vibrant offline life with captivating experiences awaits discovery.

Zervaan J Bunshah's Car Collection

As of available information, there is no public record of Zervaan J Bunshah's car collection. Details about his automobile possessions are not currently accessible or disclosed.

Not find his any car

Not find his any car

Zervaan J Bunshah's Most Work Notable Info

Zervaan J Bunshah has made notable appearances in the film industry, starring in the 2022 movie "Summer Afternoon," directed by Kunal Ahuja, alongside Snehal Kalpana. Additionally, he played a significant role in the 2021 film "Things Everyone Should Stop Telling Parsis," directed by Raihan Muhimtule, where he shared the screen with Abhishek Kumaarr and Bhakti Maniar. 

Movie: Summer Afternoon (2022)

Movie: Summer Afternoon (2022)

"Summer Afternoon" is a film directed by Kunal Ahuja, featuring Zervaan J Bunshah and Snehal Kalpana in its cast.

Movie: Things Everyone Should Stop Telling Parsis (2021)

Movie: Things Everyone Should Stop Telling Parsis (2021)

"Things Everyone Should Stop Telling Parsis" is a movie directed by Raihan Muhimtule and stars Zervaan J Bunshah, Abhishek Kumaarr, and Bhakti Maniar.

Zervaan J Bunshah Achievements Info

Zervaan J Bunshah has achieved recognition for his discussion on the possibility of replacing the iconic Parle-G Girl. His insights into this prospect have garnered attention, showcasing his engagement with and impact on popular culture discussions.

Zervaan J Bunshah on Replacing Iconic Parle-G Girl

Zervaan J Bunshah on Replacing Iconic Parle-G Girl

Zervaan J Bunshah discusses the prospect of replacing the iconic Parle-G Girl.

Zervaan J Bunshah Net Worth, Earning Income / Salary (2024)

Earning Source Earnings
Instagram & Others(Yearly) ₹05-10 Lakhs
Movies & Acting(Yearly) ₹40-50 Lakhs
Net Worth (Est)(Lifetime) ₹80-90 Lakhs

Above table shows earnings for one year only. Earnings for 1 years is given below.

As of 2024, Zervaan J Bunshah's estimated net worth is between ₹80 to 90 lakhs, reflecting his various income streams. Annually, he earns an estimated ₹05-10 lakhs from Instagram and other platforms. His involvement in movies and acting contributes significantly to his yearly income, amounting to ₹40-50 lakhs.

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