Who is Lawrence Bishnoi? Net Worth, Age, News, Parents, Girlfriend (GF), Gangster, Biography & Wiki

Lawrence Bishnoi, commonly known as Lawrence, is an Indian gangster and a prominent figure in the criminal underworld. Functioning as a gang leader since 2010, he has earned notoriety with a string of criminal cases, numbering around two dozen, encompassing charges such as murder and extortion. At the age of 31 as of 2024, Lawrence is known to be romantically linked with his girlfriend, Kajal. With an estimated net worth ranging between ₹4 to ₹5 crores, he remains a significant and controversial presence in the Indian criminal landscape.

Born on February 12, 1993, in Ferozpur, Punjab, India, Lawrence Bishnoi, a male of Hindu faith, belongs to the Brahmin caste, and identifies ethnically as Indian. He is notably infamous for his involvement in heinous activities, gaining notoriety for murder, extortion, and drug smuggling. As an Indian national, Lawrence has left an indelible mark on the criminal landscape in the country.

Lawrence Bishnoi's primary sources of income stem from engaging in extortion and smuggling activities, with a particular focus on Canada and other countries. Hailing from a family background rooted in government jobs, notably in the Haryana Police Constable sector, Lawrence was born under the Zodiac sign Aries. Physically, he stands at a height of 5'8'' (173 cm/1.73 m) and carries a weight of 75 kg (166 lbs). His body measurements are recorded at 40-32-39, and he possesses striking black eyes.

Lawrence Bishnoi pursued his education at DAV College in Chandigarh and later enrolled in Panjab University, where he completed his Bachelor of Laws (LLB). As of now, he remains unmarried, and his family background is rooted in job-related endeavors. Hailing from Punjab, Lawrence has amassed an estimated net worth ranging between ₹4 to ₹5 crores.

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Lawrence Bishnoi's Personal & More Info

Lawrence Bishnoi, a notorious Indian gangster, gained infamy through his involvement in a myriad of criminal activities, including murder, extortion, and drug smuggling. Born on February 12, 1993, in Ferozpur, Punjab, India, Lawrence Bishnoi, a male of Hindu faith, belongs to the Brahmin caste, and identifies ethnically as Indian. Physically, he stands at a height of 5'8'' (173 cm/1.73 m) and carries a weight of 75 kg (166 lbs). His body measurements are recorded at 40-32-39.

Information Details
Name Lawrence Bishnoi
Nick Name Lawrence
Profession Indian Gangster
Category Gang Leader
Active Year 2010-Present
Age 31 (As of 2024)
Birth Date 1993-02-12
Birth Place Ferozpur, Punjab, India
Religion Hindu
Caste Brahmin
Ethnicity Indian
Gender Male
Girlfriend Kajal
Nationality Indian
Famous For Murder, Extortion, Drug Smuggling
Country India
Income Source Extortion and Smuggling to Canada and Other Countries
Family Background Govt Jobs (Haryana Police Constable)
Zodiac Sign Aries
Height 5'8'' (173 cm/1.73 m)
Weight 75 kg (166 lbs)
Body Measure 40-32-39
Eye Color Black
School DAV College, Chandigarh
College Panjab University
Education Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
Marital Status Not Married
Family Background Job
Location Punjab
*Net Worth (Est) ₹04-05 Crores

Lawrence Bishnoi's Family Info

Lawrence Bishnoi's family information reveals that his father is Lavindra Kumar Vishnoi, and he has a brother named Anmol Bishnoi. The details about his father and brother shed light on the familial connections of this notorious Indian gangster, providing a glimpse into the personal aspects of his life beyond his criminal activities.

Father & Brother

Lavindra Kumar Vishnoi & Anmol Bishnoi

Father & Brother

Lawrence Bishnoi's Career Timeline

1993: Born in Firozpur, Punjab, India.
2010: Moves to Chandigarh for education, enrolling in DAV College.
2011: Joins Panjab University student council, meeting Goldy Brar.
2013: Graduates with LLB, allegedly shoots rivals in Muktsar and Ludhiana.
2013-Present: Forms gang, engages in murder, extortion, drug smuggling, etc.
2014: Armed encounter with police, imprisoned but operates gang.
2016: Befriends gangster-turned-politician Jaswinder Singh in prison.
2018: Associate reveals assassination plan against Salman Khan.
2020: Orchestrates murders and eliminates witnesses from prison.
2022: Claims responsibility for murder of singer Sidhu Moose Wala.
2023: Charged with drug smuggling and investigated by NIA.
2023: Claimed responsibility for killing Khalistani terrorist Sukhdev Singh.
2023: Lawrence Bishnoi's gang claimed accountability for the assassination of Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena President Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi.
2023-Present: Incarcerated in Tihar Jail.

Top Interesting Facts about Lawrence Bishnoi

Law Degree and Gang Leader: Bishnoi holds an LLB degree from Panjab University while leading a notorious gang involved in various criminal activities.
Salman Khan Assassination Plot: In 2018, an associate revealed Bishnoi's plan to assassinate Bollywood actor Salman Khan, igniting media attention.
Sidhu Moose Wala Murder: Bishnoi claimed responsibility for the murder of singer Sidhu Moose Wala in 2022, raising public awareness and scrutiny.
International Operations: His alleged criminal activities extend beyond India, including claims of involvement in killings in Canada and a network spanning multiple countries.
Prison Operations: Despite imprisonment, Bishnoi continues to control his gang, orchestrating crimes and issuing threats from behind bars.

Lawrence Bishnoi Assets Info

Details regarding Lawrence Bishnoi's assets remain elusive, as information about his car or other possessions is not available. The scarcity of information on his tangible belongings adds an air of mystery to the personal aspects of this notorious Indian gangster, leaving his asset portfolio relatively undisclosed.

Not find his car

Not find his car

Lawrence Bishnoi's Most Work Notable Info

Since 2011, Lawrence Bishnoi has been a working gangster, and he currently faces about two dozen criminal charges, including murder and extortion. Presently incarcerated in Tihar Jail, his notoriety in the Indian underworld is marked by his extensive criminal record.

Working Gangster (From 2011)

Working Gangster (From 2011)

Lawrence Bishnoi, incarcerated in Tihar Jail, faces about two dozen criminal charges, including murder and extortion.

Lawrence Bishnoi Crime Records

There are various crime records associated with the Lawrence Bishnoi. He is known as a notorious gangster active in Rajasthan, India, he is associated with various criminal activities, marking his presence within the realm of the Indian underworld.

Crime Records

Crime Records

Lawrence Bishnoi is a gangster from Rajasthan, India who has been linked to many criminal activities.

Lawrence Bishnoi Achievements Info:- 

  • Murder: Several high-profile assassinations, including those of Sidhu Moose Wala and Sukhdev Singh.
  • Extortion: Threatening and extorting money from individuals and businesses.
  • Drug Smuggling: Contributing to the illegal drug trade, which has devastating consequences for individuals and communities.
  • Arms Smuggling: Facilitating the spread of illegal weapons, fueling violence and instability.

Lawrence Bishnoi Net Worth, Earning Income / Salary (2024)

Earning Source Earnings
Extortion(Yearly) ₹80 Lakhs-01 Crores
Drug & Arms Smuggling(Yearly) ₹1.5-02 Crores
Net Worth (Est)(Lifetime) ₹04-05 Crores

Above table shows earnings for one year only. Earnings for 1 years is given below.

As of 2024, Lawrence Bishnoi's financial profile is rooted in criminal enterprises. His yearly earnings from extortion range between ₹80 lakhs to ₹1 crore, while his involvement in drug and arms smuggling contributes an additional ₹1.5 to ₹2 crores annually. Cumulatively, these illicit activities have resulted in an estimated lifetime net worth of ₹4 to ₹5 crores. He is operating all these illegal activities from the Jail.

Note: The net worth details are based on various records available on internet and they are not as per official records. So it may vary.

We've worked hard to make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date. We'd love to hear your feedback if you find anything that could be improved!

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Lawrence Bishnoi Age, Net Worth, Bio & FAQs (2024)

⭐ What is Lawrence Bishnoi's age?

As of the latest information available, Lawrence Bishnoi's age is 31, as of the year 2024.

⭐ Does Lawrence Bishnoi have a girlfriend?

Yes, Lawrence Bishnoi is known to have a girlfriend named Kajal.

⭐ Is Lawrence Bishnoi married?

No, Lawrence Bishnoi is not married.

⭐ Is Lawrence Bishnoi in custody?

Yes, Lawrence Bishnoi is currently in custody in Tihar Jail.

⭐ What is the status of Lawrence Bishnoi's gang?

Lawrence Bishnoi is known to be associated with a gang involved in various criminal activities.

⭐ Where can I find Lawrence Bishnoi's information on Wikipedia?

You can find information about Lawrence Bishnoi on his Wikipedia page (

⭐ How is Lawrence Bishnoi described as a gangster?

Lawrence Bishnoi is a notorious Indian gangster involved in criminal activities such as murder and extortion.

⭐What is Lawrence Bishnoi's estimated lifetime net worth?

Lawrence Bishnoi's estimated lifetime net worth is between ₹4 to ₹5 crores.

⭐ Where can I read Lawrence Bishnoi's biography?

Lawrence Bishnoi's biography may be available through various sources, including news articles and online platforms.

⭐ Who are Lawrence Bishnoi's parents?

Lawrence Bishnoi's father is Lavindra Kumar Vishnoi, and he has a brother named Anmol Bishnoi.



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